12 Best Wishlist Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Wishlist Apps

Your smartphone now has more functions. In addition to taking pictures and sending messages, you can easily manage a wishlist for a variety of purposes. Get the best wishlist apps and never miss good things for you or loved ones.

There’s a wide variety of wishlist applications to download on the market. While browsing through the internet and scrolling through pages can be time wasting, all you need is a trusted reference. Luckily, we’ve prepared it for you.  

Best Wishlist Apps for Android and iOS

Making a wishlist is fun not only for kids but also adults. Some wishlist apps allow you to create a list of things you want to buy while others help you with gift-giving. No matter your preferences, here are the most recommended wishlist apps for mobile device.

1. Wishupon


Your shopping wish list is well organized with Wishupon. This app lets you save items from a large selection of online stores in a single place—no screenshot, no URL copy. Whenever your favorite items are on sale, you’ll get alerted. This is the perfect way to spend less and get what you want.

Not only can you get price drop notifications, but you will also find exclusive offers and deals every day. Save your favorite stuff to your wish list and don’t bother to pay full price.

Wishupon won’t let you keep a wishlist by yourself. You have an option to share your collection with friends or family so they easily find out the best present for your birthday or special moment. And if you just can’t decide to buy or not buy, ask help from your friends by posting a poll on Snapchat stories.

What’s interesting about this app is that you can find world’s famous brands and their latest collection. Find out what items are your favorite wishlist and join the crowd.

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2. Gifster


Giftster is one of the best wishlist apps to create and share wish lists in your family. This app comes in handy to make sure everyone gets their favorite items, be it for birthdays, Christmas, and weddings.

Not only is it great to help your loved one accept what they really want, but it also makes your gift-giving task less stressful. No need to guess what your daughter wants on her birthday for Gifster has everything you need to know.

To use this app, you’ll need to invite family members or close friends to a group. Upon joining, these members can view the wish list of each other in a single app. It also allows you to mark purchased items to avoid double gifts.

On top of that, Gifster highlights the Fetch feature to add items automatically from any websites. Plus, it has privacy setting options that allow you to private your lists.

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3. Wishlist by Giftbuster

Wishlist by Giftbuster

Giftbuster provides you with an ultimate application to save shopping wishes in one place. With this app, you can create a personal gift registry for a range of purposes like wedding gifts, baby shower, birthdays, and more. This is the best way to get what you need without hassle. 

The Shopping Wishlist app has a long list of features. For instance, it allows you to create multiple lists of gifts so everyone in your family can have their own list. You can also add items from online store along with their browser extension.

There are so many other things you can do with this tool, such as following the wishlist of friends and family, save images and description, and receive birthday reminders. In the event you can’t find the right present, this app offers trending products and gift ideas.

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4. Volo Wishlist

Volo Wishlist

Volo can be the best app for wish list to download on your Android and iOS. Designed with an intuitive and beautiful interface, it is possible to create an unlimited number of wishlist for free. This is suitable for birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, and more.

How about sharing your wishlist to your family so they can get you the perfect gifts? Volo comes packed with a sharing feature with which you can send the list via email, SMS, or insert a link to your wedding website.

What makes it more interesting is that it contains a versatile shopping list. With this app, you can sort the food based on the shelves to cut your time. It also allows you to share the list with household members for split job.

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5. WishSprout


Here’s WishSprout, a wish list platform that helps organize your dream stuff in a single app. Feel free to save your favorite items from different online stores and manage them. You can also access the items quickly by getting back to the stores.

Featuring a checklist, this best wishlist app makes it possible to tick off items you’ve purchased. One of the best highlights is the ability to share with your friends so you can ask their opinions about the products you want to buy.

WishSprout comes with a clear visual and beautiful design that makes it accessible to everyone even if you have never used similar apps before. Enjoy buying your favorite items without rushing to brick and mortar stores and get your best deals.

There’s another thing you’ll love from WishSprout—you can use it as a gift registry. Share the list to your friends and allow them to reserve items on the list as a precious present. Gift-giving is now hassle-free with this app.

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6. Wish Explorer

Wish Explorer

Are you looking to upgrade your shopping wish list? Wish Explorer could be the perfect app to achieve the goal. With this tool, you can easily pick an item, organize wishes, and share them on your mobile device. All is available in a single app.

Wish Explorer highlights an organizer that helps you stay organized—simply create and edit your wish list so you’ll never lose what you really want. Feel free to synchronize on desktop and mobile desktop, thanks to the high technology it offers.

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And if you want to help your friends or family find the best gift for you, Wish Explorer has a useful share feature. Use this feature to share your wishes with everyone you like. Plus, it also comes packed with social features for convenient gift-giving in your group.

Additionally, this application comes in handy for shopping for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, weddings, and more. With Wish Explorer, no more wasting your money on useless and unwanted gifts.

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7. Ultimate Wish List

Ultimate Wish List

Ultimate Wish List is among the best free wishlist apps designed for Android devices. This is a decent app that allows you to make a wish list, gift idea list, registry list, even shopping list. Any list you want can be handled by this particular app.

Using this app, you can save items in various ways. It lets you keep a wide range of details like item price, product pictures, URL link, and store. Not to mention you have options to mark purchased items and add notes to your list.

What’s more, Ultimate Wish List makes it possible to share your list with friends or family. You can also create different categories for convenient search in the future. Whenever needed, filter products by category and make your search faster. Now your wish list becomes more organized.

If you’re sick of those questions asking what you want for Christmas or birthdays, this app helps you get rid of it. Simply share your wishlist and they’ll find out what you really want.

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8. Elfster


Elfster is a Christmas wish list app designed to simplify your shopping and gift-giving. Celebrating special occasions made easy, thanks to a shareable wishlist that helps you figure out what your family wants this year. Don’t worry about giving unexpected present to your kids or loved ones.

This gift exchange planner helps perfect your holiday celebration. Thanks to easy to use tools, your wish list can be fun and well-managed. There are so many features to find in Elfster, from creating a wish list that becomes the main star to shopping management and gift registry.

Additionally, you have an option to share wish list with family and friends even if they don’t install Elfster. It also lets you follow the wish list of your loved ones so you can give the best present they really want—this is the perfect way to win their heart.

Elfster is a gift-giving planner that is suitable for any occasions, including Christmas, birthday, wedding, anniversary, and many more. And if you just don’t have any gift idea, see what’s trending and find out what presents are on people’s wish lists.

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9. Borsheims Gift Registry

Borsheims Gift Registry

Get Borsheims and enjoy easier gift planning for your occasions. This fantastic app is designed to help you with gift registry for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or other events. Creating and editing a registry made simple with Borsheims.

There are so many things you can do with this best wishlist app, such as building a wish list for special occasions, scanning barcodes to add products, and taking a picture of your favorite items. Plus, it allows you to search catalog directly.

Customizing your wish list is much simpler with Borsheims. Feel free to use your personal pictures and messages so your guests know what you think about the item. Once everything is ready, share list with your guests via social platforms, text message, and email.

What’s great about Borsheims is that you can receive gifts from guests throughout the country. Not to mention it allows you to track gifts to figure out what you’ve got from the guests. Redeem gift is also supported by showing the voucher you got in the app.

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10. Wishr


Share your wishes easily with Wishr. This gift-planner is designed to create a wish list either with or without registration. Feel free to add your wishes to the list and share with friends and family. Now everyone can get what they want for wedding, birthdays, or Christmas.

How to use this best wishlist app is very simple. Make your wish list and choose a type that meets your preferences including private, public, and shared. Next, collect your gift ideas and sort them by price, priority, or title.

If you choose a shared wish list, you have an option to vote on what you want to purchase for someone. You can also add pictures so everyone in your shared wishlist knows what it means. Be sure not to invite the person in question.

Wishr has many other features like mark wish that allows you to mark purchased items. You can also add title, description, and price to each product.

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11. Wishworks


Get the most out of your online shopping with Wishworks. Made with convenience in mind, this cool app not only puts wish lists in one place but it also allows you to buy the perfect gift effortlessly. This means less time for shopping and more time with your friends and family.

How this app works is quite simple. Browse wish lists of your loved ones and find out what they want. When the special occasion comes, surprise them with the perfect gift they always dream of.

With this best wishlist app, your wish list will become more organized. Not to mention it provides you with millions of items from various online stores.

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12. Wishfinity


Sharing gift is fun and the hassle of gift guessing shouldn’t ruin your happiness. Stop giving unwanted gifts and stop guessing a present to purchase for your loved ones. Wishfinity is a decent app to find out what they really want so you can surprise them.

This application is ideal for a range of special occasions like baby shower, wedding, anniversary, and many more. Featured with the share option, you can share or receive wish lists via email, text, social platforms, and others.

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No more wondering what your loved ones want for their special occasion. Simply download the best wishlist app and organize wish lists of your friends, family, or even yourself.

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