7 Best Weather Websites You Should Bookmark

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Weather Websites

A decade ago, you might often wait for forecast or local weather broadcast on TV. Nowadays, there is a sizable number of applications and websites that allow you to get accurate weather data. This cannot be separated from the popularity of the internet that brings convenience to our life. What is the best weather website that gives accurate data?

Weather website can be a good friend, especially if you have a plan to do activities outdoor or to go somewhere. The website allows you to look up the current climate and weather for certain areas of the world, especially your current location. Don’t put yourself at risk and make sure to know the most updated forecast with these best and accurate weather websites!

7 Best Weather Websites You Should Bookmark

There are actually numerous weather applications and websites that provide you with information in regard to weather and climate. However, not many of them are accurate and offer information in real-time. Check out the following weather websites and be the most prepared one before leaving your home.

1. National Weather Service

Best Weather Websites: National Weather Service

As the name suggests, this website provides weather and forecast only for national scope. If you live in the United States, National Weather Service is truly for you. But when you need to go abroad, you may find other websites that provide forecast and weather in a broader scope.

In this website, you can find the weather in different patterns especially for rain and extreme weather. In addition, various alerts can also be seen when they need your attention. These alerts may include flash flood, high surf, tornado, avalanche, or air quality warning.

2. World Weather Information Service

World Weather Information Service

You can travel abroad with peace of mind after checking out world weather and forecast through World Weather Information Service. Brought by World Meteorological Organization, this website is one among the best to provide you with accurate and updated information.

Just like other sites, World Weather Information Service offers an interactive map on its front page. The map enables you to see the present temperature, weather patterns, and current forecasts. Aside from map, this website also provides a sidebar that allows you to choose a particular location around the globe.

The locations are sorted by alphabet, thus you can scroll down to find any desired location, either Africa or India. After choosing the location, the map will focus on the specific section. Interestingly, individual pages for the region are also available.

3. Weather Underground

Weather Underground

Weather Underground gives you instant information of local weather and forecast only by opening the website. Weather Underground will detect your location, then show the local forecast at the top of the page. Not only current weather, but also forecast for several hours ahead.

Furthermore, this site also enables you to see weather maps in satellite, radar, and temperature formats if you go to Intellicast page specifically. Simply access them from the main site and choose Maps & Radar in the menu. Weather Underground, which previously called Intellicast, offers a variety of climate and weather maps to provide you with sufficient weather information.

4. AccuWeather


Another best website to give you accurate weather and forecasts is AccuWeather. The site claims to offer superior accuracy as it will detect your city and region. This enables the website to display the most relevant information for weather and climate on the front page. Besides, you can also view a forecast for your city and other cities.

The website will show a radar weather map of your current location. If you want to know the climate and weather of other location, simply browse other maps manually through More Maps menu that you can find in the bottom right. Overall, this website is pretty easy to use.

5. Excite Weather

Excite Weather

Unlike the other sites, Excite Weather comes with a main page that looks quite plain. There is no dynamic maps or interactive maps on the front page as you usually see in most weather websites. Instead, you will see list of available content along with a toggle to swap between US maps and international maps.

To know the current weather and forecasts, simply choose a region and select between high-res, low-res, satellite, and precipitation of the area. You will immediately see maps presented by The Weather Channel. The maps are always up to date even though they come in static form instead of a dynamic one.

6. Weather Bug

Weather Bug

Are you looking for a modern website with catchy looking? Weather Bug is one that you are looking for. This weather site provides detailed information with attractive appearance. On the front page, you can see a variety of information presented in tiles.

Weather Bug displays the current temperature and forecast of your local area. It also provides you with weather and air quality information for several days ahead. In addition, you can also find a live radar map to make it more attractive.

You don’t need to choose your current location to know the weather and forecasts. Have your location data available and this website will automatically adjust with your current location.

7. SAT24.com


A website with animated wind, temperature, and rain offers a customized experience when checking the weather. SAT24.com is an attractive website that provides information for different areas throughout the world. If you need more detailed information, pull up the page and this site will display a more detailed weather forecast.

Interestingly, additional forecasts are also available. It can show you wave heights, potential earthquake, lighting, and other information that may affect your activity. At the time you need weather information in a broader scope, filter by the country that can be found in the top menu.

It is clear that you have a variety of options when it comes to best weather site. Just make sure you are connected to the internet and activate your location data so the website can provide accurate information for your local area. Or else, you can also choose website that provides broader scope for the international country in case you are going to travel abroad. Be a prepared one by accessing those weather websites.

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