11 Best Boxing Training Apps for Android and iOS

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Best Boxing Training Apps

Boxing has been one of the most popular training sessions lately. But if you don’t want to pay a professional coach then these best boxing training apps may do you a favor.

This article will tell you the best apps that you can refer to when it comes to a virtual boxing trainer. While all the apps are free to download, many features may only be available once you pay for the service.

Best Boxing Training Apps for iOS and Android

Yes, there are quite many apps that will help you with boxing training. These apps curated on the list below will be a thrilling addition for those who want to train but don’t have the budget to go to the boxing studio.

1. Dodge Boxing

Dodge Boxing

Dodge Boxing is a boxing workout app that allows you to train and exercise through simple commands. Compared to other apps on this list, this platform might not be the brightest choice. However, you can grab lots of benefits from this app effortlessly.

According to users, this platform will suit those who’ve been training for boxing in the first place. Using this app helps those people with their training on regular days, especially if they prefer to not use a coach in the first place.

Dodge Boxing, as a supplemental boxing app, has a special boxing timer. Using this feature helps you to keep the score and improve your ability. Of course, this app has a statistics board where you can check your training progress.

All in all, this app is a great addition to your phone if you plan to not use a coach. But it’s not an ideal choice for those who just started their boxing journey.

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2. Boxtastic


Do you have a punch bag at home? How would you use it to train without the presence of a coach? Well, now you don’t need to worry because there is an app specifically designed for those who own a punch bag at home.

For those who specifically look for a punching bag workout app then Boxtastic is what you need in the first place. There are five different modes available – each mode is designed for specific needs. You better download and check out each feature offered by Boxtastic. Other than boxing and punching bags, you can choose another type of workout, such as Tabata.

Among the boxing apps download for android devices, Boxtastic is surely one of the best names. Thus, you should consider using this app in the first place. It comes with various workout modes, which allow you to move the entire body to get the optimum result.

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3. Boxx


When it comes to the most popular boxing app, Boxx surely deserves a place in the top 5. This platform generally offers a streaming service that will help you to learn new fighting techniques from time to time. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable online coach then the Boxx app will be at your service.

While the name shows a specific training type, Boxx comes up with various training options. Thus, you can get strength training sessions and fitness training by professionals from one app. This app, on the other hand, is highly customizable – it makes everyone able to exercise anytime they want, as effectively as possible.

However, Boxx is not a free app. You can only enjoy all the wonderful features by signing up for its pro subscription. Yet, all the training sessions are available offline as well. So, if you are willing to invest your money in a boxing app then Boxx is worth your money in many ways.

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Being one of the most popular brands, Puma comes up with an app that allows its users to be active – just like how this brand sells itself. Boxing is just one of the training options you can find within this app. At least 12 workouts are available to choose from. Thus, regardless of what your goal is, PUMATRAC seems to be able to provide things for you.

Some users even consider the boxing training from this platform as a heavy bag workout app. It comes with various levels of exercises so that you can determine how hard your workout will be. It also allows you to create your own schedule and provides your progress. You will never know how amazing this app is without giving it a try, right?

All in all, PUMATRAC is an excellent workout app that helps you workout optimally without paying a personal trainer in the first place.

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5. Kickboxing Fitness Training

Kickboxing Fitness Training

When it comes to a boxing training app free, you may not find many options on the market. While all the apps are generally free, you still need to subscribe to its premium plan to unlock all the wonderful stuff offered by the platform.

It is fair to say that boxing is not just strength training. The techniques involve so many movements so that you can train your cardiovascular system as well. Thus, Kickboxing comes up with a platform that allows you to enjoy various exercises effortlessly. This app provides various classes, from strength to cardio training, depending on the level of your fitness.

According to users, this app suits those who want to stay lean and tough at the same time. It helps you to improve your body coordination in many ways. Other than that, this tool comes with a fitness tracker – by that, you can figure out how far you’ve come.

Again, this app is free but terms and conditions may apply. Thus, if you are looking for a way to lose weight or stay in shape through various interesting exercises, then Kickboxing is an excellent app to consider.

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6. PunchLab


PunchLab is undoubtedly one of the good boxing training apps you can find on the app markets. Other than that, this platform is quite popular compared to other names on this list. Users agree that this app allows them to have boxing training sessions and daily workout in general. Thus, using this app is like having a personal coach who will train you anything you want.

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All your progress is recorded and transferred into a statistical graphic. By that, you can check how far you’ve come with this app. Users also stated that PunchLab is an app used by UFC fighters as well as professional athletes. Other than showing the quality, the statement also indicates the difficulty level that you will face.

While this app allows you to determine the difficulty level, PunchLab is not an entirely-free platform. You have to join the premium plan to enjoy all the good things offered by this app. So, what are you waiting for?

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7. Shadow Boxing Workout App

Shadow Boxing Workout App

Are you looking for the best free boxing training app? If so then you should consider downloading Shadow Boxing. According to the company, this app helps you to master boxing skills and various techniques without getting out of your home in the first place. Other than that, this app allows you to create a formula exercise that suits your preference.

Generally, this app is not the most ideal free app available for smartphones – it’s even only available for iOS devices, after all. Besides, you have to pay for a subscription to unlock all the amazing stuff offered by this platform. Still, the Shadow Boxing app is a great app that delivers what you need from a boxing class.

Not only provides a series of boxing training, but this app also comes up with other workout plans – from cardio to strength plans, everything is available within this platform. Shadow Boxing also provides clear instructions about body movements so that users can follow and achieve the optimal result. Your record, on the other hand, will be automatically stored in your iCloud.

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8. Boxing Training and Workout

Boxing Training and Workout

Boxing Training and Workout is an app that helps you to create a combination of excellent techniques. According to users, using this app is similar to having a personal coach. Similar to most apps on this list, this platform comes up with various workout options.

Thus, other than allowing you to learn boxing and train for a match, this cool app also helps you to get in shape through various workout training sessions. When it comes to sharpening your boxing skills, the app will train your several movements, such as punching, offensive combinations, defense, heavy bag drills, and many more.

One of the most interesting things about this boxing training app is that you can access the sessions both online and offline. While this app is generally free, all the good stuff requires you to sign up for its premium version. Still, it will be a worthy investment – especially if you are serious about boxing training.

Boxing Training and Workout is only available for iOS devices so far. Thus, if you are using an android phone then you better look elsewhere.

Download on the App Store

9. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club surely deserves a spot on this list. As one of the best boxing apps ever created for both android and iOS platforms, this app comes up with a series of features and functions that will help you to stay in shape. Thus, other than getting boxing training options, you can pick a workout plan that suits your needs in the first place.

Another interesting thing about this app is that the system will show workout recommendations on your screen based on your previous training. Just so you know, Nike Training Club offers several self-defense training sessions, including MMA, kickboxing, strength training, and boxing itself.

Thus, regardless of your preference, this app will mostly find what you need in the first place. Similar to hiring a trainer, this platform allows you to create a schedule. Later, the system will send notifications before your session takes place.

But what if this is your first time taking a boxing class? Well, you can always choose your level before starting your journey. All in all, Nike Training Club is an app that everyone needs when it comes to a perfect platform for exercising seriously at home.

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10. FightCamp


If you are looking for the top boxing training apps on the app markets then FightCamp is surely one of those apps you should take a look at. As a home-boxing workout app, you can use this platform to train yourself at home, regardless of your equipment.

While this app is free to download, you have to sign up for a monthly membership to enjoy all the features. All in all, FightCamp is one of the best apps for those who are willing to pay more for boxing training.

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11. Bower Boxing

Bower Boxing

Bower Boxing is among the best free boxing apps for android phones. Even though this app is free, you will find a bunch of useful features in it. According to users, this platform is a great personal coach and will be a good sparring partner for you. Thus, if you need someone to teach you new movements or invent combinations then you should consider using Bower Boxing.

There are so many reasons why you should try this app. Despite being a free platform, Bower Boxing comes up with thousands of techniques and combinations. Thus, whether you are a novice or just starting your boxing journey, there will always be something you can learn from this app.

The only thing that might be a bummer is that you cannot choose the level of training. Still, this free app will be a good addition for your android phone, especially if you are looking for a training partner that doesn’t require you to head to the boxing studio in the first place.

Download on Google Play

All the apps mentioned above are mostly available on both platforms, which can be downloaded on the Play Store and App Store. While not all developers come up with live boxing apps, all the tools on the list will give you useful insights, especially if you are looking for a way to get active without paying for a personal coach.

And that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about the best boxing training apps. Have you tried each app? All the free versions and free-trial plans are surely worth trying.

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