Instagram Won’t Let Me Post? Try These Fixes

by Hashir Zuniga

Instagram Won’t Let Me Post

Instagram is one of the popular social media nowadays because it has lots of fun features. You can do many things through Instagram, not only seeing interesting photos and videos but you can also share your stories. However, many users complaining about the issue of Instagram won’t let me post.

This is very annoying because you have made an interesting post but it failed to upload. However, you need to know first what problem is happening so that you can fix it easily. If you want to know what problems that can make Instagram won’t let me post, here is a review.

Why Instagram Won’t Let Me Post?

There are many reasons why Instagram won’t let me post. Popular reasons are due to account problems and also an internet connection. For example, your account may be temporarily blocked for 24 hours by Instagram so you cannot post pictures.

This can happen because you violate the terms and conditions of Instagram. Or, you’ve posted an inappropriate image and did a lot of spamming or did something a few times. For example, if you like a post many times, comment, or follow many accounts in a short time.

The issue about Instagram won’t let me post can also be due to an error in the Instagram application on your cellphone. For example, it could be that your Instagram application is outdated so you have to update it, or your Instagram storage is full. Therefore, if you are facing this problem, there are many ways to fix it.

7 Ways to Fix Instagram That Won’t Post

Now you know if some problems can occur why Instagram won’t let me post. However, don’t panic when you face this problem because you can easily fix it. Here are 8 ways to fix Instagram that won’t post that you can easily try.

1. Check If Instagram is Down

Check If Instagram is Down

If you have experienced the issue of Instagram won’t let me post, you need to check if Instagram is down. This is because Instagram often does routine maintenance. Or, it could be because their server is down, busy, or there is a bug on the server so the Instagram application doesn’t work properly.

If the Instagram server is down, then you cannot post anything. You will know if Instagram is down when you see the message “Something Went Wrong”, “Couldn’t Refresh Feed”, or your Instagram feed will not display recent posts. Another way is that you can go to the Down Detector website and analyze if there are problems on Instagram.

2. Clear Instagram Cache

The cache is useful for ensuring an application can temporarily store data so that it can run faster. However, the cache can also cause some problems in applications, such as in the Instagram application. If you are using Android, you need to clear the cache so that the Instagram application can run optimally.

Clear Instagram Cache

To clear the cache, you can open the Settings app on Android then taping Applications. Then, find the Instagram app and tap Clear Data. Tap on Clear Cache and click OK to confirm. Afterward, you can reopen the Instagram application and try reposting your photo or videos on Instagram.

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3. Free Up Space on Your Phone

How to Empty Trash on Android

The issue about Instagram won’t let me post can occur because the space on your phone is full. If the space on your phone is full, the Instagram application will not work properly. So, you can delete everything that is not important on your phone’s storage, such as photos, videos, games, files, applications, and so on.

4. Update Your Instagram

Update Your Instagram app

Another way to fix this issue is that you can update the Instagram application to get the latest version. This is because the previous version of Instagram might contain bugs. So, by installing the latest version of Instagram, this bug can be fixed.

You need to update Instagram especially if the description is about performance improvements or bug fixes. And then, the latest Instagram version can solve some problems in the Instagram application.

If you want to update Instagram using an iPhone, you can open the App Store. Then, tap on the profile icon at the top right of the screen, scroll down and look for the Instagram app. Lastly, tap “Update” to update Instagram on your iPhone.

How to update the Instagram application on Android is very easy, you can download the Google Play Store. Then, select Apps and Games on the options toolbar and find the Instagram app. Tap “Update” to update your Instagram app on Android.

5. Reinstalling Instagram

Reinstalling Instagram

If all the methods above don’t work, try to re-install the Instagram application on your phone. This is because reinstalling the app can fix some problems. You can drag the Instagram app and drop it onto the trash icon to delete it. Then, you can reinstall it by finding Instagram on the Google App Store or the App Store.

6. Make Sure Your Account is Fine

The issue about Instagram won’t let me post can occur because your account has a problem. So, you can try to see activities that you may have done on the Instagram application and stop doing them. For example, you can stop using third-party applications to access your Instagram account.

This is because third-party applications can make your Instagram account temporarily blocked so you cannot post content on Instagram. If you comment on or like photos or videos in some posts too quickly it can also make Instagram detect your Instagram account as a comment bot.

spamming instagram

Therefore, stop spamming so that Instagram will no longer block you. You also shouldn’t follow multiple Instagram accounts in a short amount of time. If you’ve done some of these activities, stop doing them and see if you can post content on Instagram again.

7. Check Your Internet Connection

Bad Internet Connection

If you can’t post on Instagram, make sure your internet connection is working properly. This is because sometimes your phone shows you have Wi-Fi or 4G, but it isn’t really connected properly. So, you can fix it by activating airplane mode on your phone. Then, disable it and see if this method works or not.

Another way to make sure your internet connection is working normally is to visit other websites on your mobile browser. Or, you can also change your APN to get a better connection. Then, you can also manage your data plan and make sure it doesn’t limit Instagram.

Many problems can cause the issue of Instagram won’t let me post. For example, starting from the outdated Instagram application, Instagram down temporarily, to internet connection problems. However, now you can fix it according to the problem you are facing easily and you can post content again on Instagram, good luck!

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