Steam Disk Write Error & Easy Ways to Fix It

Steam Disk Write Error

For those who like to install or update games on their PC are usually common with Steam disk write error. This is an error that usually occurs when you are installing or updating a game on a Steam platform. Usually, the error will occur if you can’t download and save the game on your storage drive.

Sometimes it also occurs when you launch a game that needs to be updated. When this happens, an error message will appear telling that an error occurred during a process that you are doing.

This kind of problem is very normal and will occur normally to those who install and download games online. Therefore, if this issue happens to you, don’t worry. It is better to fix it first to continue your process. However, before fixing the issue, you should search for the cause of the error.

There are a few reasons why the errors will occur, therefore, make sure you know them all. When you know the causes, you can then continue finding the solutions. This way, the errors don’t appear again for the same reason. Once you know the steps on how to fix them, Steam disk write error shouldn’t appear anymore.

Causes of Steam Disk Write Error

Before finding the solution for the Steam disk write error, it is important to know the cause first. Several things can go wrong causing it to be an error. Therefore, to make sure that it doesn’t occur again, try to find out the causes. Here are some the causes of the disk write error that people have found:

1. Corrupted Download Files

One of the main causes of the error occurs because your download is corrupted. This is usually because of technical problems such as BSOD, power outage or internet connection. Therefore, when you start downloading, the process doesn’t go on well and your file is not right. To prevent this from happening, make sure to check all connections and power.

2. Hard Drive Problem

Hard Drive Problem

The next common cause of Steam disk error is because of the hard drive you are using. Usually, there is a problem in your hard drive making it not work properly. Therefore, before continuing to the solutions, it is better that you fix your hard drive first. Usually, one of the causes is physical defects on the hard drive making it unable to download and save the file.

3. Drive / Steam Folder Write Protected

You will not be able to download and save your files if your drive/Steam folder is write-protected. You can change the settings on your folder and drive before downloading. So, make sure next time when you download a new file, both the drive/ folder is not write-protected.

4. Antivirus Program

One of the things that can make Steam error is the antivirus program. Usually, Steam programs are detected as an unknown file, therefore it is a threat. Then, the program will prevent or stop the downloading causing error for Steam.

5. Download Region

This reason rarely happens, but it is possible to happen to you too. Steam content is divided into a few geographical regions in the world. When you first download Steam, it will automatically detect the current region and use the content server. Sometimes in some region, the servers are a bit slower or overloaded which causes an error to occur on your Steam

How to Fix Steam Disk Write Error

If you are experiencing this problem, don’t worry because it can be fixed. First, you should know the cause of the problem to find the right solution. However, there are times that we just don’t know the cause even after searching for it. If you are one of the people, don’t worry. Instead, try these steps on how to fix your Steam disk from the basic ways to the advance ways:

1. Restart Steam & Computer

Restart Windows 10

In many cases, this issue is only temporary and not a big issue. Therefore, the first and easiest way to solve this problem is by restarting your Steam. Then try to download your file again or restart playing your game again. However, if this doesn’t work, then restart your computer.

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2. Remove Write Protection

If after doing the first step this problem still occurs, then try removing the write protection. This is one of the causes that make the issue occur on your computer. To fix this problem, verify on which drive and folder your Steam games are. Then remove the write protection from that drive from the setting of your computer. Watch the video below how to remove write protection on your drive.


3. Turn off Read Only Setting

Uncheck the "Read-only" box

Another solution that may help is by turning off the read-only setting on your Steam directory. This setting is usually applied in folders and individual files; therefore, it is best to turn them off. So, to make sure that disk error doesn’t appear again, locate your Steam folder and turn the setting off.

4. Run Steam as Administrator

Run Steam As Administrator

After removing and turning off the read-only but this issue still occurs then try to run Steam as administrator. By running it as an administrator, you will get extra permission and can fix weird problems. Therefore, you can fix the error on your Steam and fix other kinds of problems.

5. Delete Corrupted Files

Delete Corrupted Files

One of the causes of Steam disk write error is because there are corrupted files that can’t be used. To fix this problem, delete it and download a new one. However, if you have already downloaded the same file, then look for the same file in the folder. Then delete the file that is 0 kb size because you can’t use it too. Corrupted files you have to delete located on C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common.

6. Check your Drive & Move Steam

The next simple way to fix this issue is by moving your Steam install folder to another location. If your Steam can work properly then you will have to check on your drive. Therefore, it is important to do this performance especially if you have multiple partitions on your drive. you can easily move Steam folder by adding a new library folder on Steam download settings.

Add Steam Library Folder

Then, open local files tab on game properties, select move install folder, select the new library folder you just made before.

Move Install Folder Steam

7. Verify Integrity File Games

Verify Integrity File Games

An error will also occur if the game installation is corrupted. Therefore, check it out by going to Steam and find the library. Click on the game where the error appears and choose properties. Go to the local files, choose verify game files to fix the game on your computer. When the process is finished, exit and relaunch the program. Usually, after this step, the error will not occur again.

8. Disable Antivirus Program

Disable Antivirus Program

In some cases, antivirus is one of the reasons why this error occurs on Steam. Sometimes antivirus programs identify Steam as a virus and threat, preventing it from downloading. Therefore, if the steps above didn’t work, then you can try disabling your antivirus program.

9. Reinstall Steam

The Steam itself can be one of the causes of the Steam error occurring. Therefore, reinstalling Steam can be a potential way to fix this issue. However, remember not to uninstall Steam as it may delete all the game content. All you need to do is reinstall it in the same location as the place before. Here video how to reinstall steam without losing your games.

10. Change Download Region

Change Steam Download Region

If you have tried all the steps above and you are still facing this problem, then this may be one of the solutions. When you download, try to change the download region into a different region. Use another set of content servers and give it a try. First, go to the setting in Steam, then choose to download and the region. Try other regions other than your own to see the result.

So, before getting stressed up, try all these steps first to fixing Steam disk write errors. Try to find out the causes of the issue and fix it to prevent it from happening again. However, if you don’t know the causes, try the simple steps first to fix the issue.

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