How Much Data does WhatsApp Use? Answer and Facts

by Hashir Zuniga

How Much Data does WhatsApp Use?

Internet success makes everything in this world easier than ever. You may also realize that we can get any information and communicate with others from far away. One of the best social media applications in this world is WhatsApp. Everyone starts using this application to talk or chat with others. But did you know about how much data does WhatsApp use?

WhatsApp will give you a lot of useful functions you can use. The newest feature in this application is WhatsApp Story. You can upload your activity and let people in your contact book know about it. Besides, you can also send text, picture, video, or any document to others. Above all, the best thing you can get from this application is, it is free! It will be better for you if you know how much data does WhatsApp use.

Several Factors that Affect Data Usage

People usually did not put attention on data usage. So, they will not realize how their data can be used up too fast. You need to know more about what activity that needs more data than others. So you can choose to do something on WhatsApp with your internet data. It will make you downsize the data usage and then save some money for another thing. Here are several factors that affect your internet data usage. Here we go!

1. Your Network Quality

The first thing you have known while using WhatsApp is this application needs an internet connection to work. It is because you can only receive or send something with that connection, not like a usual phone call. However, you can use this application in any internet connection from the Edge until a new one 4G. There are many advantages you can take while using a faster connection, but also consume more data.

Network Quality

We will take a look into one experiment that has been done before. Three types of internet connection were used, 2G, 3G, and 4G, and calling for two minutes long. The 2G network consumed only 400 KB data while the 3G consumed 600 KB. Besides, the type of network 4G spent more than those two, 1 MB. From this experiment, the conclusion is that 4G can consume more data than others. But it also depends on the quality of the call you will get.

2. How Much Data does WhatsApp Use When You Receive Files

If you are wondering how much data does WhatsApp use, you may realize that the files you receive will influence it. Sending any files with this application is one of the best features in WhatsApp of course. There are many types of files you can send, from pictures, music, video, document, and many more. You don’t need to open another application like email or something else. It will ease you to send anything while chatting or talk with someone else.

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Data and storage usage WhatsApp

Even it depends on how big the file that you receive or send, but sometimes it takes more than that. You can get some charge if you keep ignoring this activity. However, you can save more data by turning off any media auto-download. So you can filter which file is important for you and ignore the unimportant one. You can set it up in Settings >> Data and storage usage and uncheck everything in the “When using mobile data” option.

3. How Long You Hold The Calls

There are two types of calls that you can do in WhatsApp. The first one is the WhatsApp Voice Call where you only can listen and talk to others. You can use this feature for free, but did you know how much data does WhatsApp use in a voice call? While using 3G data, you will spend near 0.15 to 0.20 MB in each minute. But when you activate the low data usage, you will spend 0,13 MB in each minute.

You will understand that the video call will consume more data but you don’t know exactly right? If you use a 4G network connection then you will get better quality but also more data usage. It will consume your data near 2.9 MB to 3.4 MB in each minute. If we calculate, you would spend up to 189 MB for one-hour video calls.

4. How Much Data does WhatsApp Use When You See and Upload Status

The newest feature on WhatsApp that success entertains many people is a WhatsApp Status. You can see other activities and tell someone else what you are doing from there. But it can consume a lot of internet data without you realizing it. Above all, you can have a lot of fun while seeing other people’s activities from there.

WhatsApp Status

The data you should spend depends on how much you see and upload status. You should spend more data while uploading or seeing the videos there. It is just like you sending and receiving all of these files from a lot of people. So, better for you to choose which one you want to see and not if you want to save the internet data.

These are some factors that you need to know that also affect how much data does WhatsApp use. You should be careful while enjoying many features there. Because if you are not, your data will be gone too fast so you should buy it again. Don’t be too consumptive or be ready to spend more money to use this free application!

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