17 Best Apps for Teenage Girls [Android & iOS]

by Emily Barrow

Best Apps for Teenage Girls

Other than communication matters, smartphones also help people navigate their life. And if your teenagers start to use this device too, you may need to consider downloading these best apps for teenage girls in the first place.

In this article, you will find a series of apps that will help your teenage princess navigate her life – some of the apps even help her to relax and be more mindful. On the other hand, choosing the right apps will cause a huge difference in your princess’ life.

Best Apps for Teenage Girls Worth Downloading

Generally, there is no exact rule to decide which app is the best for a specific age group. If you are a parent, all you want is that your kids could have the best out of what they have, right?

And of course, their smartphones won’t always be about studying all the time – they are just like adults who need fun and entertainment. While some restrictions may apply, you can introduce your girls to these essential apps.

While some apps help them to upgrade their skills, some others on this list will help them to have fun. So, check out the list of the best apps every teenage girl should have below.

1. AppLock


AppLock is one of the best iPhone apps for teenage girls. Well, it works seamlessly on Android phones too, which is great.

This app helps all smartphone users to lock files, documents, apps, and even Wi-Fi on their phones. Other than that, you can make a password to keep everything secured and protected.

It is crucial to keep your assets secured and safe. Thus, installing AppLock is a must.

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2. Duolingo


When it comes to apps girls should have, Duolingo deserves a spot on the list. It is not an app just for girls, after all. Even boys and adults should enjoy using this app in the first place.

Duolingo is generally an app that allows everyone to learn any language for free. Other than reading and developing your vocabulary, this app also makes you speak the word or even a full sentence.

Today, you will learn languages in a more fun way. Duolingo has come up with a storybook in which you have to fill in the blank. All in all, Duolingo is a perfect app everyone should own. Other than having one, you will unlock a new skill.

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3. The Best Hairstyles Step by Step

The Best Hairstyles Step by Step

Having the same hairstyle all the time sounds fine but it can be an issue. The good news is that this app will help you to take care of your hairstyle.

This app comes up with a series of hairstyles and you will get clear step-by-step instructions to follow. It will be very useful for those who have long hair. Other than that, you will top the hairstyle game in your school.

It is safe to say that this app is one of the most fun apps for teenage girls. For now, this app is only available on the Play Store.

Download on Google Play

4. Color Splash Effect

Color Splash Effect

Nothing can do well other than a decent photo editing tool on your smartphone. And if you are a teenager who loves to take pictures and selfies then Color Splash Effect is one of those good apps to have for teenage girls.

This app allows you to edit pictures seamlessly and effortlessly to match your expectations. Color Splash Effect comes up with tons of useful tools for editing your pictures. On the other hand, everything is intuitive and beginner-friendly in many ways.

So, why don’t you give this app a shot? Girls would love to have stunning pictures for their Instagram Feed, right?

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5. Period Tracker

Period Tracker

When it comes to the apps every girl needs, a period tracker app is one of those things, for sure. Flo is a solid period tracker tool everyone could have on the phone

It comes with a series of useful features. Other than tracking your period, you will be informed of the basic information about your health. The app allows you to input any symptom, mood, and many more.

And in case you want to keep track of your sleep cycle then Flo is a perfect tool for that. Grab this app on the Play Store or App Store now.

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6. Makeup Videos Tutorial App

Makeup Videos Tutorial App

Putting on some makeup can be fun as long as you know how to use it, right? Your mother may help you but most of the time, it doesn’t suit your style.

This is why you need to download this app on your phone. As its name suggests, the app comes with a bunch of useful video tutorials. Those will help you to get ready.

Other than showing you several looks, you will also learn how to apply each makeup. Learning makeup has never been this easy!

Download on the App Store

7. Wattpad


Wattpad is undoubtedly one of the girl apps for free you can grab both on the Play Store and App Store. It will make those who love reading fiction so happy because everything is accessible through their phones.

You will find lots of stories with various genres on this app. Other than that, you can upload your story to this platform too.

Many of the stories on this platform made it to the big screen, which is great for those young writers who want to learn and have fun at the same time.

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8. Webtoon


So, what apps should a teenager have? Webtoon apparently is one of those apps that would make all teenagers around the world so excited.

This app will spoil those who love reading short stories, comics, mangas, and lots of similar things through their smartphones. Just like comics, you will read the textual story as well as the visual illustration.

It is also the reason why Webtoon is popular among users. Until today, this app has been downloaded by over 60 million users around the world. All in all, it is safe to say that Webtoon is an app that everyone needs.

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9. TimeTune


TimeTune is one of the most useful apps for teenagers out there. This app allows you to manage your routines and keep track of it.

More than anything, this app helps you to have better time management skills, in case you have to run multiple errands in a day. TimeTune also works like a virtual secretary that will inform and remind you about things.

It comes with alarms and alerts in various shapes – sounds, vibrations, voice, personal texts – so that you can manage your activity effectively. For now, TimeTune is only available for Android phones.

Download on Google Play

10. Candy Crush

Candy Crush

You may find lots of games every teenage girl needs on the internet. However, there is nothing as chilling and exciting as Candy Crush.

This game has been downloaded by millions of users across the world. The gameplay is also simple. Since the game is free to download and use, you should give Candy Crush a try.

Whether you need something to be your company or a cool game to soothe down, Candy Crush will be your service. It is available on both the App Store and Play Store.

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11. Awoken


Awoken is not necessarily part of the best game apps for teenage girls. However, it helps you to learn lucid dreaming better.

Lucid dream, on the other hand, is something that you can learn. This app will help you to record, journal, and transform anything you’ve been through into something more meaningful.

You will even get information about techniques and knowledge about this dreaming thing. And if you are lucid-dreaming a lot, the app will send reminders to analyze your surroundings. Awoken is a practical app for those people.

Download on Google Play

12. Pinterest


Another must-have app on your smartphone – whether you are a boy or a girl – is Pinterest. This platform is like where the treasures you are looking for are at.

If you are experiencing a creativity block, this app will shower you with a bunch of ideas. In case nothing could help you with your current work, all collections uploaded on Pinterest might inspire you a little.

Other than that, Pinterest is home to lots of tutorials, DIY ideas, school hacks, entertainment tips, health insights, and other content. It seems like you will find what you need on this platform. Thus, it is safe to say that Pinterest is one of the girl apps you should install.

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13. Spotify


Generally, Spotify is a must-have app for everyone. It hosts lots of good music content from various genres. Other than that, you will find tons of useful podcast shows.

Thus, whether you are looking for an app for fun, educational purposes, or you simply need a friend to unwind, Spotify is a perfect app to choose from. This app is free to download and use, even though subscribing to its premium plan will give you a series of benefits.

It is also safe to say that Spotify is among the apps every girl should have. Teenagers can learn about new things, listen to historical things in a more fun way, and so on.

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14. Motivation, Daily Quotes

Motivation, Daily Quotes

Are you a quote person? If you are then this app will make you happy. As its name suggests, Motivation Daily Quotes will show you lots of inspirational – sometimes funny – quotes.

You can even filter and pick the category of those quotes. Once you set the reminder, the app will send you motivational quotes for those hours.

This app also allows you to save quotes. By that, you can re-upload it to another social media platform or share it with friends. Motivation Daily Quotes is a free app and is available on both Android and iOS. So, why don’t you give it a try?

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15. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Smartphones will help you to handle lots of tasks in your hand. It also means that your teenage lady can also help herself with school stuff by using her phone.

When it comes to the best apps for a teenage girl, you can give Khan Academy a try, especially if you need something educational. Using this app is like having a virtual tutor.

Your girl will learn new things and work on her homework comfortably. This app also comes with assignments that grant badges for every achievement. Give it a try!

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16. SketchBook


Does your girl love to make sketches? If so, you should recommend SketchBook for her. This app works like a traditional sketchbook but everyone can carry it everywhere, as the phone goes by.

Generally, there are quite a lot of apps that offer similar things. However, SketchBook is among those apps that perform quite excellently and is available for both iOS and Android.

Using a stylus pen is way effortless, after all. Since this app also comes with a free version, it won’t hurt to give SketchBook a try.

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17. combyne


For teenage girls who are into outfits and fashion things, you should download combyne. This app is a legit platform that allows you to give each look a try. By that, you don’t need to worry anymore about a flop in your fashion run.

combyne, on the other hand, is one of the apps every teenage girl should have because it comes up with lots of benefits. Other than allowing you to mix and match the look, you can pick the clothes you’ve seen on the app for real.

Thus, combyne integrates its system with the online shopping merchant too. There is no such a thing as “I have nothing to wear” anymore. All you need is available and accessible in combyne. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android systems.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Final Thoughts

Smartphones have become part of human life today. Not only adults but kids and teenagers need this item eventually.

Some users may use smartphones for fun but teenagers can get useful things out of these devices. Thus, you need to download the right apps in the first place.

All apps mentioned above are just several must-install things for teenagers – boys can benefit from those apps too. In case you are looking for apps that specifically help with homework, check this Best Apps Like Brainly.

So, what do you think about the best apps for teenage girls above? Have you tried all of them?

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