11 Best Selfie Camera Apps for Android and iOS

Best Selfie Camera Apps

Technology develops rapidly from time to time. One of the development results is the invention of the best selfie camera apps. People tend to love taking their pictures. Also, the presence of front cameras make things more doable nowadays.

So, if you love taking selfies and want it to be perfect then you should read this article until the last line. In this article, you will find a list of app recommendations that will help you to snap perfect selfies. Whether you are looking for a free one or the one with a premium option, you may have the answer below.

Best Selfie Camera Apps for Flawless Selfies

Well, there are several apps that you can give a try. Other than providing a platform to take selfies, you can edit your photos through the platform as well. Most of the apps on the list are free – but you can always upgrade your subscriptions and enjoy more features. 

Other than photo editing tools, some platforms also allow you to share your photos directly to social media platforms through a tap. So, here are the apps that will accommodate your hobby to edit photos and selfies – which one is your favorite?

1. Retrica


Retrica is surely more than a filter app for selfie. Besides the fact that this app has a bunch of filter collections, you can take advantage of Retrica’s stunning special effects. Other than being a selfie camera, you can connect with other users and build a community through this app. It simply serves as a social media platform.

If you are a creative person and want to create something different, Retrica provides a platform for its users to create your filters. By that, you can always be different from other users. Even though it sounds advanced, everything on this platform is effortless to operate.

For those who love creating memes, stickers, and other visual items then you should visit Retrica. This app has a lot to offer, more than you ever imagine.

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2. Facetune2


Are you looking for a selfie camera app that comes with solid tools to edit your photos? If so then you have to consider using Facetune2 as well. This app is quite popular and has become the favorite of millions of smartphone users.

What makes this app stand out in the crowd? Facetune generally has a series – all the series apps are worth trying in many ways. There are a collection of photo editor tools and features offered by this platform.

From snapping perfect selfies to editing your photos effortlessly, everything is doable with Facetune2. The photo editor tool is smooth and enhances your photos at the best level. Other than that, it is possible to brighten any dark circle, reshape your chin, modify your nose, and so on.

On the other hand, the filters and effects from this app can be used directly when you are snapping a selfie. Everything is possible with Facetune2 – grabs yours on the app market now!

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3. A Color Story

A Color Story

On the other hand, this platform offers a very specific niche – a selfie app for Instagram. You may know that Instagram is a popular visual-based social media platform nowadays. Even though you can always edit your photo from the app, limitations may apply here and there. Thus, you need an additional beauty camera selfie.

Have you heard of A Color Story? This platform offers more than 300 filters created and curated by professionals. You will also find various special effects that make your creations way more interesting. Just like most apps on this list, A Color Story comes with photo editor tools. The only thing that may appear as a bummer is the pricing.

Generally, you can enjoy the fun by using the free version. However, if all you need from this app is the filters, you may only find a limited number of free filters. Still, you should give A Color Story a try.

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4. B612


If you have been playing with lots of selfie apps then you would be quite familiar with B612. This camera app is quite popular for various reasons. One of those things that make this platform stand out in the crowd is its selfie filters.

As a perfect selfie app for both iOS and Android, this app utilizes AI technology that recognizes your face. In the end, this platform can show some interesting results to your photos. Users love B612 for various reasons – one of them is the effortlessness provided by this platform.

Similar to most apps on this list, this platform also allows you to edit your photos with a series of photo editing tools. From adjusting the colors to correcting your nose, everything is doable with B612.

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5. Cymera


At some point, those apps that allow you to modify photos require a certain level of skill. Thus, if you are looking for a beauty camera app that doesn’t force you to learn the tools in the first place then you should consider Cymera.

This app brands itself as the best selfie platform for amateur users. For now, this app comes with several lens options along with photo editing tools that show the results in a matter of seconds. The filters on the library are also excellent. All in all, Cymera is a perfect camera and photo editing tool that allows the users to have professional pictures.

Another interesting thing about this app is that you can add stickers and effects. Blurring the background is not an issue at all. So, if you are looking for a robust selfie camera app that allows you to be as creative as possible then you should consider Cymera.

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6. Camera360


Even though the popularity of this app is not as high as other apps on this list, Camera 360 has won the heart of many users until today. You can create tons of stunning selfies by using this app and edit those pictures effortlessly. And the best part is that you can use this app regardless of what your phone is.

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As a popular selfie camera download, Camera360 offers a pack of tools, filters, effects, and features that will help you to enhance your pictures. Other than that, you can use the app’s basic photo editor tools to create something that you like from pictures in your phone’s gallery.

Why should you give this platform a try, after all? Other than an ample choice of camera filters, you can add other visual elements to your photos. The stickers in the library are dynamic and appealing for your photos. Later, you can save the pictures or share them directly on social media.

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7. Snapchat


Snapchat is surely one of the best selfie camera apps for iPhone and Android. Before those filters and special effects on social media were hit, Snapchat had got the market alright. This platform allows users to create stunning pictures and edit them effortlessly.

Other than for taking selfies, you can edit your photos to make them look more creative by using this app. You can even create a short video with a bunch of interesting effects with this app. Everything is fun and interesting with Snapchat. Besides, Snapchat is compatible with almost any phone.

Thus, if you are looking for an app that allows you to take selfies and communicate with other users then Snapchat is a perfect answer. In case you just want the fun, this platform allows you to take pictures and edit them then save it to your phone’s gallery.

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8. Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus

You may find tons of beauty camera app alternatives and platforms on both app markets. And if you often surf the internet to find that kind of app, you might be very familiar with Beauty Plus, for sure. This app offers and provides a series of tools that help you to have stunning selfie photos. Everything in this app is versatile to use and the results will blow your mind.

The Beauty Plus camera app comes with a series of tools and features you can enhance any photo in your gallery. As one of the best apps to take selfies, you can pick a filter directly so that your camera turns into the one with filters.

There is no need to master any skill to use Beauty Plus. Everything is effortless and everyone can use the app anytime they want.

Compared to other apps on this list, Beauty Plus is not a new player in this industry. The progress will show up through a few taps and you can see the result as immediately as possible.

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9. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

You cannot exclude YouCam Perfect when it comes to the best camera apps for selfies. Everything you get from this app is straight perfection. Other than being downloaded by millions of users around the world, this platform provides a load of tools to enhance your pictures – especially selfies.

One of the most interesting things about this app is that you will get impressive photos just by using your camera. Other than taking selfies, YouCam Perfect allows its users to retouch the pictures like professionals even though it won’t be as complicated.

There are at least 100 filters in the app’s library you can use. Well, the free version is enough to be creative with your photos. However, you will get more options unlocked once you sign up for YouCam Perfect’s paid subscriptions.

All in all, this platform is effortless to work with, especially if you love taking selfies. Whether you are using iOS or Android devices, YouCam Perfect is always ready to be your buddy.

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10. Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie

One of the best camera apps to take selfies that you have to consider is called Sweet Selfie. This platform is quite popular among selfie camera users. One of the most interesting things about this app is the intuitive tools and UI design. Thus, even though this is your first time using Sweet Selfie, you won’t find any confusing thing to operate the app.

Why should you use Sweet Selfie for snapping selfies? Well, this app comes with a pack of useful features. It has a collection of face and body art filters to enhance your photos. Other than that, you can edit your selfie with a real-time result.

Other than editing your photos effortlessly, Sweet Selfie also provides collage features. You can choose from various available layouts to create interesting yet stunning photos. This platform is free to use, after all. Yet, you may deal with ads – it is still one of the best selfie cameras that won’t disappoint you in many ways.

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11. Candy Camera

Candy Camera

As the app’s name suggests, Candy Camera gives you the vibe of having candy in your phone for taking selfies – in good ways. This platform allows you to enjoy various special effects for your selfies. Other than that, the effect will apply immediately. Thus, you know how you look when taking selfies.

Candy Camera is the best beauty camera app download whether you are using iOS or Android devices. You can just pick a filter and swipe it to change the filter. Since the system utilizes the AI technology as its brain, all the things that come out from this app are a solid beauty.

Feel free to pick filters and special effects from the library. Since everything is free, why don’t you give Candy Camera a try?

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You are beautiful as who you are. However, it surely is more fun if you use the best beauty camera app to take your selfies. All the apps mentioned on the list are free but you can always upgrade your features by signing up for their premium subscriptions.

Regardless of your choice, it won’t hurt to give each app a try. Since almost all the apps on the list are available both for iOS and Android platforms, it will be fun if you know the pros and cons of each app from experience. And that’s all – this is everything you need to know about the best selfie camera apps to enhance your selfie experience.

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