10 Best Video Converter Apps for Android

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Video Converter Apps for Android

A few years ago, desktop computers and PCs were the only tools to convert videos. As technology grows rapidly and Android comes to existence, now you can enjoy converting videos through smartphones. This capability allows you to watch videos on Android devices with supported file formats. No need to transfer video files to and from the computer as your phone can handle it.

When it comes to choosing the best video converter app for Android, it might need a little more time. Myriad options are available, so you have to know what you expect from a video converter. To make your choosing task easier, take a look at the following video converter recommendations.

Best Video Converter Apps for Android

Android smartphones support various file formats such as 3GP, MP4, FLV, and others. But sometimes you find a video in which format is not supported by the device. Video converter app allows you to convert videos to the desired file format so as you can play the videos on your smartphone. Which converter apps are the best? Find the answer here.

1. Video Converter VidSoftLab

Video Converter VidSoftLab

Download On Google Play

Video Converter by VidSoftLab is a powerful converter that supports a wide array of video and audio formats. Not only can it serve as a video converter, but it also works well as a video trimmer, video compressor, and video merger. Let Video Converter handle your videos and be prepared for the entertainment.

This useful converter app supports many video formats such as AVI, MOV, MKV, MP4, 3GP, FLV, and many more. It allows you to convert videos from one format to any desired format effortlessly. Additionally, it offers a DVD converter that lets you convert video to DVD or DVD to MP4, MP3 and many others.

The simple interface is another key point that makes this converter app more attractive. It is easy to use, thanks to basic editing functions that enable beginners to handle the project. When everything is done, the professional converter lets you share the videos through your favorite social media.

2. Video Converter and Compressor

Video Converter and Compressor

Download On Google Play

This is the fastest video converter to play any desired videos. Video Converter and Compressor is developed to help convert your videos to and from many formats such as 3GP, MP4, MPEG, WMV, and many others. Aside from converting capability, this app can serve as a video compressor.

You can easily compress and change video resolutions as well as audio bitrate through this app. Thus, you will get high-quality video in reduced size. If you need to trim videos or audio, the app can tackle the job at lightning speed.

What if you need the audio only? Video Converter and Compressor provides a Video to Audio menu that lets you convert and compress videos with MP3 format. Besides, it offers Audio Merger that merges multiple audios in a chosen format.

3. VidCompact


Download On Google Play

If you are looking for a free video converter with impressive performance, VidCompact is specially developed for you. As the name suggests, this is a compact app that offers several functionalities to handle your videos from Android devices.

This app can convert almost all audio and video formats such as HD video, WMV, MP4, MP3, FLV, AVI, and many more. VidCompact also provides editing features so you can cut, merge, trim, rotate, and stabilize videos. Thanks to ease-of-use features that allows you to convert videos without too much effort.

Aside from video converting, VidCompact offers other functionalities including video compressor, video trimmer, video cropper, and video cutter. The compressor enables you to compress video clips and reduce the file size without sacrificing quality. As a bonus, it comes with a simple and fresh interface to enjoy.

4. Video Converter Android

Video Converter Android

Download On Google Play

Video Converter Android is among the best video converter apps for Android. The app works well for most commonly used video formats such as MP4 and 3GP. It comes with the ability to extract audio from videos and save it in AAC or MP3 format.

The video converter also supports a reduced size profile that lets you reduce video file size for SMS. If you want to keep the video’s quality, use keep quality profile and converted video will keep the original quality. For the best option, you can enjoy advanced mode that helps specify audio bitrate, arbitrary resolution, and video bitrate.

Video Converter Android is a great alternative to enjoy videos in any format. However, this app can only serve as a converter. It does not support other functionalities such as compressor, trimmer, cutter, editor, and many others.

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5. Video to MP3 Converter

Video to MP3 Converter

Download On Google Play

A full-featured video converter app is right here! Video to MP3 Converter is a versatile app that allows you to convert, trim, and cut videos as required. Coming with a wide array of file format supports, enjoy any videos in your Android device.

This converter app boasts an audio cutter and ringtone maker for personalized call ringtone or notification. It also allows you to extract MP3 songs in high-quality audio. Coming with audio change capability, this app lets you change audio tempo for a slow-motion or faster tempo.

How about an MP3 video converter? This feature enables you to extract music from any videos and set it as your favorite ringtone. Video to MP3 Converter is one of the easiest apps that offers a better converting experience.

6. Video MP3 Converter

Video MP3 Converter

Download On Google Play

Enjoy the fast video converting with Video MP3 Converter. This simple and easy app is developed to help convert as well as edit your video before uploading. The app boasts fast performance and a handful of functionalities to make your own video more impressive. Good news for beginners, you can easily handle video converting without problems.

It allows you to convert, resize, and trim videos from almost all file formats. Moreover, it lets you create ringtone effortlessly. Now you can personalize notification sound and call ringtone with this useful app.

Video MP3 Converter supports a variety of media types. If you want to work with videos, this app can easily handle WMV, FLV, 3GP, and MP4. Meanwhile, supported audio formats include OGG, AAC, and MP3. The app also supports MP3 metadata editing.

7. Video to MP3 Converter InShot

Video to MP3 Converter InShot

Download On Google Play

This is a useful app that will make your video converting more fun and engaging. Video to MP3 Converter is one of the best video converter apps for Android that offers tons of features. Create your own video or audio and set it for ringtone or notification sound.

With this versatile app, you can convert video to MP3, merge audio, cut video and trim the video as desired. A lot of key features are offered, such as music cover, sound effects (fade in / fade out), and sound booster. You can also edit tag and merge audio with this app.

What makes it better? Surely the ability to convert up to 15 videos at the same time. Added with ringtone maker, you can personalize your call ringtone and notification with this app. Video to MP3 Converter has been downloaded 10 million times and works well for Android 4.3 and higher.

8. MP3 Video Converter

MP3 Video Converter

Download On Google Play

MP3 Video Converter is a top-rated converter app to handle your videos and audio. As the name indicates, this app helps extract audio from your video files. You can set the audio for personalized ringtone or notifications. Thankfully, it supports a wide array of audio and video formats.

The free converter tool comes with a simple and concise user interface that every beginner can tackle. Its performance is also impressive, allowing you to convert videos in a few seconds. However, multiple video conversion is not supported.

Another thing you’ll enjoy from this converter is the One Key to Play feature that lets you play extracted audio files. No need to open your folder, all you have to do is press the play button and listen to the song.

9. Video Format Factory

Video Format Factory

Download On Google Play

Video Format Factory is another best video converter apps for Android. Its simplicity and ease-of-use features become the highlight of this converter app. Video Format Factory delivers fast conversion to all major audio and video formats such as MP4. MP3, FLV, WMA, WAV, and many more. With this converter, you can extract MP3 songs from desired videos.

Aside from the conversion feature, this app helps compress your videos to save space on the device. Unlike most compressors that significantly reduce the quality, the useful app compresses videos but keeps its quality. Interestingly, you can also split videos and customize output format as well as remove watermark and create GIF video.

10. MP4 Video Converter

MP4 Video Converter

Download On Google PlayMP4 Video Converter brings convenience to your Android smartphone. This multi-format converter app boasts a simple and user-friendly interface to improve your video-converting experience. Despite its simplicity, it allows you to convert videos from all major video and audio formats. Any videos you dislike, remove them from the phone.

To benefit from this app, you can simply choose any desired video from the gallery and a single click will convert the video. It doesn’t stop there, the app enables you to choose the start and end position. It also allows you to change the final video’s resolution. After converting the videos, you can save it on internal storage or share it with your beloved ones.

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