12 Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Recycle Bin Apps

Deleting unimportant files is fun until you accidentally press delete on important files. While it’s impossible to cancel the process, the best recycle bin apps can save your neck. These apps are designed to recover files that have been deleted on your Android device.

Unlike desktop computers that come packed with built-in recycle bin, most Android smartphones don’t have this feature. Thus, you have to download a third-party app for recovering deleted files. Luckily, Google Play Store is flooded with a vast selection of recycle bin apps to choose from.

Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android

Whether you don’t have enough time to scroll through pages or need to make your search simpler, you’ve come to the right page. We have 12 top recycle bin apps to save your life when you accidentally deleted the wrong files. Check them out!

1. Dumpster


Download on Google Play

Arguably, Dumpster is the most powerful app to recover deleted photos. With more than 45 million downloads on Google Play Store, it prevents millions of people worldwide from losing their precious files. Coming with a simple design, searching deleted photos or videos is super easy.

In this app, you can find a useful backup tool that allows you to duplicate media files or apps effortlessly. You can also retrieve recently deleted files, photos, or apps instantly, thanks to highlighted recovery tool that comes with it. Best of all, you don’t need an internet connection to recover deleted files.

Dumpster is a great way to ensure the security of your files. It is especially useful for reckless Android users who accidentally deleted the wrong file repeatedly. As a bonus, it also has lock screen capabilities and custom themes to make your file recovery experience more engaging.

2. File Commander

File Commander

Download on Google Play

File Commander is not specifically built for file recovery but it has recycle bin feature that allows you to restore recently deleted files. Not only can you retrieve deleted files, you can also manage media files such as photos, videos, apps, and much more.

In addition to the recycle bin app, this file manager comes packed with a set of features such as storage analyzer, file converter, and integrated audio & video players. You can also transfer files and folders from PC with PC file transfer feature.

On top of all, File Commander is an app you can trust to protect sensitive data. Thanks to Vault feature that keeps your data so that your nosy friends or family can’t access it. Featuring strong password encryption, only you can access your files.

3. Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Download on Google Play

This best free recycle bin app has been a favorite among millions of users worldwide. Featuring a new technology, it allows you to recover deleted media, files, and apps in a single click. Cut your time finding and retrieving recently deleted files with this advanced recovery tool.

Once installed on your Android, Data Recovery automatically creates backup of removed data, including photos, videos, apps, and documents. However, it doesn’t recover any data that has been deleted before this app is installed on your device.

Internet connection is not required to recover deleted files. And, it doesn’t need rooting so it is completely safe for your device. If you need a free recycle bin app with powerful features, Data Recovery could be it.

4. Recycle Master

Recycle Master

Download on Google Play

Never lose a file with Recycle Master. This recovery tool helps retrieve accidentally deleted photos and videos from your Android device. Once installed, files that you delete will be stored in Recycle Master so it can be recovered instantly.

As one of the best recycle bin apps, it comes packed with a bunch of features. Deep recovery allows you to scan your device and find deleted files. It also lets you lock app with passwords so you can protect sensitive data. When other users try to view it, they will need a password.

Additionally, auto clean is a great feature that enables you to automatically clean useless backup files. Unused backup files will be deleted after a period of time in order to remove junk from your smartphone. With more than 5 million downloads, this is a cool app to try.

5. Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin

Download on Google Play

Recycle bin on desktop computer works efficiently to keep deleted data so you can recover important files right from the program. Adapting recycle bin on PC, this app promises easier data recovery from your Android devices.

How to use this app is quite simple. Press play button to activate and it will start to keep deleted files. Whenever you need to retrieve dumped files, open this app and any files you have deleted will appear. Choose a file and retrieve it to bring it back to the folder.

Recycle Bin is a great app that prioritizes user privacy. It never collects personal information and your files won’t be backed up to servers. With privacy and security in mind, this app can be your best company.

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6. Photo Recycle Bin

Photo Recycle Bin

Download on Google Play

If you accidentally press delete on wrong photos, chances are you will lose it forever. Before this happens, download and install Photo Recycle Bin on your Android device. This recycle bin app is designed to store deleted photos and media files so you can view and restore it.

To make it work, you have to press start to activate the app. As long as the icon appears in the notification bar, your photos will be protected. Whenever you accidentally press delete on beautiful photos, go to this app and retrieve it.

Coming with a simple design and interface, Photo Recycle Bin is quite easy to use. It provides different folders for different categories, including audio, document, photo, and videos. In addition to file recovery, you can save space on the device by emptying the bin and delete all files at a time.

7. Recycle Bin: Deleted Video Recovery

Recycle Bin: Deleted Video Recovery

Download on Google Play

This is one of high-rated and best recycle bin apps for Android. It comes with a boast of powerful tools to recover deleted data including photos, videos, audio files and more. Download this app, scan for deleted files and restore data as desired. No rooting is required!

Just as with recycle bin on PC, it stores deleted files so you can dig through to recover the files whenever needed. No more drama because you accidentally press delete on important files because Recycle Bin keeps it for you.

In addition to file restore, it serves as a great junk cleaner. Only with one click, you can clean unused files to free up storage. Just make sure there are no important files included because it will permanently delete your files.

8. Recycle Bin for Photos

Recycle Bin for Photos

Download on Google Play

As the name suggests, this app is specifically built to restore your deleted images from Android device. Recovering photos using recycle bin tool is a simple process. Only with a few steps, your deleted photos will be restored in 3 to 4 minutes depending on the size.

Having Recycle Bin for Photos on your Android device brings a lot of benefits. Especially if you have a vast collection of images, you have to make sure that none of your collection is accidentally deleted because of reckless action.

Designed with a simple and easy-to-use interface, this application offers an efficient way to keep your photos. Without having to root your device, Recycle Bin for Photos is what you need to restore deleted images.

9. Recover Bin Free

Recover Bin Free

Download on Google Play

Restore a photo in one click with Recover Bin Free. It works much like Recycle Bin in Windows or Trash in iOS. This app offers a quick and easy way to restore deleted photos or videos. It also works well to handle pdf files and audio files.

Not only does it work to restore removed photos and videos, it also serves as a useful scanner with the ability to deep scan your device. It also helps find lost or undeleted photos, thanks to advanced hidden archive scanner.

Customizable bin is a key feature that allows you to do a lot of customization. You can categorize views that helps you locate the files for recovery. This app is available for free but premium version is available if you wish to enjoy more features.

10. DiskDigger Photo Recovery

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

Download on Google Play

Accidentally deleting photos from internal memory or memory card is no longer a nightmare. Thanks to DiskDigger Photo Recovery that helps restore and undelete images. Without bother rooting your device, this app can be used right after installation.

Just to make sure the same incident doesn’t happen for the second times, upload files you have recovered to Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also save the same file to a different folder. Even though it works well on non-rooted device, it searches optimally on rooted device.

Besides the recovery feature, this best recycle bin app also enables you to clean up files permanently. Simply tap the Clean up button to delete unused files so you can free up storage. Wipe free space feature is also available to get more free space.

11. Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin

Download on Google Play

This third-party app is slightly different from other recycle bin apps. Rather than keeping deleted files from internal storage or memory card, it requires you to send files to the app. So if you want to remove files but don’t want to lose it, Recycle Bin offers a simple solution.

In other words, this app cannot help recover files that are accidentally deleted. You have to send it to Recycle Bin on purpose, so it can be restored in the future. Files moved to Recycle Bin can also be permanently deleted by tapping Permanently Delete the File.

12. Backup and Restore All

Backup and Restore All

Download on Google Play

This app comes in handy to back up and restore contacts and apps in a simple way. Once you press backup, selected files will be automatically updated to Google Drive.

Using this app allows you to backup and restore images. You can also free storage on the phone and delete backed up files. It may work in a different way than other recycle bin apps but it is effective to keep your files stay on the phone.

With the best recycle bin apps, you don’t need to worry about deleting important files. These tools help store deleted files so you can restore them whenever needed.

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