12 Best Anime Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Anime Apps

Anime is the kind of unique animation that ever exists. If other animation looks realistic, anime appears very far from real life, with the characters in it having colorful hair, big eyes, and various other unreal appearances. Here are some of the best apps recommended if you want to watch anime.

Best Anime Apps For You All Anime Lovers

If you love to watch anime, we have some recommended apps you can use.  Here are the best anime apps you should use to watch anime, and all of these recommendations you can install on your smartphone.  

1. Netflix


Netflix is the most popular streaming app worldwide. It’s used for watching films, TV series, and anime. There are many exciting anime on Netflix, such as Spy x Family, Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, and many more. To watch anime on Netflix, you should subscribe monthly to Netflix premium.

In addition, Netflix is an easy-to-use application display; Netflix has various exciting features, such as downloading movies, adjusting the resolution, and cross-platform support for one account. 

Netflix also provides many subtitles from many languages in the world. It makes Netflix one of the best anime apps that you can use. The best feature of Netflix is a screen on the screenplay, you can watch the anime while you reply to messages from your friends or scroll up your social media. 

You also can unlimitedly download your favorite anime and watch them offline every time you want without worrying about an internet connection. 

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2. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar is an Indian-based video-on-demand service owned by Disney Star, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. The service was launched as Hotstar in 2015, before the acquisition of Hotstar by the Disney+ service in April 2020.

Disney+ Hotstar is also one of the best anime apps, with tons of exciting and fantastic anime you can watch. The monthly also subscribes cheaper than Netflix, but the anime is completely like Netflix, and they have many same features. 

But, the minus one of this app, they are not supporting the screen on screenplay features. So, the app will close when you turn into other apps on your phone. And also, they limited the anime and series download to only 5 movies or series titles. 

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3. iQIYI


The next on the best anime apps list for you is iQIYI. They started as a K-Drama and Chinese Drama watching platform. But, they also have a wide selection of anime, older and newer. 

There are tons of anime that you can watch exclusively on iQIYI, like Jujutsu Kaisen, The Case Study of Vanitas, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, My Hero Academia, and many more.

The application is relatively easy to use. The interface display is also relatively easy on our eyes. This application for watching anime with many subs, saving on free quota, provides very indulgent image and audio quality.

For those using it for the first time, you won’t be confused about finding the anime you want because there is a search field and a particular anime category. iQIYI also allows its users to watch videos in various resolutions and download anime to watch them offline! 

You can be watching it while you on the train, on vacation, or maybe at any other place where there is no internet connection.  

This application does not require you to register. iQIYI also is one of the free anime apps because you can access some content for free. But others must be accessed as a VIP or paid. But don’t worry, the subscription price isn’t too expensive. It’s lower than Netflix and Disney+Hotstar. 

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4. Viki


Similar to iQIYI, Viki is also better known for Korean drama content. Even so, you can watch old-school and newer anime on this app, like Dragon Ball, Pokemon, One Piece, Naruto, Boruto, and many more. 

Viki started as a global video and music streaming provider website that provides subtitles or subtitles made by crowd-sourcing or outside sources, which makes various shows available, like anime, to a broader audience.

Apart from anime, you can also watch the best Japanese films and various shows from other Asian countries through this application made by Viki, Inc. This anime streaming application is free and legal. However, you can subscribe to Viki to enjoy a better viewing experience.

Basically, Viki is a free anime streaming app and legal to watch. But, if you want the best experience like a watch without ads and the HD anime series, you still need the subscription. 

There are two kinds of Viki subscriptions: Viki Pass Standard with a price of $4,99 a month or $49,99 a year, and Viki Pass Basic, which is $0,99 a month or $9,99 a year. 

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5. Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll is one of the best anime apps that only provide you with anime. Crunchyroll is a legal anime-watching application that presents more than 30,000 of the best anime episodes. On this app, you can watch old and new anime from various genres, such as Hunter x Hunter and One Piece.

This app, which stands under the auspices of Ellation Company, presents the best collection that anime lovers can enjoy. Because it has a license from the copyright holder, to watch anime on Crunchyroll, you have to subscribe starting at $8 per month. 

Crunchy Roll is favorite app for all people that love any Japanese Culture because they provide many titles of legal anime, manga, and Japanese Dorama. They also have many Japanese TV Series that you can watch freely with affordable subscriptions. 

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6. WeTV


WeTV is a Chinese streaming app under Tencent, one of the big tech companies. It started showing various C-Drama and K-Dramas. But, they expand the business into Japanese TV Series, like J-Drama and anime.

Much popular anime on WeTV include That Time I Got Reincarnated as A Slime, Attack on Titan,  One Punch Man, and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. If you want to watch anime on WeTV, subscribe to this app for around $3 dollars/month.

Basically, WeTV is a free app to watch anime, but there are ads on the free version and it is kind of annoying because the ads show every 7-10 minutes. So, you still need a subscription when you want to watch anime without disturbance. 

If you love to watch American movies or TV series besides anime, you will not love this app because they only provide Asian TV series and movies. 

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7. VIU


Similar to WeTV, Viu is one of the best anime apps, which is relatively easy to use. It started as a K-Drama streaming platform, but now they also show a thousand anime. You can install this application through the Play Store or App Store and subscribe to the app.

After that, you can watch a wide selection of anime, such as My Hero Academia Season 5 and Fairy Tail. There are comedy anime like One Punch Man and Zombieland Saga: Revenge.

You can also watch adventure anime, such as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, or isekai anime, like That Time I Got Reincarnation as A Slime. VIU is the only best app for watching Asian Movies or TV Series. 

We know, they also provide some American and European TV Series, but they are quietly limited, not as complete as American TV series on Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar. 

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8. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Ever heard about Amazon Prime Video? It is less popular than Netflix or Disney+ Hotstar,  but it could be one of the best anime apps that you can use. Some anime series you can watch here is Spirited Away, Your Name, Belle, A Silent Voice, Dragon Ball, and many more.

New users get free access for 30 days. You can rent your favorite animated movies for multiple durations. Accessing a premium account gives you access to as many anime as you like.

The best part of this app, Amazon Prime Video subscription is cheaper than Netflix. They also provide 4K streaming video. Just connect your Amazon Prime Video to your TV or LCD screen, and it will give you a cinema experience. ‘

But, the anime is still not as complete as VIU, iQIYI, or WeTV because Amazon Prime Video specialization is American TV Series or Hollywood Movie. You maybe feel hard to find underrated anime on this app. 

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9. YouTube


Who is the one that doesn’t know about YouTube right now? As long as they have any gadgets, they will have watched videos on YouTube. There are many videos that you can see on YouTube, including anime!

Youtube is one of the best free anime-watching applications; as we know, you can also set subtitles directly. This also makes Youtube mandatory in the list of recommendations for applications to watch anime with legal subs. 

For a more complete choice of anime, you subscribe to YouTube premium and watch anything without ads. But, YouTube doesn’t provide complete anime, even the anime studio channel broadcasting their anime on YouTube. YouTube is the best app to see your favorite anime scenes. 

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10. Samehadaku


For you anime lovers, you might be familiar with this anime streaming app. It’s called Samehadaku. Now Samehadaku has released an official Android application. They started with an anime streaming website. Then they make a streaming app to help anime fans watch their favorite anime easily.

Samehadaku also popular among anime lovers. Here you can get all the latest anime with subtitles from our website with just one click; of course, it’s easier. You can download the Samehadaku anime streaming app for Android on the download link below. 

But, for now, Samehadaku is only available for Android. For those who are iOS users, you can use any other app on this list. 

Download on Google Play

11. Funimation


Last on the list of best anime apps is Funimation. This app is under Crunchyroll, so the quality is as good as Crunchyroll. You can enjoy more than 10.000 episodes of anime and tons of movies on Funimation. Prefer to watch dubs anime? It will be the best choice for you!

You also can enjoy an extensive library of dubs and subs with a deep catalogue of big hits anime, any fan favorites anime, and all of the classics anime like Sinchan, Pokemon, or Doraemon.

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12. HBO GO


HBO GO is a video-on-demand streaming subscription service provided by HBO, a famous TV channel worldwide and now they present it online! By subscribing, you can watch available content from HBO, movies and series, past and ongoing, according to your wishes. 

This is a platform for watching movies and series that makes it easy for you to manage your favourite movies anywhere! This application also provides various exciting anime titles for anime lovers, such as Naruto and One Piece. 

There are many other anime titles that you can watch on the HBO GO application. Download the HBO GO app below.

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So, all the best anime apps you can try and install on your smartphone, tablet, or iPad and also you can connect some apps to your TV or LCD screen to get a cinema experience at home. With this application, your viewing experience will be even more comfortable.

You can choose the application according to your device. For devices with low specifications, you can try an application that is not too large. Enjoy watching!

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