10 Best Beatbox Apps for Android and iOS

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Best Beatbox Apps

Learning beatbox is never easy but it is not impossible to do. If you are in the mood to try beatboxing, get yourself the best beatbox apps for mobile devices and improve your skills in a fun way. Several choices are available on the market so you can select an app that meets your preferences.

Beatbox apps are specially made for beginners who want to learn beatbox from scratches. You can choose either app that offers free services or paid app that have exclusive features. Know what you need before downloading.

Best Beatbox Apps for iOS and Android

Beatbox apps vary based on the functions. While some apps help you learn how to beatbox, others serve as a beatmaker that lets you make beats instantly. Your dream to be a professional beatboxer is one step closer with these apps.

1. Beat Maker Pro

Beat Maker Pro

Here’s Beat Maker Pro, an awesome app to start the list of the best beatbox apps for Android and iOS.  It offers a quick and easy way to become a beatbox maker in no time. Creating music beats has never been this simple and fun.

There are several things you can do with this groovepad app. Besides learning beatbox, it gives you a chance to be a professional music maker by creating melodies and rhythms. Thanks to the support for various songs from all genres like hip hop, EDM, trap, and dubstep.

Beat Maker Pro features a drum pad with which you can make drums groove. Make your beats like a professional DJ and create your favorite music. It also lets you record melodies, mix loops, and enjoy the rhythms with the intuitive pad.

With Beat Maker Pro, it is like having a personal studio in your pocket. Make your music anytime anywhere and hone your beatboxing skills. If you are interested to use this beatbox maker, download it for free to enjoy default features or get more items with in-app purchases.

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2. Groovepad


Groovepad is a beat making app that helps you create unique songs and play various music tracks from your mobile device. No matter your genre preferences, make your own beats by tapping on the pads and you will be ready to create music.

This best beatbox app helps bring out the inner artist in you. It has several incredible features to help you create beat and music effortlessly such as an extensive library consisting of eccentric soundtracks from various genres like EDM, house, or hip hop. 

This beatbox beat maker has live loops feature to make first-rate music which blends the sounds together. You can also use exceptional FX effects like delay, reverb, flanger, and filter for lively music and beats. If you have finished, share your beat with your loved ones.

Selected as one of the best beatbox applications, Groovepad works well across platforms. You can download it for free to enjoy default features or spend a few dollars to get in-app items.

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3. Remixlive


Make the perfect beats using Remixlive. This is a music maker and beat maker app for anyone who wants to be a DJ, beatboxer, or music producer. It has a series of features to play and remix music, live perform, and even record live drums and instruments.

Remixlive has 48 loops that are synced in tempo and key. It also comes with a function to shape and resample sound as well as make your own patterns and sequences. Arrange your beats and music in no time with this best free beatbox app.

Do you plan to upgrade to the premium version but not sure if you are going to like it? Exclusive sample library makes everything easier. It offers more than 26,000 pro-grade samples from over 20 musical genres. You can also find top tracks from world-class artists and sound designers.

The pro version receives constant updates every week, allowing you to unleash your creativity. Once upgraded to Remixlive Pro, you can find a set of advanced features such as sample time stretch, remix song with AI stem algorithm, import feature, and more.

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4. Drum Pad Machine

Drum Pad Machine

Next on the list, there’s Drum Pad Machine to create your own music and beats with a few simple clicks. It can help you with beat making, loop mixing, and melody recording with a super pad. Improve your creativity and discover a whole new world of beatbox making.

Drum Pad Machine is the best beatbox app that makes music production easy. Along with beat making, it allows you to compose tracks and create mixtapes. Plus, you can record sounds and create the right chords for guitar and piano.

How does this app work? On the Drum Pad Machine, you will find a colorful pad with various buttons. The launchpad comes with different sound for creating music. Similar sounds are produced by buttons with similar color, so making music will be so much fun.

When it comes to making music beats, there are many sound packs that you can use. Begin with choosing an individual theme and learn the samples developed by professionals. Then, start making beats using drum machine.

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5. Incredibox


Designed to be a powerful music app, Incredibox hones your creativity and skills to discover a whole new music. It features a team of beatboxers that helps you make your own music to meet your taste and preferences.

On Incredibox, you can choose from 8 fascinating atmospheres that suit your musical style. Further, you can lay down on your couch, start recording, and share your creation. This best beatbox app makes you feel like having a personal music studio.

How to work with Incredibox is pretty simple. Make the avatars sing by dragging and dropping icons to them then create your own music. You can also unlock animated choruses by finding sound combos to enhance your tune.

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After creating your masterpiece, it gives you options to save it, share to social media platforms, or download to mobile device. You will get a link if you want to save the composition. What’s amazing is that you can go down to the Incredibox history if your sound has enough votes.

This app is available for Android users for free. Featuring a user-friendly interface and easy to use tools, it is a beatbox app to create great sounds from your mobile.

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6. BeatBox App

BeatBox App

Another cool app to make your own beats is BeatBox. The simple and easy-to-use application is designed for beginners who want to learn beatboxing and creating beats. With just a tap of buttons, you can make the perfect beats instantly.

This app is completely free to download and easy to use. Once installed on your device, launch BeatBox and you will find black screen with numbers. Tap randomly on the screen to create sound effects. After learning how it works, you can make your own beats easily.

The first time you use this app, you will notice a simple and intuitive interface. This is how BeatBox ensures your experience when making distinct beatbox and tracks from your Android smartphone. If you are looking for a beatbox app with a small download size, this one is surely for you.

Download on Google Play

7. My BeatBox

My BeatBox

With millions of users from different places, My BeatBox is one of the best beatbox apps to create rhythms and beat from your voice. Even if your beatboxing skill is next to zero, this app is built specially to make unique rhythms from your normal voice.

My BeatBox automatically makes rhythms from your voice recordings like a human beatboxer. All it takes is recording of your voice and let it do the rest. You can choose from 12 popular rhythms with 1 custom rhythm to make a beat box that suits your taste.

Along with these rhythms, you can find different instruments such as reverb, flanger, chorus, and echo. It also offers default and my samples options in which your recorded voices will be saved on samples so it gives you the chance to make beatbox from them. 

Another thing you’d love from My BeatBox is custom rhythm sequencer. Use it to control your rhythm and make it sound great. If you are happy with the result, either save or share the sound with friends or family.

Download on Google Play

8. Piano Pads

Piano Pads

Here’s an easy-to-use launchpad for you. Piano Pads is a beat maker application to make music like a DJ. Have fun with piano beats and enjoy the light effects. Without complicated operation, it makes you feel like a music producer or artist.

Available for free on Google Play, Piano Pads supports multiple genres of beats. You will find some familiar pre-loaded beats like Jingle Bells, See You Again, and more. New songs are constantly updated to improve your beat making experience.

In addition to multiple genres supported and impressive lighting, it provides you with high quality music samples. Whether you want to get relaxed with soft piano sound or energized with pop rock, this app has got you covered.

To use this app, you will want to follow the quick tutorial and learn music creation basics. Further, you can try tapping the red button to play music perfectly. On Piano Pads, you can find a variety of pad skins and mods that make it suitable for all ages and all levels.

Overall, this app has everything you need to create some new beats from your mobile phone. It is free to use and it does not have additional in-app items.

Download on Google Play

9. Beatbox Looper

Beatbox Looper

Are you seeing a beatbox looper app that works for your iOS phone? Beatbox Looper is made for human beatboxers who want to learn how to make beatbox. It is a multi-track sampler to record your rhythms and special effects as loops.

Along with that, Beatbox Looper comes with a function to record as many as 32 loops per song and play 8 of them simultaneously. Each track comes with different volumes and effects, not to mention you can find master effects that enrich your track.

Coming with an intuitive design, operating this best beatbox app is not complicated at all. Record your rhythms as loops and stack those loops into a unique track. Without having advanced music skills, this app comes in handy to help you make the best beatbox rhythms.

When using this app, it is highly recommended to use headphones. Your headphones or earpieces help avoid the device from recording the sound from the playing loops. This is how you can get a perfect result.

New features have been added to the latest version. It includes sound export to browse songs and loops and live recording to record your creations.

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10. Beat Maker Go

Beat Maker Go

Beat Maker Go is a drum pad app to make beats from your mobile device. Create your beats and music tracks easily with more than 200 sound packs in the library. Once you are done, share your creation with friends on social platforms.

This app is designed for beat maker of all levels. Either you are a beginner or professional beat maker, all you have to do is get started and learn how to make beats the right way. This app is addictive so you might find it hard to put it down.

Beat Maker Go comes with a preset library that has sound packs from various genres including hip hop, techno, rock, house, and many more. You can also find high quality samples that are made by professionals to help you work from scratch.

A series of features make Beat Maker Go highly recommended to create your own beats. Among the main highlights are voice recording, 32 pads, predefined beat loops, and overdub. It also provides a built-in share feature for quick and easy sharing with your friends.

This app offers several subscriptions that can be chosen based on your budget. Subscription renews automatically unless you turn it off.

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Did you ever imagine making beats from your smartphone? The best beatbox apps make your dream come true. All apps are not similar and offer different features so you can find one that suits your music preferences.

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