12 Best Bass Booster Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Bass Booster Apps

Every mobile device is built differently in terms of sound quality. Some smartphones produce decent sound when you play music but others don’t. Luckily, you can download the best bass booster apps to improve the bass output and overall quality of the sound from your smartphone.

Bass booster apps typically help with music equalization, with which you can easily enhance the bass quality and improve your listening experience. Several apps also have professional equalizer and volume booster that allow you to enjoy the fascinating sound for any music genre.

Best Bass Booster Apps for iOS and Android

Music bass booster apps come in handy to listen to excellent music. If your mobile device has less sound quality than expected, simply download the bass booster apps and get the best sound on your phone. Check out the following list for the most recommended apps for Android and iOS.

1. Boom


Available for iOS and Android, Boom is an advanced bass booster and equalizer with powerful features. Enjoy an immersive music experience with 3D surround sound for every genre on your favorite streaming platforms like Spotify and Tidal.

On this best bass booster app, you can choose between preloaded equalizer presets or customized presets. You can also create your favorite equalizer settings with either 8-band or 16-band equalizers. Plus, it provides you with fascinating music in 3D mode.

One thing you’ll love about Boom is the magical 3D surround sound that features patent-pending audio technology to produce realistic music. Upon joining, it also gives you access to more than 20,000 radio and podcast stations both local and international.

System-wide audio FX is another feature you shouldn’t miss out on Boom. With it, you can apply loudness effects and custom-tuned EQ presets to enjoy Boom effects on YouTube, Netflix, and many more.

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2. Bass Booster – Music Sound EQ

Bass Booster – Music Sound EQ

Bass Booster brings your music player to its powerful performance. It amplifies the bass at a maximum level, thus providing you with fascinating sound. With just a few clicks to adjust the bass level, you can get a clear bass sound on mobile device.

There are several things you can do with Bass Booster. You can choose between a virtualizer that gives a live concert effect and equalizer that lets you adjust bass and trebles. All you have to do is click the icon, make adjustment, and enjoy optimized music quality.

This best bass booster app is suitable for external speakers and headphones. To make it visually attractive, simply change the color that suits your mood. Among the most popular colors are army, galactic blue, and on fire—even you can make your own color with customization tools.

To support easier access and optimized convenience, Bass Booster comes packed with widget. It offers three effects to improve your listening experience with every music player.

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3. Bass Booster & Equalizer

Bass Booster & Equalizer

If you are seeing an equalizer app to redefine the quality of sound on your Android device, this app is just for you. The feature-rich bass booster allows you to boost the bass, adjust volume, and set equalizer. Getting high quality music sound has never been this easy

A bunch of features make it one of the best bass booster apps available on the market. Besides highlighting bass boost effect, it allows you to apply volume boost effect and surround sound. It also has 5-band equalizer and 10-preset equalization to make the most of your music.

This app is compatible with most music and video player. With easy installation, you can quickly enjoy your favorite music in a whole new level of sound. Simply launch your music player, play your favorite songs, and launch this app to adjust sound level. Amplify the speaker with volume booster feature.

Sound effect for video is also super easy to apply. Play the video on your preferred video player and turn on this app to get better sound quality.

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4. Volume Booster

Volume Booster

Volume Booster is a music and video bass booster app with a simple interface and powerful features. Although it is specially designed to boost the volume of your device for music, games, and videos, it can serve as a bass booster and equalizer.

If you feel that your phone’s sound is too weak or you want to share your favorite music with your classmates, Volume Booster is a simple app made just for you. It not only helps increase the volume, but it also gives better music quality.

Volume Booster is a fascinating bass booster app to feel an immersive music experience. Using this app is completely easy—download the app, launch on your device, play your favorite music, and open Volume Booster to adjust the volume and bass.

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5. Subwoofer Bass

Subwoofer Bass

Enhance the bass quality on your Android instantly with Subwoofer Bass. It helps boost your speakers to enjoy amazing sound quality for music and videos either on speakers or headphones. With just a few taps, this app gives you clear and strong sound.

 A series of fantastic features make it one of the best bass booster apps on Google Play Store. In addition to a decent bass booster that gives clearer and stronger bass sound, Subwoofer Bass supports a variety of music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Deezer.

This app runs in the background, which means you can use other apps while enjoying high quality sound. It also supports most audio formats so you don’t have to convert your favorite songs before playing. Thanks to the intuitive interface, using this app is super easy.

Subwoofer Bass is free to use but it has in-app purchases to enjoy more items. With more than 5M+ downloads, this is a great app to improve your sound quality.

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6. Bass Booster – Music Equalizer

Bass Booster – Music Equalizer

Combining bass booster and equalizer, this is the best free bass booster app to explore awesome depths. It has 20 presets plus customizable presets that allow you to enjoy different music experience from your mobile device.

Depending on your phone, it can boost the volume up to 15 decibels. You can also get more basses as well as try different presets for every genre. Choose from different presets such as electro, metal, pop, party, acoustic, classical, and many more.

Bass Booster is free to use, but you can upgrade to the pro version for more features. Among pro features that you’ll find useful are unlimited custom presets, widget, reverb audio effect, and music visualizer. There are also auto-detect presets for your music convenience.

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7. SpotiQ


If you need Spotify bass boost on your Android, SpotifQ is the perfect app to get immediately. This is a bass booster and equalizer that helps bring your music quality to the next level. But don’t worry, it also supports other music players so you can use your favorite platform.

What makes it a fantastic bass booster application? There are several good things to find on SpotiQ. It has a simple and easy to use design that gives you easy music controls. Find a wide variety of new sound presets for your top-picks.

Furthermore, it has automatic detection for Spotify songs so you don’t have to detect manually. There’s also a support for Google Drive backups that keeps your data safe. Not to mention unlimited dynamic sound presets to listen to your favorite songs in a different way.

A whole new level of music listening experience is here. Get SpotiQ for free or buy in-app purchases for some extra items.

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8. Equalizer & Bass Booster

Equalizer & Bass Booster

A complete set of features make music improvement simple. Equalizer & Bass Booster is one of the best bass booster apps on which you can find cool sound effects, 5-band equalizer, and audio player tools to feel like a pro.

It highlights a number of key features to level up your audio quality. Media volume control comes in handy to boost volume on your device. Meanwhile, bass boost effects help boost the bass so you can enjoy awesome depth for any music.

There are 22 equalizer presets to choose from, along with customizable presets that you can save. It also has a dynamic audio map for easier control and notification shortcuts for quick access. This app supports various music streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora.

However, Equalizer & Bass Booster supports fewer music players than its competitors. If it does not work with the current music player you are using, it may be incompatible.

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9. Bass Booster Volume Boost EQ

Bass Booster Volume Boost EQ

Enjoy easier control of your music with Bass Booster. Improving the sound quality is only a few taps away, thanks to this all-in-one music player app. Whether you want to stream music, listen to radio, or download from the cloud, it has got you covered.

Besides powerful bass booster to get better sound, you can find 10-band equalizer with more than 20 presets. Available for iOS users only, it gives you access to the iTunes library. It also lets you download music from various sources like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

One thing that makes Bass Booster recommended is automatic music organizer. It automatically organizes your songs, promoting easier search in the future. Plus, it has additional features like sleep timer and shuffle.

The best of all, it supports offline mode that makes music enhancement super easy at any time anywhere. Whether you are using external speakers, built-in speakers, or headphone, enjoy clearer and stronger music with Bass Booster.

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10. Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX is the perfect app to enjoy magical sound from your iOS device. Featuring 7-band equalizer and dynamic bass tuning, you can enhance music listening experience with your favorite sound effects. Choose from more than 15 amplifier presets or create your own.

Selected as one of the best bass booster apps, Equalizer FX has several key features. In addition to powerful bass effects and 7-band equalizers, it provides you with music visualizers. You can also make custom equalizer presets to get sound effects that you desire.

Among the most favorite equalizer presets are bass booster, acoustic, classical rock, pop, hip hop, and more. With the ability to play music in the background, feel free to run other apps while listening to your favorite songs.

Equalizer FX has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it simple to use. Upgrade your sound quality and get the most out of your music.

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11. Bass Booster & EQ Amplifier

Bass Booster & EQ Amplifier

Bass boosting has been a great way to create amazing music. And if you are looking for an app to boost the bass and amplify the volume, this app is worth trying. It comes with a bass booster, 10-band equalizer, and tunable controls to create decent sound.

When listening to music, you can use 3D spatializer to create a unique sound. It also provides you with more than 15 pre-loaded presets including acoustic, jazz, hip hop, pop, rock, and many more. If you upgrade to the premium version, it allows you to create your own presets.

There are many other features to find on this bass booster app, such as intuitive player controls, playlist manager, and sleep timer. It also has a long list of audio effects to choose from, such as chorus, echo, reverb, and more.

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12. Bass Booster 3D

Bass Booster 3D

Enjoy extra depth on your music with Bass Booster 3D. This is a bass booster and volume amplifier that promises excellent quality of sound for any music preference. Play your music with powerful sound and amplified volume up to 10 times.

The all-in-one music player can also serve as a manual equalizer. Besides, you can enjoy custom presets, shuffle feature, and easy navigation in one single app. Whether you want to get music from the library or cloud, this app has got you covered.

When it comes to music organizer, you can easily organize music by tracks, albums, and artists. It works well with speakers and headphones.

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Experience excellent quality of sound from your mobile device anytime anywhere with the best bass booster apps. No matter your music preferences and how you’d like to enjoy it, these apps help enhance sound quality in a magical way.

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