How to Leave WhatsApp Group Without Notification

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Leave WhatsApp Group Without Notification

Multiple notifications are received by your phone make it performs slower. Sometimes people just sent random annoying messages. All of it makes you want to leave the group. But leaving the group will make you feel bad as people will think that you’re impolite or rude. So in this article, you will learn how to leave WhatsApp group without notification.

This happened due to WhatsApp position as one of the most popular chatting applications out there. Not only chat, but you can also send pictures, documents, emoticons, etc. Besides chatting privately, you can also form a group. WhatsApp group chat allows you to chat with numerous people at once. But sometimes the WhatsApp group can be out of control.

Normally, leaving the WhatsApp group will notify the other members that you left the group. But there are some ways so you can leave the group quietly without anyone noticing. Although it may not be as simple as normal leaving, you can be at peace that no one notices you’ve gone from the group. Here they are:

6 Ways On How To Leave WhatsApp Group Without Notification

1. Change Your Phone Number with the New One

When you want to know how to leave WhatsApp group without notification, the easiest method is to change your phone number to a new one. But this method is not effective if you want to use your old number. To do that the first thing you have to do is open the setting menu on your smartphone. Then tap on the sub-menu application. The next step is to choose WhatsApp.

Finally, you can clear data and cache. Now your account can’t be found anywhere but do not worry it will not be deleted. Your number and name is still a member of the group. After that, you have to replace your number with the new one. And the next you can log in with a different number. With this, no one will notice that you already leave the group.

2. Faking Phone Number

The second method on how to leave WhatsApp group without notification is similar to before. But here you don’t need to change your number. This is used when you want to keep your old number. First, you need to prepare a new number. Second, you can set to change your number. To do so you need to go to setting menu in WhatsApp (three dots at the top). Then tap account selection and choose the sub-menu change number. After that, you will enter your new number.

Now the first step is completed. You will leave your group quietly after this. Go to setting menu on your phone. And then tap menu application and choose WhatsApp. After that, clear data and cache. Finally, your account will be gone but your name is still on the member list. Then complete the action by opening your WhatsApp application and register with your old number. You have successfully left the group and the other members won’t know it.

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Sadly, the complication level of this method leveled as high. You need at least two phone numbers to successfully leave WhatsApp group without notification. But this is an effective method for you who can’t stand annoying group.

3. Mute Group Notification

If you feel that changing phone numbers is so bothersome, you can always mute your group notification. You will not permanently leave the group but at least the notification won’t bother you anymore. You can silent the notification for a day, week or even for a year. Muting the group is the easiest way you can do.

First, you need to open the group you want to leave. And then tap at the right corner on the top. You will see some of the menus. Next, choose and tap the silent notification. Finally, choose the duration of silent group notification. To get free from annoying notification tap a year so in a year you will not get any notification from the group.

4. Change Your Name and Delete Your Photo Profile

The next method on how to leave WhatsApp group without notification is effective when you’re in a big group. With this, you no longer need to change your number nor fake your number. Also, you can permanently leave the group and no one receives a notification.

What you need to do is very simple, just change your profile name and delete your profile photo. To do this you can go to the options menu (three dots at top) and tap setting. Then tap again at your profile name. After that just change your profile name and delete your profile photo. After you change them go to the group and quit normally. Nobody will know that you already quit because the notification that they received the one who quits isn’t you.

5. Disable Group Notification

When you want to leave your WhatsApp group so badly but don’t want anyone to know just disable the notification. With that, no one should know that you leave the thread. You will also be free from negative stigma as no one noticed it.

To do that, firstly go to setting menu on your phone. Then select the installed app. After that choose WhatsApp and tap on the notification menu. Go and open group notification. After that switch show notification button to turn off all the notifications. Finally, open WhatsApp then goes to the group and just quit.

6. Use Third-Party Application

Another easy method for you to leave the group quietly is to use another application, GroupXit. But it has a weakness as only Android can use it. So, if you’re an iOs user, then just abort the thought for using this application.

To operate this application first you need to download it. After that, sign up for an account. Then set the GroupXit as you wish – which is leaving the group. Your job is done and now you are no longer a member of the group. Don’t worry about someone notice you’re leaving the group because nobody will receive any notification.

Everyone at least has one group that sometimes can be a bother. They sent spam, worthless memes and even hoax news. Thus, it is normal if you want to quit such a group. If you do not want to leave normally as you are afraid to leave a bad impression you can leave quietly. But to do that, of course, you must know how to leave WhatsApp group without notification.

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The information is quite helpful about leaving an annoying group.

Anon 2020 October 8, 2020 - 4:12 pm

What I learn here, is that there are instances and they are not few, where people are in Groups they would rather leave. There are many reasonsvfor wanting to leave, but among the reasons would be the negative energy from some of the posts shared. Social Media is quite a phenomenon for this it would appear.

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hahaha! That’s the most interesting article I’ve ever read on the internet. You said “After you change them go to the group and quit normally. Nobody will know that you already quit because the notification that they received the one who quits isn’t you.” Hahahaha.. that’s an amazing writing skill with humous. Thanks though its so useful article

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