9 Best Baby Monitor Apps for Android and iOS

Best Baby Monitor Apps

Having a baby is a miracle. Many parents do anything to make sure their baby is safe anytime anywhere. One of the popular ways to ensure their safety is by using the best baby monitor apps that help keep an eye on the baby while they play or sleep.

Baby monitor apps use your phone camera and Wi-Fi connection to send you real-time footage of baby activities while you are away. It offers a convenient solution to monitor the baby so you can do your chores with peace of mind. What options are available on the market? Let’s have a closer look.

Best Baby Monitor Apps for iOS and Android

Using your smartphone as a baby monitor is convenient and inexpensive as you don’t need to buy a baby monitor device. Simply install the baby camera app on your old smartphone and check your baby through an internet connection. Here’s the list of the top 9 baby monitor apps for Android and iOS.

1. BabyCam


BabyCam is an awesome app to watch your baby. It has a complete set of features that allow you to listen and talk to the baby from two smartphones. Simply install this monitor app on both devices and connect your phones on the same Wi-Fi network.

This app does not require any registration. All you have to do is to press a connect button on each device and they will automatically connect. Choose between Chromecast, PC, Android, or iPhone to watch your baby or even play lullabies.

There are many other things you can do with BabyCam. For instance, you can activate the camera flash to monitor the baby in a low light environment. You can also switch between the front camera and rear camera, not to mention it allows you to zoom the picture.

To listen to your baby better, adjust the volume of the microphone. If you want to share the footage, take a picture and record video of the baby. It also lets you see the battery level of the baby’s device so it doesn’t run out of battery.

BabyCam is free to download but it comes packed with ads. Get rid of ads by upgrading to the premium version and buy in-app purchases for more content.

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2. Baby Monitor Saby

Baby Monitor Saby

Providing audio and video monitor, this is one of the best baby monitor apps for Android and iOS users. Using Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE networks, it allows you to keep an eye on your baby through two smartphones. Whether you want to watch your baby play or sleep from a distance, this app got you covered.

The powerful app highlights smart monitoring with AI recognition that offers automatic detection when your child awakes. It also has full voice and cry recognition that will send notification when your baby is waking up or crying.

To save your data, Saby has the ability to automatically adjust video quality based on the network speed. This allows you to be connected on low-speed internet connection. Easily monitor your baby from any place with Saby.

If you’re concerned about data privacy and security, this app features the latest protocol to encrypt your data so third-party can’t access it. Besides, the team doesn’t collect your personal information which means your personal data is safe.

One more feature you’ll love about Saby is that it comes with automatic silent mode to mute all notifications on the baby’s device. This means your baby won’t be disturbed by messages or calls.

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3. Dormi


If you are looking for a video baby monitor with all standard features and some extras Dormi is made just for you. Working at any distance, you can use two smartphones as a parent unit and child unit. It doesn’t require internet connection as long as your device supports Wi-Fi Direct.

With Dormi, it is not necessary to configure microphone sensitivity as it adjusts noise level automatically. Simply put the device a few meters away from your baby and it can detect the baby’s voice when he cries or awakes. Then it helps amplify the sound to the parent unit.

If you worry about missing an important call or message on the baby unit, Dormi offers a brilliant solution. This app notifies you about new text messages or missed calls on the baby unit so you can access it. If you are on a call when the baby starts crying, notification will be sent as vibrations.

What’s great about Dormi is that it works in the background. Even when your screen is off, it keeps monitoring your baby so you can quickly access it whenever needed. Get this app for free on Google Play and buy in-app purchases to unlock exclusive features.

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4. Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor by MVA is the best baby monitor app to transform your smartphone into a baby alarm. Made to help you watch your baby when you are away, it comes with a simple and user-friendly design that makes it super easy to use.

Whether your baby is sleeping or playing in his nursery room, Baby Monitor will detect if your baby starts crying or needs your help. This app will automatically alert you by a text message or a call so you can rush to his room.

Baby Monitor comes with loads of features. This version mainly highlights a baby alarm that calls you when the baby is crying. The alarm has customizable sensitivity, allowing you to adjust the app’s sensitivity to sound or voice. You can also use image surveillance to take a snapshot of your baby.

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On top of that, Baby Monitor has a sleep diary that lets you take notes on how long your baby has been sleeping. You may also jot down important notes like how many times your baby cries during a nap. And if you need tips to get your baby sleep, find it on Baby Monitor.

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5. Alfred Home Security Camera

Alfred Home Security Camera

Alfred Camera is an award-winning surveillance app for various purposes. Whether you want to monitor intruders or keep an eye on your child, this app got you covered. Thanks to the 24/7 live stream feature that allows you to watch live video anywhere anytime.

Alfred Camera is equipped with a smart intruder alert that allows you to get an instant alert when your camera detects motion. Featuring unlimited cloud storage, you can watch and download your video footage. Even it has a share feature to send video to your friend or family.

Another useful feature you can find on Alfred Camera is the low-light filter that helps with home security in a low-light environment. If you want to interact with your child, visitor, or pet, feel free to use the walkie talkie feature.

This best free baby monitor app offers free, reliable, and convenient home surveillance with easy setup. If you need CCTV to monitor your baby, property, or pet, this app is right here to give you peace of mind.

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6. Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3G is one of the most widely used baby monitor apps among iPhone users. Providing you with HD quality video and clear audio, it helps you watch your baby from your phone or computer. You can hear every noise, stream live video, and soothe the baby remotely.

Working on Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE, this application comes with several key features. First and foremost, it supports all devices including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. With a simple design, it only takes around 30 seconds to set up and you can start live monitoring with HD quality video.

On top of that, Baby Monitoring 3G has enhanced baby activity logs with which you can track the activities of your baby. It also allows you to interact with your baby when he needs to be calmed down. Lullabies are available to bring them to sleep quickly.

Find more features on Baby Monitor 3G such as adjustable night light, discreet vibration alert, and customized design. It also supports up to 13 languages so you can use it in a language you understand. If you don’t mind spending a dime for your baby safety, Baby Monitor 3G is just for you.

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7. Baby Monitor Nancy

Baby Monitor Nancy

Baby Monitor Nancy is one of the best baby monitor apps to keep an eye on your child. It has a simple and user-friendly interface to ensure easy and reliable use. If you should go outside and leave your baby alone or with a nanny, you can watch your kid anywhere anytime.

Not only can you see your baby but you can also listen and talk to him—even you can sing to your baby to soothe him at night. To use this app, you need to prepare two iPhones. One unit is for parent and another unit is for the baby.

Nancy transforms your phones into a reliable surveillance device. Featuring 2-way audio, it allows you to live stream video while talking to the baby. Watching your little one is convenient at day and night thanks to night mode that makes it visible even in a low light environment.

With Nancy, you can receive notifications and alert when your baby is crying. You can talk to the baby by pressing the microphone button. The baby can clearly hear your voice and get back to sleep.

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8. Luna


Adding to the list of the best baby monitor apps is Luna. This is a baby monitor with audio and video streaming to stay in touch with your loved one. It has the ability to transform your phones into a baby monitor so you don’t need to buy a new device.

With Luna, you can connect your phone to Wi-Fi, 3G, or LTE and start video streaming. It consumes less battery power so it doesn’t drain your battery fast. This app is made simple, secure, and reliable with the latest technology. Combined with a beautiful design, using this application is so much fun.

One key feature of Luna is adjustable sensitivity with which you can adjust the audio level. You can also use activity log to show how long your baby has been sleeping. Thanks to encrypted data, no one can access your data.

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9. Cloud Baby Monitor

Cloud Baby Monitor

Cloud Baby Monitor is the best baby monitor app powered by tons of features to keep an eye on your little one. Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android it supports live picture and audio monitor with unlimited range. Noise and motion alerts notify baby awakening.

Designed with security and reliability in mind, Cloud Baby Monitor comes with super sensitive audio. It also has an activity log that tells you the sleep duration of the baby. White noises and lullabies are available to soothe the child. For a better visibility, this app is featured with night light and remote brightness control.

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Monitoring your baby is now easier with the best baby monitor app. Tons of options on the market allow you to pick one based on your preferences.

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