10 Best Notepad++ Alternative for Mac

Notepad++ Alternative for Mac

Notepad++ has been renowned among web developers, coders, and programmers as one of the best code editors. There are plenty of functions offered by this Windows code editor such as customize the interface, search language, and other complex coding tasks. Despite Notepad++ is designed for Windows, Mac users should not worry as Notepad++ alternative for Mac is now available.

There are several alternatives that offer similar functions as Notepad++. These applications enable you to customize the interface and other coding activities on Mac operating system. What options are available for Mac OS? Here we have shortlisted the best Notepad++ alternative applications to download on your Mac.

Notepad++ Alternative for Mac

Web developers need a versatile and handy code editor that will help them build decent websites. There are some criteria that should be fulfilled by the application, such as facilitating quick program writing and easy to use. If you have found that Notepad++ is a great program, you can feel the same experience with these alternatives for Mac OS.

  1. Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Versatile is the best word to express this code editor. Sublime Text is a Notepad++ alternative that comes with a lot of conveniences to help with your work that ranges from coding to web designing. Millions of users have proven the versatility of Sublime Text for Mac devices. The good news is that the program is also available for Windows.

Sublime Text boasts plenty of features such as Goto Anything that allows you to open a file only without providing the file’s full name. This program also offers inbuilt Python API which enables you to add the plug-in to improve its functionality. In addition to the many features, Sublime Text comes with responsive behavior for the user’s best experience.

  1. SlickEdit


Another alternative for Notepad++ is SlickEdit that has been renowned as one of powerful editor tools. This program enables you to manage projects, symbols, classes, as well as multiple files. SlickEdit works well for most programming languages. This powerful editor allows you to debug and compile files effortlessly. Even a simple click on the error is enough to help you find out the error location.

SlickEdit supports nine different platforms with 60+ languages. But if you are looking for a free program, this is surely not for you. SlickEdit requires you to pay before using this editor tool. But SlickEdit is worth your money as it comes with intuitive automatic indentation and other amazing features.

  1. jEdit


Are you looking for an editor tool that has been trusted by millions of users? jEdit is among the best Notepad++ alternatives that will work well for your Mac. This open-source code editor is developed in Java and is suitable for any platform aside from Mac. Using this editor tool, you will find that coding is getting much easier.

jEdit supports macro language that makes it works with plug-ins. This editor also supports more than 200 languages as well as syntax highlighting to reduce development time and suppress the syntactical error. It is also worth mentioning that jEdit supports character encoding that makes it among the highly demanded editor tool.

  1. Atom


If you often work in a team, Atom can be the best Notepad++ alternative for Mac. This code editor allows coders to work together, thanks to the teletype package that works in real-time. Atom comes with a lot of features, such as easy auto-completion and browsing through the code. In addition to the features, Atom enables easy definition searching.

Atom comes with several advantages. Let’s mention coding errors and warnings, effortless document formatting, as well as intuitive IDE. The smart features such as compare many files and easy-to-manage multiple panes are there to help you with the project. Thankfully, Atom works well for any platform including your Mac OS.

  1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

This is another Notepad++ alternative that can work well on your Mac. Visual Studio Code which works on any platform is a free program that supports any language. This application is lightweight, reducing the burden on your computer. In addition to its small size, Visual Studio Code allows you to enjoy IDE that is easy to use.

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The helpful program comes with an Intellisense feature that gives you a different experience when running this app. Its auto-completion feature is really helpful, not to mention the basic syntax highlighting. Visual Studio Code is also equipped with visual development tools that help you with debugging. When you are looking for a fast code editor, Visual Studio Code is the one to opt for.

  1. Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit

A handy code editor that can make your project easier. Komodo Edit boasts a user-friendly interface, allowing you to work comfortably with the codes. It looks clean and neat, thanks to common tools that are gathered in the toolbar. This free code editor supports many languages with versatile functions such as compiling, creating code, and execution.

At the time you need more features, Komodo Edit enables you to upgrade the features. Simply install the extensions and plug-ins and you will be ready to explore more of its features. This program allows you to search within a code file and syntax checking and coloring. Overall, Komodo Edit is a superb program with quick performance to help you out.

  1. Brackets


To support your web-designing job, Brackets can be the best partner to opt for. This is an open-source code editor that works well for your Mac. The program is specifically designed for designers and HTML coders, thus it comes with speedy output and visual tools. Brackets boasts user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

There are several advantages provided by this versatile text editor such as easy to open the file and review the CSS file. For this reason, Brackets becomes one of the best programs to accomplish your project. If you wish for a powerful code editor, Brackets should be on the top of your list.

  1. Coda 2

Coda 2

Quick and handy are two advantages provided by Coda 2. The free text editor boasts speedy development as well as impressive performance for coders and programmers. Coda 2 comes with a lot of features such as visual tabs and indentation supported by syntax coloring. This program also allows you to switch between coding files.

That makes this program helpful is the auto-completion feature that is available for methods, function names, and variables. Good news, its functionality can be extended with extensions and plug-ins. Thanks to the edited files which allows you to manage and publish easily.

  1. Vim


Vim is a code editor that can be run on Mac OS and Unix. This program is suitable for web designing and programming with plenty of features and advantages. Among the features, Vim enables faster editing and provides a multi-level undo tree. This program can be upgraded with the plug-in system.

Vim supports efficient editing and development for various file types. It also supports the sizable amount of programming languages that you need for the project. In addition, Vim enables you to use any file format. Using Vim is sufficient to support your work.

  1. Lighttable


The code editor which has been around since 2012 is among the best Notepad++ alternatives for Mac. This open-source program is known as a smart and quick editor that supports code editing and any text types. Lightttable features real-time watch feature, allowing you to watch expression as you are executing the code.

In addition, this program enables you to customize IDE to meet the needs of the users. Thanks to the strong plug-in manager that helps manage the plug-ins for a better experience when using this program.

Which Notepad++ alternative would you like to download for your Mac OS? These 10 options boast a variety of features and advantages that allow you to choose one that suits your preferences. All the programs mentioned above have been tested and they will give you a similar convenience as provided by Notepad++.

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