11 Best Sites and Apps Like Pinterest for Android and iOS

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Best Sites and Apps Like Pinterest

Pinterest offers a great experience to share stuff and get content of various categories. It comes in handy to get inspiration for DIY projects, home décor, photography, and more. But if you’re looking for social networks that offer a similar experience, there’s a list of sites and apps like Pinterest to try out.

With millions of active users from all over the world, Pinterest has a set of convenient features. Having that said, you may want to improve your social media experience and figure out how it feels to use some other sites or apps with similar functionalities.

Best Site & Apps Like Pinterest for Android and iOS

Pinterest similar apps and sites work with similar premises to Pinterest—you can easily share and follow content in various genres. There are plenty of options to choose from, so you might need a good reference to avoid scams. Read on and make your choice.

1. Instagram


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Instagram from Facebook is unarguably one of the most used social networks. Currently, it has billions of users from different backgrounds, ranging from celebrities, public figures, artists, and many more. With this app or site, you can share anything and follow categories of your interest.

This platform comes loaded with abundant features, so you can connect with friends and communities in a fun way. See what’s new from your friends or favorite celebrities and leave your likes or comments. You can also send private messages to stay in touch with friends.

Instagram currently has IGTV that allows you to post and share longer videos. Besides, you can get inspired by videos and photos from other Instagram accounts in Explore.

Business owners can take benefit from this social platform. All you have to do is create an account and post your products. Interested customers will be happy to scroll through your timeline to discover their favorite items.

2. Tumblr


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Tumblr is another app like Pinterest where you can find attractive pictures of cute animals, memes, public figures, and many more. This subtle app also provides you with a friendly environment to share anything of your interest.

Much like Pinterest, Tumblr allows you to connect with friends and inspiring content creators. You can join a community, share ideas, and get inspired by feeds. Whether you are more into fashion, culture, nature, or lifestyle, this social network is tailored to you.

Tumblr is featured with an algorithm to improve your experience. Every post you like and every video you watch counts—this platform will provide posts based on your search and activity. The more you explore, the more Tumblr offers interesting content to you.

What’s more, you will enjoy a user-friendly interface that improves your social media experience. The layout has several sections that make it possible to find content based on your desired categories. 

3. We Heart It

We Heart It

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If you need a positive community to share and save inspiring content then We Heart It is surely for you. Millions of creators have used this app similar to Pinterest to share inspiring quotes, breathtaking photography, music interest, and many more, so you can explore a particular genre of your favorite.

Whenever you want to post something on your social network but you run out of ideas, We Heart It provides you with tons of inspiration. You can explore trending topics and find out what people are up to lately. You can also search posts and get inspired.

Do you find something good on this app? Unlike Instagram that doesn’t have a built-in save tool, this platform allows you to download and save any images to camera roll. Alternatively, you can also heart the posts and save them to your collection.

We Heart It app is free to download but you can upgrade to the premium version. Premium subscription provides you with abundant features that are not present in the free app, such as icon customization, profile customization, and download unlimited images.

4. Flickr


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Find amazing photos from professional photographers on Flickr. This app like Pinterest is designed for passionate photographers who need references and inspirations through incredible pictures. It is also a great place to share your masterpiece to inspire others.

Currently, Flickr has a vast community of photographers who actively upload, edit, and share photos. Not surprisingly, it becomes home to billions of photos from all over the world, not to mention you can find millions of groups of photographers.

Upgrade your way to organize photos with Flickr—you can easily browse, select, and organize images with just one gesture. It also has a sharing button with which you can share photos in a matter of seconds.

What’s great about this platform is that it comes packed with basic editing tools. Using these tools you can edit photos, crop images, add filters, and many more. Get this app and unleash your creativity.   

5. Pexels


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Pexels is a social network that gives you access to high-resolution, beautiful photos from passionate photographers. It has a large collection of photos and videos donated by a community of photographers so you can download them for free.

This platform is powered by algorithms and curated by the Pexels team, ensuring a better user experience for every search. What’s interesting is that you can unleash your creativity using their collection of free videos and photos.

What pictures are available in Pexels? The talented photographers provide you with pictures of travels, mountains, and popular destinations from all over the globe. Freely choose an app to create motivational content, inspiring quotes, and even birthday cards.

If you are an experienced photographer, your contribution means a lot. Put your images on Pexels and join the largest photographer community. As a bonus, people will recognize your talent and you might get support from PayPal donations.

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6. Tymoff


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Another app like Pinterest is Tymoff, a social media platform that provides you with fabulous content from users worldwide. Using this app you can discover various content from top memes, viral pics, vine, and even articles. Whenever you need fresh ideas, get Tymoff and you’ll get what you want.

Not only can you find content from different categories, but you can also share your creativity and masterpiece with your friends. Whether you want to express yourself or discover another side of you, Tymoff has got you covered.

Do you find an interesting post and you want to share it via another platform? This particular app has a built-in share button that allows you to share content via messages, email, Drive, Bluetooth, and more. Spreading joy has never been this easy!

What’s great about this app is that your security is protected. All actions performed in this platform are encrypted so you don’t need to worry about any content you share.

7. DeviantArt


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DeviantArt is another app like Pinterest that is dedicated for art enthusiasts and artists. Through this platform you can connect with popular artists and other art enthusiasts to share and browse anything about art and creation.

Whether you need to entertain yourself or get inspiration for your next project, this is an app you can rely on. It has plenty of fresh content from digital art and pixel art to anime and traditional creation that uses conventional media, such as photography, sculpture, and painting.

There are so many things you can do with DeviantArt. In addition to sharing content about art, you will be able to get feedback to improve your skills. This platform also lets you build an audience to spread inspiration and positive vibes.

What’s more, this platform allows you to connect and follow more than 55 million artists with different backgrounds. It also has a chat feature to send messages privately to your favorite artist or other users.

8. Hometalk


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Pinterest provides you with tons of DIY project ideas and so does Hometalk. This platform is designed for DIY-ers who want to spruce up their homes and gardens with creative projects. Thanks to fresh ideas, finding inspiration is only a tap away.

In this app you can find an extensive range of tutorials that fit any skill levels, budgets, and occasions. With just one app you can unleash your creativity and find anything from home décor ideas to DIY crafts and even room makeovers.

This app like Pinterest comes loaded with creative DIY ideas generated by thousands of DIY-ers from all over the globe. You will also find 140,000 amazing tutorials and video for the home and garden category. And if you need DIY crafts ideas to work with your kids, Hometalk has got you covered.

What can this app do? In addition to providing tons of DIY ideas and tutorials, you can save projects of your favorite and come back whenever you’re ready. It also has a Q & A section that allows you to ask questions to the DIY community. The community members will be happy to answer your questions.

9. Behance


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Behance can be your perfect app to browse works of creative talents worldwide. It comes loaded with millions of projects from various fields and industries, such as graphic design, photography, illustration, architecture, even game design and sound.

If you run out of ideas for the upcoming project, let Behance make your tasks easier. You can freely browse works shared by creative you’ve followed. The works are curated every day, so it’s unlikely to find scams on this platform.

Besides browsing creative works, you can also build moodboards from any projects that inspire you. And if you’re confident with your projects, share them to get feedback from other members—this is a great way to improve your skills.

Just as with Pinterest and other social platforms, you will get notified when other members leave comments on your project or you get new followers. This particular app also has a messaging feature to receive and send private messages.

10. MeWe


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Bring your social media experience to the next level with MeWe. This app has a complete set of features that allow you to connect with friends, family, and community. Just like Pinterest, it lets you post and share content of your favorite.

Besides, you can follow individuals with similar interests to you. Whenever they post, you will be able to see their post and leave comments. It also has a messaging feature with which you can send private messages with individuals you have followed.

One of the best things about MeWe is that it protects the data of the members. Thanks to the Privacy Bill of Rights, your content will be secured.

If you need some fresh and new ideas, MeWe has everything you need to keep up with the work. You will be able to find creative content and get inspired.

11. ArtStation


Website Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

ArtStation is similar to Pinterest in that it allows you to upload and share high quality graphics, photos as well as videos. However, this app works in a quite different way as it lets you earn money from them.

Whenever you get WoWs to your shots and receive ‘Best’ awards, you are eligible to get money from this social media. This is a convenient way to earn money while doing something you love.

Like Pinterest, you can connect with people through this app. You can also shop on e-commerce using your earnings.

With so many sites and apps like Pinterest, you can enjoy different experiences of sharing with others or getting inspired. Which one is going to be your choice?

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