How To Turn Off Waze Completely When Not In Use

by Hashir Zuniga

How To Turn Off Waze

When you talk about navigation, what comes to your mind is the direction. If you have an Android smartphone, you can use Google Maps as a navigation service. But there is one more thing that needs to be mentioned here, and that is Waze. Waze is a GPS-based map application that aims to help users get to their destination. However, the use of Waze is always active, so you need to find out how to turn off Waze.

You will see that your Waze location will always be active even though you have exited the Waze application. If you are looking for ways to disable Waze, you can continue to read this article. Waze application that is always active will drain your cell phone quickly.

Moreover, you will not be comfortable because you always get notifications from Waze and Waze will always track all your drives. Before you find out how to turn off Waze, you must understand what Waze application is and how Waze works on your cell phone.

What Is Waze Application?

Waze is an application that can provide reports on traffic. The examples of the reports are the flow of traffic, alternative routes, travel time, traffic jams, accidents, and police operations in certain places.

Compared to other navigation applications, the Waze application is more real-time because it has the concept of crowdsourcing. Waze allows its users to provide information to fellow Waze application users. Therefore, the Waze application is similar to social media navigation so that Wazed users can share traffic information in a certain area.

Waze users can share the best route so that all users of this application can get to their destination quickly and without any obstacles. Of course, this makes it easier for you who usually drive your vehicle to get to the destination faster. This application will record the user’s commute history, ranging from the usual routes taken, locations that are frequently visited until the time of going home.

Waze has several excellent features such as navigation voice options that are more numerous than Google Maps. There are even several sound choices as a travel guide. If you want to provide information to other Waze application users, Waze users can record their voice and share it with other Waze users. Another interesting feature that other navigation services do not have is that Waze users can integrate the Waze application with Spotify.

Waze Can Be Used Offline

When you travel, there are times when you experience a situation where you do not get an internet connection at all. Whether it is because the quota runs out suddenly or is passing through an area where the internet operators you use do not get a signal. This can cause panic when you are traveling in unfamiliar areas.

If you use Waze, there is no need to worry because Waze can you can use it offline. When you have chosen a destination and the route to be commuted, Waze will save the data until you close the Waze application on your smartphone. If you are confused about how to turn off Waze application, you can continue reading this article because you will get the answer.

Waze Location Services

Waze uses GPS sensors on your device when you drive. Therefore, Waze can find out your location on the MAP and notify you about your travel traffic or hazard that you might encounter. There are 2 ways the Waze application works, based on the location of the MAP and the trip to be planned.

  • Location Service for Waze MAP

Waze can be activated manually so that it will work when you activate the application. The way to activate this feature is to go to “Settings” and choose “Privacy”. Then, tap on the “Location Service” option, select “Waze”, and the “You see: Never / Always” option will appear.

You can choose “Never” if you only want to activate Waze when used. When you select “Always” it means your Waze application will always be active. The “Always” option will be suitable if you always commute every day. This feature allows the Waze application to run as a background. Once you exit Waze as a background, this application no longer uses location services.

  • Location Change Reporting (For iOS Only)

Waze Location Services

When you use the Waze application feature when syncing with the iPhone calendar, the Waze application will use location change reporting. This application will automatically activate when there is a drives reminder that synchronized with your calendar. Of course, this will have an impact on your iPhone battery because it uses operator signals and Wi-Fi.

How To Turn Off Waze Application

Now that you know how Waze works on your phone but you need to know how to turn off Waze application. Waze application that always active will drain your battery and sometimes it will harm your cell phone usage. The way to deactivate Waze application is very easy; you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Waze Application settings and select the Advanced settings section.
  2. Then, select the General option
  3. Slide off on the Location Change Reporting option to deactivate Waze application.

However, you should look at the status bar again on your cell phone. There should be no more location service arrows on the status bar. If the location services arrow still exists, you can check several applications that might run GPS in the background.

If you worry about your battery performance when using Waze application, you can consider using the iOS calendar Drive reminder and Time To Leave features. Both of these features can save your battery usage even when you activate the Waze application. You now know how to turn off Waze application but you still have to decide whether to allow the application to use location or to completely deactivate the Waze Location service.

By using this method, you can reduce your battery usage or when you do not want the Waze application to track every time you drive. Try all the features available on Waze application to maximize the use of Waze and will help your commute every day.

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