11 Best Mood Board Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Mood Board Apps

Have you heard of the best mood board apps? If you commonly create a vision or mood board then you will need a platform that could deliver your ideas while keeping everything as eye-catching as possible.

In this article, you will find information about various digital mood board apps. Many of them are free but you can always upgrade your features. Most apps curated on the list below are compatible with both Android and iOS systems, though.

Best Mood Board Apps for iOS and Android

Dealing with the digital world requires you to be up to date. Using the apps listed below will help you to stay on track and master the game on social media.

1. Mural


When it comes to apps to make mood board, Mural deserves a spot on the list. This platform was initially a web-based tool where you can find various templates to create mood boards. Today, you can enjoy all the features and services on your phone.

This app is available for almost any type of smartphone available today. While you can create a work piece of mood board, your team can edit the progress effortlessly. Thus, it will be way easier for brainstorming and working together.

However, Mural is not a free app. You need to pay USD12 per month to unlock all the features and functions. Still, you can get started with the free trial before committing to something more serious, though.

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2. Word Swag

Word Swag

Word Swap is a create mood board app that will help you to make the most of the visual aspects of your design. Back then, people used this platform to create eye-catching Instagram Stories. It comes with a series of options for backgrounds, texts, and other items that will enhance the visual appeal of your work.

The main goal of this app is to create a nice looking piece for social media accounts. Today, you can use this app for various purposes. People pick Word Swag to create mood boards and other similar items because you can pick a template and modify it as you need.

Later, you can pick a font and style it until the entire visual fits your plan. Word Swag, similar to most well-known apps on this list, offers tons of tools that will help users to create a good picture to post on social media. While everything is free, there is always an option to upgrade your features.

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3. AdobeSpark


Another app that you should consider when it comes to a good moodboard maker app is Adobe Spark. This platform is undoubtedly excellen for those who are into designing and familiar with Photoshop. For most people, this platform is way more effortless than using Photoshop in many ways.

However, you can only access this app on iOS devices – whether it is iPhone or iPad. On the other hand, if you are using Android devices then you can only access Adobe Express. Still, nothing from the Adobe family can be the effortlessness offered by Adobe Spark. On the other hand, you can get a professional result in no time.

And if all you need is a nice-looking moodboard that you can implement in real life then this platform will do you a favor. Adobe Spark is available for free on the App Store but you can always upgrade the features.

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4. Canva


Everybody should agree that Canva allows everyone to be a designer without pursuing a formal education in design in the first place. This platform also comes up with Canva Mood Board, which makes the process of creating a mood board easier than ever.

Through the drag-and-drop command, users can create a moodboard quite effortlessly. You can start from scratch or use the templates available in the database. Generally, Canva is among the best free mood board apps – this app is available for both Android and iOS devices. However, the free version may offer limited functions.

Thus, if you intend to use this platform and make the most out of it then you should consider signing up for its paid services – it is still affordable, though. Users love Canva for various reasons. Other than the effortless commands, you can use various tools, choose from lots of templates, and pick stock photos for what you need.

Feel free to use the free version, after all. If you find it useful then you should commit to the Canva pro version.

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5. Gratitude


If you are looking for a mood board app free then you should consider Gratitude as well. This platform offers more than just a mood board platform. By using this app, you can create a diary and journal as well.

Using this app allows you to have a journal with a more creative look. In case you want to enjoy more features from Gratitude, the pro version starts at USD4.99 per month.

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6. MilaNote


Another app that you can use as a moodboard creator is MilaNote. However, this one is not the most visually artistic tool that you can use to create a board. Thus, MilaNote might not be the most ideal fashion mood board app. Yet, lots of functions offered may help you to finish the task.

If you are familiar with Evernote then it won’t be difficult to operate this app. The UI design is minimalist while the app offers tons of useful features to help you create a nice mood board. As the app’s name suggests, the main function of this app is to take a note. Still, it has mood board functions that will take care of your moodboard creation process.

People love MilaNote for various reasons. Other than being a minimalistic app, users can drag-and-drop any item on the blank canvas and create a visual that they love. You can also download images from your camera and save pictures from the internet as well.

MilaNote might not offer tons of functions that are fully designed for visual and designing stuff. Still, you can always use this app to create a nice mood board in the first place.

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7. Morpholio Board

Morpholio Board

You will easily find an app that helps you to create a nice mood board effortlessly. Some of them don’t even need you to be a professional mood board creator. One of those platforms is named Morpholio Board. Similar to most apps on this list, this platform comes with a list of templates which you can choose depending on your needs.

But what if you are so creative and don’t want to use the template? Well, there is always an option to create a mood board from scratch. Morpholio also allows you to build a VR board. More than anything, this platform supports teamwork in many ways. Other than that, the digital tables are built automatically. Other than that, the images are well organized.

However, users complained that the storage options are not as convenient as other similar apps. Still, it won’t hurt to give this app a try. Lots of features and functions will help you to create a catchy mood board effortlessly.

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8. Pinterest


Who doesn’t know Pinterest, after all? Besides being a well-known search engine for visual matters, this platform will also make a great tool to build a mood board. Also, this app is one of the best mood board apps for interior design – it’s not limited to design and similar things only. Everytime you need references and inspiration for any visual matter.

On the other hand, this platform allows you to create a mood board for various subjects. You can follow your favorite artists and creators then the system will suggest pins that you like. It seems like you will find anything you like from this platform.

Creating various boards is also possible through a few taps. You can even name the board depending on your needs. More than anything, Pinterest is one of the best platforms that suggest tons of pics for your mood board. Every feature and function on this platform is free and you can access it anytime. However, you can only use this platform with internet connections – no offline version is available.

Still, Pinterest is one of the best tools to create a mood board. Thus, there is no reason to not give this app a try.

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9. Moodboard for iOS

Moodboard for iOS

Are you looking for some design mood board apps for iOS devices? Well, you can use Moodboard that is only available on the App Store. This app is even touted as one of the best mood board apps for iPad devices. Generally, this platform offers services that help users to create collages. Through the app’s various templates, the process will be effortless while the results are way better than you think.

You can even choose the size of the canvas in the first place, such as for Instagram Stories, Feed, and many more. All you need to do is to download this platform and enjoy the effortless collage creation. According to users, this app is quite effortless while the templates are unique.

The only thing that might be a bummer is the lack of auto-saving feature. Thus, you will lose progress if you don’t save your work in the first place.

Download on the App Store

10. Vision Board

Vision Board

Have you heard of Vision Board? This app is an excellent tool you can use to create a mood board. According to users, this platform comes up with a wider range of categories when it comes to designing a mood board and other similar things. It is also possible to put your ideas out in the world with this app.

This app makes it possible to arrange future projects effortlessly. Later, you can set a schedule to keep track of your progress. It is no wonder if Vision Board is simply the best app to make mood board on the Play Store and App Store. The UI design is effortless and straightforward. On the other hand, the app provides tons of useful features to put your ideas together.

Even though you can share your work with others, Vision Board will always ensure the security of your creations by using a PIN code. Other than that, you can create an unlimited number of mood boards for free with this app.

However, not all features are available if you don’t sign up for Vision Board’s paid subscriptions. Still, it won’t hurt to give the free version a try.

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11. Jux


Are you looking for the best app for a mood board? Jux might be what you need in the first place, especially if you are an iOS user. This app comes up with an interesting idea: an excellent mood board app that suits all levels of users. Thus, whether you are a professional graphic designer or just a person who wants to create a fun board then you can use Jux as you like.

This platform comes up with various features and functions. It also makes producing, enhancing, and sharing your creations possible in many ways. One of those things that make users love this platform more than anything else is the options of editable mockups. Those will make your task way easier.

Later, you can export the result to PDF and other formats for free. Other than allowing you to design mood boards and posters, Jux also makes the task easier by providing Unsplash image search. You should give this app a try and find out whether Jux is for you.

Download on the App Store

Generally, it is not difficult to find moodboard apps whether you are using Android phones or iOS devices. All you need to do is to ensure that the app you will download is available on the app market. The good news is that most of the apps mentioned on the list are free. Some of them may offer paid services but the basic tools are free and more than enough to create a mood board.

So, that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about the best mood board apps for both iOS and Android. Before choosing a specific app, make sure that your choice is compatible with your device. Also, the app is supposed to help you with your tasks in the first place.

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