13 Best Upwork Alternatives & Similar Sites

by Deniz

Best Upwork Alternatives

Upwork alternatives will give you many options when it comes to platforms and places to look for freelance gigs. Whether you are a newcomer or a professional freelancer, diving into the sea of freelance platforms is part of the process.

In this article, you will find several sites and platforms that connect companies with freelancers. And if you are looking for gigs, the sites below will help you big time.

Best Upwork Alternatives for Freelancers and Job Seekers

Upwork generally offers user-friendly services that will suit both newcomers and professionals with a bunch of experiences. You can even set the rates and there is no free work advertised on this platform.

However, the service fees are one of the most expensive platforms. And before sending proposals to your prospective clients, you have to purchase Connects in the first place.

So, is Upwork worth it for freelancers? Of course, it is worth it in many ways. But keep in mind that there are plenty of alternatives that may serve you better.

1. Fiverr


Fiverr vs Upwork is definitely what people are waiting for. These two have been around for quite a while and both provide places for job seekers and employers to exchange.

Other than that, you can sell any product on this platform for as low as $5. Meanwhile, if you are looking for new talents, this place will spoil you. Fiverr is categorized as a low-budget platform.

Newcomers love this platform in many ways but you will find professionals too. It seems like you can market any kind of creativity and find freelancers for any type of gigs – from designing logos to 3D characters.

According to users, Fiverr is a perfect spot to find odd jobs too. So, why don’t you visit the page and find out for yourself?

2. Freelancer


The next name on the list of websites like Upwork is Freelancer. As its name suggests, this platform is freelancer-friendly. Today, this platform has been used by 32 million users worldwide and has 1800 categories of jobs.

Thus, if you are looking for freelancer gigs then this place will offer you plenty of them. And if you are looking for someone to deliver a task, Freelancer has anything you need that comes with an affordable price range.

This platform is open for anyone, regardless of their skills. All freelancers can use this platform for free but have to upgrade the subscription to apply for many jobs at once.

Meanwhile, if you have a business and need freelancers, this platform offers different payment systems. The price range is also affordable, even though reviewing so many profiles can be a bit overwhelming.

3. 99designs


If you are a freelance designer and looking for gigs that suit your background then you should check out 99designs. This platform is one of the Upwork similar sites with a specific niche.

Until today, tons of small to medium-sized businesses hire freelance designers from this site. Whether it is graphic designer, interior enthusiasts, or product packaging tasks, 99designs provides a relatable space.

Freelancers may also join the competition held by the platform and win exciting prizes. Most of the time, the competition is held by the employers to find the best candidate for the job.

99designs also uses a rank system so that the payment suits the task in the first place. Compared to other platforms on this list, this site offers better earnings.

4. FreeUp


If you are looking for an Upwork better alternative then you should take a look at FreeUp. Generally, this platform is smaller than Upwork.

However, the system will pair freelancers and clients within 24 hours – this part is way better than any other place on the list. Since the scope is smaller, FreeUp can provide customer support who will always be there anytime you need it.

This platform is a premium choice, which means that you have to pay for their services. Other than that, you need to go through three steps of processes, such as sending an application, approval, being interviewed, and taking a final test.

Being part of them means that you will get connected to top-tier clients fast. Even though it can be a bit intimidating for newcomers, FreeUp doesn’t want freelancers to deal with slow yet unresponsive clients in the first place.

5. WriterAccess


Are you looking for writing gigs? Well, WriterAccess is one of the best Upwork alternatives for writers. As its name suggests, it has a bunch of writing gigs in the app’s database.

Thus, if you are working with words and need gigs that specifically suit your talent then you should go to this platform. Other than a place to look for freelance jobs, WriterAccess also offers a huge library of stock images as well as other tools for marketing purposes.

Do you want to add more skills to your resume? Head to WriterAccess Academy and choose training programs you would like to try. More than anything, this platform is a treasure for freelance writers.

6. PeoplePerHour


When it comes to popular platforms like Upwork then you should check out PeoplePerHour. This platform has been around since 2015 and now tons of freelancers around the world have found their dream job.

Generally, it provides a similar experience for all freelancers. Currently, there are 15 job categories available that cover graphic design, translation, writing, and many more. Before finding a job and using the features, you have to go through the application process. Later, the moderator will accept your request.

One of the most exciting things about PeoplePerHour is that once you are part of this platform, you can scroll and search all jobs – whether project-based ones or hourly options.

Even though everyone can use this platform effortlessly, PeoplePerHour is mainly focused on the UK and European markets.

7. Designhill


There might be several Upwork competitors out there but you should check out Designhill to find designing gigs. This platform focuses more on graphical designs, after all – even though you can always apply for any kind of design specialty.

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As one of the best freelancing platforms, Designhill also comes up with useful tools that help you connect with clients. Other than that, you can utilize those tools to sell your goods and services fast.

Are you a software designer? Feel free to try Designhill, for sure. The membership option is available but you can also try its free service in the first place. Still, being a member allows you to get more recognition.

Sometimes this platform holds design contests open for all users. Of course, it comes with a prize, which makes everything much more enjoyable.

8. SoundBetter


You may not find many Upwork jobs related to music creation. And if you are an aspiring musician or a freelancer in the music industry then you should pay SoundBetter a visit.

However, it won’t do you any favor if you are a newcomer. Many users of this platform are well-known musicians. SounBetter is even part of Spotify – you may know how significant the skill and popularity of the users are in the first place.

Thus, if you come over with an exciting experience with music then SoundBetter is definitely for you. On this platform, the gigs are such as sound designers, podcast editors, lyric writers, film composers, and many more.

9. Scripted


Sites like Upwork that offer gigs for writers are quite a lot. One of them is Scripted. However, the platform accepts a very low number of newcomers. Of course, you can find treasure if you have been working on some quality jobs in the first place.

Many agencies and companies look for freelancers and full-time employees on this platform. The gigs can be writing blog posts, product descriptions, press releases, and many more.

Considering Scripted has taken care of 37 different industries, freelance writers around the world will easily find odd jobs on this platform. This freelance site also encourages you to establish a long-term job with your clients.

The system works like a dating app; you will match with clients that need your skills and specialties. So, you should give Scripted a shot, especially if you are a writer.

10. Flexiple


If you are looking for an Upwork alternative for developers then Flexiple could be the answer. This platform offers a space where startups and entrepreneurs meet freelance developers as well as designers.

To be part of Flexiple, you require to follow a series of application steps. It is crucial because the platform only wants professionals and talented souls to be part of the family.

The platform will get you a series of evaluations, from previous work, ability to communicate, your motivation to join the freelance world, and many more. It might sound intimidating but you are one of the most talented souls if you get admitted. Also, you will find wonderful treasures.

Before accepting a gig, you will go through a week of trials to determine whether you and the client are on the same page. Since payment and invoice will go through the platform, everything is safer and more secure.

11. Credo


Have you heard of Credo before? This platform is one of the best freelancing sites for marketing professionals. Through the algorithm, the system will match you with clients within 24 hours – it’s pretty fast compared to most sites on the list.

Keep in mind that it takes a strict process until you are approved to use this platform. Once you are part of it, you will get a bunch of benefits; one of them is experiencing great jobs with professionals that need your skill.

Credo is more like a place for businesses to look for consultants. However, you should consider applying on this platform if you have great job experience in digital marketing. Unfortunately, Credo is not beginner-friendly.

12. Outsourcely


Not many freelance sites allow users to establish businesses in the first place. Meanwhile, Outsourcely provides room for freelancers to connect with other parties and create a business together.

One of the most exciting things about this platform is that your earnings won’t be cut for the service fee. Of course, you can apply for paid membership for priority and better recognition.

However, Upwork is still bigger than this platform. You have to go through a series of verification steps before being accepted to use the site in the first place.

Still, once you are accepted, you will get a bunch of interesting gigs from this platform. Also, it supports long-term work.

13. Guru


If you are up for a better Upwork alternative then you should check this platform. Guru is simply a platform for freelancers and employers to connect with each other effortlessly.

The reason for Guru’s popularity is that the system allows freelancers to scroll jobs up to an unlimited number of niches. You can even use filters to find a job that suits your background and experience. Other than that, it seems like you can find any kind of job in the first place.

Guru will take a commission fee but it is relatively lower than other sites on this list – it’s around 9%. However, if you have signed up for the paid membership then the number will go down.

Being part of the paid membership is such a good idea. You will get better recognition while looking for jobs. Since it uses the bidding system before the client chooses you for a job, you can cut the queue if you are part of the paid membership.

While you can still use the free services, it comes with a lot of work in the first place.

Final Words

Upwork might be one of the most popular sites for freelancers. However, you definitely will find something better out there.

For instance, Fiverr offers a free account for anyone who wants to join the community. Of course, it means that you have to compete with tons of freelancers out there. But this platform is an excellent place for newcomers to start.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for freelance platforms with a more specific niche then a few options on the list are worth considering. All in all, these Upwork alternatives will give you more opportunities for freelance gigs.

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