How to Create Telegram Channel and Get Subscribers

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Create Telegram Channel

As a chat app with million of users worldwide, Telegram comes packed with a bunch of features that promise convenient communication. Channel is one of Telegram’s best tools that allow broadcasting for audience in larger size. Good news for all, how to create Telegram channel is quite simple.

Many users create channel for business as it can reach people directly. Besides, it supports unlimited number of subscribers, so it is often used in businesses. Learn how to make a Telegram channel and how to gain more subscribers here!

What Is Telegram Channel?

Channel is a broadcasting tool for sending a message to large audiences. Multiple users subscribing the channel will receive a public message sent by the administrator at the same time. With the ability to reach people directly, channel is used for variety of purposes, such as business and community.

This powerful feature highlights unlimited numbers of subscribers, which means you can make a channel as large as you can. A channel is managed and controlled by one or more administrators. Only users appointed as admins can post and send public messages in the channel.

When an admin posts in a channel, the public message will be signed with channel’s name and photo instead of admin’s name. One of the best things about Telegram channel is that new subscribers will be able to read the entire message once they join.

Channels have been used by large organization and public figures to keep in touch with their audience, fans, or followers. With all the features brought to the table, giving updates or latest information is getting easier.

Types of Telegram Channel

There’re two types of Telegram channels: public channels and private channels. Despite the difference, both channels work with the same principles for broadcasting messages.

1. Public Channels

Public channels are available for all Telegram users. It has a username and is often displayed in search results. Anyone can join this channel, both subscribers and non-subscribers. They only need a link to join the channel and see the messages.

2. Private Channels

In contrast, private channel can only be accessed by subscribers. This channel is closed to public, so users should receive a link from the administrator to join. Private channels are often used for organizations, teams, or companies to broadcast messages.

How to Create Telegram Channel

Anyone can set up a channel on Telegram. It only takes a few steps, so it’s quite easy to handle. You can create a channel via mobile device or desktop. Here’s how to do it.

1. How to Create Telegram Channel on Android

How to create telegram channel on Android is completely simple. Only with few steps, you will have a new channel. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open Telegram app on your Android device.
  • Go to chat list, then tap circular pencil icon in the bottom-right of the screen.

tap the circular pencil icon

  • Tap New Channel.

Tap New Channel

  • Give a name and description to your channel.

Give a name and description to your channel

  • Tap on checkmark button, then select type of channel you’d like to make, either private or public.

select type of channel

  • Next, tap on tick button and select members to add to your new channel.

select members to add to your new channel

  • Tap again on checkmark button and that’s it!
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Now your channel is ready to broadcast messages. For the first time, you may add up to 200 subscribers to the channel. Whenever it reaches 200, you can send a link to invite other users.

2. How to Create Telegram Channel on iOS

If you are using iOS devices, creating a Telegram channel is a bit different. But there’s nothing to worry about. Follow the instructions below to set up your own channel.

  • Launch Telegram on your iOS device.
  • On Chat tab, then tap New Message icon on the top-right corner.

tap New Message icon

  • Select New Channel.

Select New Channel

  • Pick a name and give a brief description that represents your channel.

Pick a name and give a brief description

  • Tap on Next button, choose a channel type.

Pick a name and give a brief description

  • Tap again on tick button, then invite up to 200 members to join.
  • Tap on the checkmark, now your channel is successfully set up.

now your channel is successfully set up

Once created, you can start sending messages. You may also appoint other users as second administrators.

3. How to Create Telegram Channel on Desktop

Now let’s say that you decide to run Telegram app on desktop. What should you do to create a channel? The following steps should help you out:

  • Open Telegram app on your Mac or Windows computer.
  • Click New Massage icon menu. It should be in the top-left corner.

Click New Massage icon menu

It should be in the top-left corner 2

  • Select New Channel, then give a name and description to the channel.

Select New Channel

  • Click Next button and decide a channel type.

decide a channel type

  • Next, click Done.

By following those steps, you will have a new channel on Telegram. If you set the channel to public and the member reaches 200, it works on its own. The channel will generate a short link to display on your social media.

How to Get Subscribers

Now that you have a Telegram channel, especially business channel, it is necessary to increase channel members. This strategy can help grow your business as it allows you to reach more people. Here are some tips to promote your channel and garner subscribers.

  • Choose a Catchy Name

If you’re creating a public channel, be sure to choose a short and catchy name. A unique name helps attract members, so it’s worth your time to think a brand-able name. Be sure not to copy the name because it will make people run away.

  • Write a Right Description

Description matters! When you’re writing a description for the channel, it should represent your business or activity. Make it informative so users can decide to join or not join the channel. Besides, placing an attractive image contributes in gaining more subscribers.

  • Be Consistent

Be consistent! It’s a powerful key to get subscribers on Telegram channel. Make a schedule for posting broadcast and stick to the schedule. It shows that you’re professional in managing the channel. Regular posts are effective to help increase members.

  • Promote Channel on Social Media

Promote on social media works well to gain subscribers. You may add the link to Instagram bio and let your followers join the channel. Do the same for Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

In short, Telegram channel is a powerful feature to bring communication to the next level. How to create Telegram channel is completely simple, so you can easily make it for various purposes.

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