11 Best Apps Like Instagram & Similar Alternatives

by Emily Barrow

Best Apps Like Instagram

Have you ever thought that there are apps like Instagram to share content effortlessly? Developers have created tons of platforms that allow users to have options to share their content, especially for photos and videos.

In this article, you will find a series of apps that come up with features like you find on Instagram. All of the apps mentioned below are free to download and use but you should pay attention to its terms of service.

Best Apps Like Instagram for Android and iOS

You will find tons of options when it comes to image-sharing platforms like Instagram. Many of them are free but some of them have a specific niche. Still, each of the apps on this list is worth your consideration in many ways.

1. Pinterest


It won’t be that difficult to find apps free like Instagram on the app market. However, you have to be a bit specific to find what you need in the first place. For instance, Pinterest is a perfect place to get inspired by lots of projects.

This platform accommodates photo and video sharing but you can add what you like to your Pin collection. No platform can beat the visual appeal of Pinterest so far. Other than that, you can find almost anything you need on this app.

It is safe to say that Pinterest is an app better than Instagram when it comes to finding recipes, craft ideas, and a lot more. You can also link a website to your Pinterest. if you haven’t tried this app then you might be living in a cave – just kidding.

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2. Snapchat


Other than allowing you to share photos and videos, Instagram also comes as a chatting platform. The DM part is an excellent place to start talking and chatting with other users. Thus, if you are looking for a chatting app like Instagram then you should consider Snapchat.

Snapchat is surely not a new player in this industry. It comes with tons of features that allow you to chat with other users through texts, videos, voices, and photos, of course. As one of the most popular social media apps on the app market, you won’t get disappointed with this app.

The functionality and options to create amazing stuff in such a short time is such an eye-opening experience. Users can communicate with others effortlessly, create stories by showing off their creative side, and do a lot more.

This app is also the pioneer of a short video where you can create and edit the appearance as you like. Later, it will be deleted from the system after 24 hours. Even before Instagram released Stories, Snapchat already has it all. Thus, if you are looking for a social media platform that allows you to be creative in any way possible, Snapchat is a perfect place to start.

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3. We Heart It

We Heart It

Another app that deserves your attention is We Heart It. This app accommodates image-sharing activity but somehow is quite segmented. Most users share picture along with inspirational quotes. It is no wonder that many users will turn to this platform when they need courage.

Also, if you are looking for apps similar to Instagram with inspirational stuff then We Heart It is a perfect place to start. This app has a good brand as being the best place to connect with positive vibes. It also has a huge community, which is a good thing for a social media platform.

The UI design is not too different from Pinterest. Users can browse collections and click the heart icon to add it into your Hearts tab. More than anything, We Heart It is an excellent app that you should consider, especially if you are looking for something like Instagram that comes with great vibes.

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4. Retrica


Is there another social media like Instagram? Of course, there are several alternatives that you should consider. One of those alternatives is called Retrica. This app works similarly to Instagram where you can socialize with other users and use it to share your photo or video collections.

Another interesting thing you should know about this app is that you can create GIF pictures on your own and share it within the platform – it is something that Instagram doesn’t support until today. It is also effortless to create GIFs by using photo collages.

So, why should you consider Retrica in the first place? Well, everything you love from Instagram is available on this platform. Other than that, you still get to enjoy various features and tools to create awesome content. This app provides unique filters, fun filters, cute stickers, and lots of stamps to make your photos or videos stand out.

More than anything, Retrica can accommodate your creativity while socializing with others. Since this app is free and available for almost any smartphone, why don’t you give this a try?

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5. Imgur


Instead of being image-sharing apps like Instagram for Android smartphones, Imgur is more about an image hosting platform that provides a bunch of free images. Until today, millions of users are still using this app per day – which shows how up-to-date this platform is, right?

Other than JPGs and PNGs, you will find lots of GIFs and videos uploaded by users on this platform. You can even submit your creations on Imgur and let people use your content – with a specific license, of course.

You can interact with other users through the platform as well. Even though it is not the most ideal app for those who look for something like Instagram, you should give Imgur a shot – especially if you love free photos, videos, and GIFs in the first place.

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6. Tumblr


Instead of being an image-sharing platform, Tumblr is a place where people create their blog. But compared to other blogging platforms, Tumblr allows users to put more visual content on each blog. This is why you will find lots of interesting pictures and GIFs on each post.

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Some users also refer to this platform as Instagram but for adults, considering the content can be a bit R-rated. Still, anyone can use this platform as they like – as long as you follow the guidelines in the first place.

To boost the ease-of-use aspect, Tumblr comes with a mobile app version. It makes interactions with other users way easier and more fun. Other than that, you can create various content anytime and anywhere through the app. All in all, Tumblr is a perfect place to start for those who like blogging but prefer something more visual like Instagram – or even more.

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7. Flickr


Flickr has been popular even before Instagram entered the industry. But do people still use this platform? Of course, they do! You can even say that this platform is an excellent Instagram similar app that you should consider using, especially if you are looking for lots of creative pictures like you find on Instagram.

This app still provides a pack of filters, special effects, and neat feed. Those things are similar to Instagram but some users consider the UI design looks better than the comparison. More than anything, Flickr is a perfect platform to consider if you love to take pictures with your phone.

You will be amazed with the number of filters and special effects provided by this app. It won’t hurt to give Flickr a try, after all. You can grab yours on the app market for free!

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It is impossible if you have no idea about VSCO. Even though this app is not that fancy, VSCO is one of the most versatile photo sharing apps like Instagram that come with a bunch of photo editing tools, filters, and special effects. All the features are similar to Instagram. You can play around with hashtags and captions but more than anything, you can edit your photos effortlessly with this app.

VSCO also has a built-in camera that allows you to snap pictures and edit them in real time. All the filters are also handy to use. You can even edit each picture individually as detailed as possible – you can go deeper from the contrast and clarity to textures. However, you need to sign up for its paid subscription plans to enjoy all those apps.

People refer to VSCO as an app like Instagram without censorship – even though it’s not entirely true. Still, this app is an excellent place to edit and share our photos to the world. If you love something minimalist but has lots of useful features then VSCO is something that you need to consider – use this platform as a companion app, after all.

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9. Muzy


Have you ever heard of Muzy? This platform is one of the other apps like Instagram that is only available on the App Store. According to the developer, this app suits any stage of age – kids and teenagers can use this platform too. Through this app, people can share their content – it can be photos and videos, just like Instagram.

Users refer to this app as the lite version of Instagram. It has the collage feature, a series of photo editor tools, and a place to interact with other users. Thus, instead of replacing Instagram with this app, you better use Muzy as the companion. You can edit your picture on this platform and then share it on Instagram – fun, right?

Generally, this platform only allows friends to show each other’s collections. Thus, if you want to share pictures or videos to a small audience then you should consider Muzy in the first place.

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10. Cluster


When it comes to similar apps like Instagram that allow users to share photos then you should consider Cluster as well. This app is quite new in this industry but it comes with a bunch of striking features worth considering.

According to users, this app is like the fusion of Instagram and Facebook. All the features you find on both platforms are available on Cluster. Other than that, you can create a private group in its Space tab to ensure privacy and security matters.

Cluster is quite similar to Muzy, after all. Instead of showing your collections to the entire world, this platform encourages users to share their content to close friends and families. All in all, if you are looking for a perfect place to store your photos and videos while sharing them with your loved ones then Cluster is an ideal place to start.

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11. Yummi


If you are looking for apps like Instagram for 12 year olds then Yummi can be a perfect choice – even though the content is more about food. Well, this app has a quite specific niche, which is food.

Generally, you can find almost anything you like or things that you look for on Instagram. The hashtag things make you find the section that you look for. However, several users just misuse the hashtag for the sake of popularity. This is why you find irrelevant content through hashtags.

On the other hand, if you are keen for food and recipes while Instagram couldn’t do that for you, Yummi can be something that serves you. This platform is where lots of influencers and bloggers who love food share their content.

This platform even brands itself as the Restaurant and Food Diary. Thus, it will be easier to find content about food on Yummi instead of somewhere else. The app also allows users to geotag a location. So, if you are looking for places to hang out or the hottest restaurants in town then you should take a look at this app.

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Generally, there are tons of apps that will accommodate your photo-sharing activity. However, not all apps with filters like Instagram are created equal. Even though many of those apps you find on the app market seem legit, only a few of them are popular.

And that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about similar apps like Instagram where you can share photos and videos for free. However, you need to pay attention to the terms or services or your account may get suspended. So, which app is your favorite?

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