GroupMe vs WhatsApp, Which One Is Better?

by Hashir Zuniga

GroupMe vs WhatsApp

Communicating with one another has never become as easy as these years. Not only because of the advanced gadgets there are today but also because of the apps available in the market. These days, many apps can make you communicate with other people with ease. Whether you want to just text them, call them, or video call, they are all possible. Some of the top apps that most people use these days and becoming competitors against each other is GroupMe vs WhatsApp.

Both apps have the same function and features that will ease people for communication. However, there are some advantages to each app that the other doesn’t have. So, what are they & which one is best to download and use? Well, before comparing GroupMe vs WhatsApp, get to know each app first.

A Glimpse of WhatsApp and GroupMe

GroupMe is a free group messaging app that lets you message and communicates with many people at once. So, if you have a lot of groups in your life, then this may be a great option. With this app, users can have as many groups as they want and not worry about it getting errors or slowing down. Inside the group, users can share anything from text, pictures, and videos.

WhatsApp is also a messaging app that lets people communicate with others by installing it on your phone. With this app, you can communicate directly with the person or choose the people you want. However, if you have several friends in the same group, you can also make a group inside the app to share information.

GroupMe vs WhatsApp: A Head to Head Match

Are you still confused about which app to download for your phone? Don’t worry, to help you out in choosing GroupMe vs WhatsApp, let’s see which one is better in each category. Now, everyone knows that both apps are free to download, so the cost wouldn’t be a problem. But what about the features and accessibility of each app? And if you have a lot of groups which app is better to use?

1. GroupMe vs WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp has a complete feature for communicating with others because they enable almost everything. People can send simple texts, documents, photos, videos, and voice messages. The app also makes it easier for their user to use the app by making it available on the web and desktop. Therefore, people can open WhatsApp on their computers through the web or desktop. With this app, people can also make a video call and see their beloved ones.

GroupMe Features

GroupMe Features

WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp Features

The feature in GroupMe is almost the same as WhatsApp overall. You can send all those formats, call, and video calls the friends in your group at the same time. It is also available in almost all platforms from Android, iPhone, and even Blackberry. However, in GroupMe, you can also send carrier texts with the people in your group without cutting your limit. So, this will surely help for people who have unlimited texts on their cell phone or data.

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2. Accessibility

For access, both apps support the best because they can both be accessed from your phone or computer. For both apps, there are two ways to access the apps from your computer. The first way is by downloading the app and installing them on your computer.

The second way is by opening the app from the web. For this step, you will need to enter the app’s address and login to your account. Once you are logged in, you can start using the apps like on your phone. So, when it comes to accessibility, GroupMe vs WhatsApp is equal.

3. Group Effectivity

Both apps can make groups and share information. However, in WhatsApp, people can’t call or video call within the group. Creating a group in WhatsApp can also take up a lot of memory-making it full and slow down your phone.

However, GroupMe is different because it was made especially for communicating in groups. With this app, people can make calls and video calls in a group. The time is also unlimited, so it is very helpful for people who have many groups or for office use. Therefore, for group effectiveness, GroupMe is sure better and more helpful.

Which to Choose Between GroupMe vs WhatsApp

Well, after knowing both apps, which is better between GroupMe vs WhatsApp? For personal use and not into many people, then WhatsApp is better to download. The apps have many more features that GroupMe doesn’t have, including a personal message to others. However, this is only for people that don’t have big groups or prefer to personally message others.

On the other hand, if you need group messages for office needs, then GroupMe will be very useful. With the app, you can call many people at once with no limited time. You can also text them using normal texts and it will still get to them all. But overall, WhatsApp is still better and more recommended to download on your phone.

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