11 Best Sandboxie Alternatives

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

Sandboxie is undoubtedly a great tool to keep your Windows system safe. The ability to provide isolated environment allows users to install and run software that may be harmful or contain malware. But if you wish to explore Sandboxie alternatives, you have landed on the right article.

We have wrapped up the best alternative programs that offer similar functions to Sandboxie or additional functions you cannot find in this virtualization software. We also provide the link to official websites you can quickly visit for download. Check them out!

11 Sandboxie Alternatives to Protect Your PC

Good news for you, most of these virtualization programs are free to download. Whether you are a programmer, developer, or even student who learns to develop new software, the following tools offer a huge help to protect your machine from suspicious applications.

1. Cameyo


Cameyo has been around for a while serving users who need to run applications without harming the computer. This utility enables you to test any apps without having to install them on your machine. Thus you can safely explore the features in an isolated environment.

How Cameyo works is quite simple. It converts a normal program into portable software that doesn’t require installation on your OS. Whenever you need to run it, double click the file and it will start. Not only does it keep your device safe, it also allows you to create portable versions of any application.

Cameyo has become a favorite virtualization program for a reason. It offers easy-to-use features and a simple interface so you don’t have to be pro to use it. Plus, it is lightweight and compatible with most applications, allowing you to try different apps in a virtual environment.

2. Cuckoo Sandbox

Cuckoo Sandbox

Cuckoo Sandbox is an open-source malware analysis system that allows you to ditch suspicious files quickly. It creates an isolated environment so you can learn more about the software like its activity or if it affects specific components. Being isolated from the main system, you are completely safe.

This is a great alternative to Sandboxie, thanks to its function to analyze malicious files, trace API calls, analyze network traffic, and many other features. It can also perform memory analysis of infected virtual system using Volatility.

Similar to Sandboxie, Cuckoo has an open source nature so you can customize analysis environment, results processing, as well as the reporting stage. It is also a cross-platform program that runs well on Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Android. And best of all, it is available for free!

3. Shade Sandbox

Shade Sandbox

Protect your PC from malware with Shade Sandbox. It creates a virtual environment to run any application so malware can be blocked from getting into your system. Whether you are running trusted or untrusted applications, it offers some peace of mind.

Shade Sandbox highlights solid protection against malware and threats, even new and unknown ones. With drag and drop feature, securing your PC is made easy. Simply drag and drop shortcuts of application you want to secure and run. Forget that you are using an isolated environment.

One of the best usage of Shade Sandbox is to protect your browser. Put your internet browser into an isolated environment and no need to worry about malware. In order to provide extra protection, this best Sandboxie alternative can work together with other security products.

4. Firejail


If you are running Linux OS, Firejail offers a great way to protect your PC. This tool is constructed using the C programming language so it works well to keep your Linux system safe. It provides an isolated environment for running new software safely.

It works by isolating the environment of desired applications. Like other virtualization utilities, Firejail allows applications to process in various types such as graphical applications, user login, and servers. Plus, it comes with security profiles that support Firefox, Chromium, VLC, and much more.

Firejail is a lightweight sandbox program with capable features you shouldn’t overlook. With a simple and user-friendly interface, it offers easy-to-use configuration. It can be a good bet for beginners and advanced users.

5. Bufferzone


Enjoy safe browsing with Bufferzone. This free Sandboxie alternative isolates your web browser to protect the system from malware or threats. The isolated components may include email attachments, virtual containers, web browsers, and much more.

Using this tool, you can get some peace of mind when browsing or installing new software. Your web browser will be automatically placed in a virtual environment whenever it launches. You should see a red border on the browser to know if it is launched safely while applications should come with green borders.

The good thing about Bufferzone is that it permits reading rather than writing. When you open a malicious web, you can do activity without putting the system at risk. But when the website tries to write against your system, it will be terminated.

6. Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender is a powerful Sandboxie alternative to keep your computer safe from threats. It works with the same premise as its virtualization utility counterparts by running a virtual environment. Known as Shadow Mode, this isolated environment allows activities in any untrusted applications.

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This program highlights flexibility to specify files and folder you want to permanently save to a real environment. Thus, any important files will be kept. If you are fond of exploring new software but want to keep the system secure, Shadow Defender has got you covered.

In addition to preventing viruses and malware, it enables you to browse safely and ditch traces. Your privacy is also protected, not to mention it reduces maintenance costs. Even though Shadow Defender doesn’t offer a free version, the features are worth the thought.

7. Enigma Virtual Box

Enigma Virtual Box

Designed for Windows, Enigma Virtual Box is virtualization program that offers sufficient support to protect your system from malicious threats. It helps consolidate applications in an executable file without losing its efficiency. That’s how you can use the applications without extracting to the disk.

This freeware is ideal for creating applications or trying new software before installing into your computer. With the support for any type of files, you can virtualize any application, especially untrusted ones. You can also compress virtual files to reduce its total size.

The best part is that Enigma Virtual Box is a completely free application. You don’t necessarily need to pay anything before using the features. Before rushing to the website and downloading the full version, make sure you run Windows 2000 and higher.

8. Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze by Faronics is another solution to protect your device from suspicious activities or malware. The third-party app enables you to undo any changes made by other users or virus. Simply reboot the computer and everything that has been changed can be reversed.

How this program works is simple. When an end-user tries to write on your administrative file, this utility will take notes of any changes. Then these changes will be deleted upon restart of the computer. But you will need to set how the administrative file should be.

Even though Deep Freeze works in a slightly different way than Sandboxie, it allows you to protect the system from any changes caused by virus or suspicious users. However, the fact that a lot of things can happen makes it rather ineffective to ensure everything in the system is fine.

9. Any.Run


Similar to Sandboxie, Any.Run provides an interactive isolated environment that enables you to handle suspicious activities. While providing you with efficient and quick malware analysis, this program allows you to interact with the operating system and still enjoy a fast response.

How to use this cloud-based sandbox is simple. All you need to do is signing up using an email and password. You will also need to verify the password and it’s ready for service. There is a lot of information but you may be interested to the task button to start a new analysis.

Once the task button is clicked, choose a file to analyze from computer or external device or URL. Good news for you, this Sandboxie alternative is available for free for personal use. But if you wish to explore more features, you will have to upgrade to premium versions.

10. Toolwiz Time Freeze

Toolwiz Time Freeze

If you don’t mind with a program that works a bit differently, Toolwiz Time Freeze is worth the thought. This software creates a copy of the real system. This virtual environment lets you run applications without modifying the real environment. In other words, it keeps your actual OS frozen.

This is a brilliant way to keep the system safe from malicious threats or unwanted changes. Whenever you have Toolwiz Time Freeze on your device, nothing can harm your machine. And if you are done with the test, simply reboot the system and everything will be restored to the real system.

And when it says everything will be restored, this means any changes made to the settings will be undone. Any files downloaded from the internet will be removed. Also, unwanted modification can be reversed only with a simple restart. So, this program is useful to keep your device in a good shape.

11.  Windows 10 Sandbox

Windows 10 Sandbox

Windows 10 users either Pro, Enterprise, or Education versions actually have a sandbox app in their OS. Known as Windows 10 Sandbox, this feature works similarly to Sandboxie. This virtual machine allows you to run applications without modifying the system.

With the software runs in an isolated environment, any dangerous content or malware cannot harm the rest of the system. After testing the application, close the sandbox and everything will be gone and forgotten. Any activities made in the sandbox will not be saved in the real environment.

By default, sandbox tool is not enabled so you have to manually enable this feature in a few clicks. You can also add more programs in Sandbox by downloading from Microsoft Edge. Firewalls won’t allow you to connect to the internet in the Sandbox so you will need to disable it.

There are many Sandboxie alternatives to try. From Windows 10 Sandbox to third party software like Shade Sandbox or Cameyo, these programs offers a great way to protect your computer from malware. Choose an alternative that meets your needs, either it works similarly to or differently from Sandboxie.

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