11 Best Apps to Make Friends for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Apps to Make Friends

Meeting new people and friends through a smartphone is not a new thing at all. By using these best apps to make friends, you don’t need to go somewhere else in the first place. Still, you have to be careful before meeting the person in real life.

This article covers information about apps that you can consider using when it comes to making new friends. Instead of using a dating app, the apps on the list below are exclusively created for those who want to have more friends in the first place.

Best Apps to Make Friends and Meet New People

Fortunately, there are many options you can choose from in the app market. All you need to do is to choose a platform and surf the database. By that, you know how to meet new friends online later.

The purpose of these apps is to connect you with other people around the world, regardless of the geographic locations. So, here are apps that you can use to meet new friends.

No one knows that your truest best friend might be still somewhere. Using this app will help you to build networking even though you are not at the same time and place.

1. RealU


If you are looking for an app to make friends online not dating then you should try RealU. Generally, this platform aims to bring people closer to each other. Other than that, the app wants to connect all the people in an area. Thus, when they meet or run to each other on the street, they can chat or hangout.

The main purpose of this platform is to encourage people to have real conversations with each other. Whether you are looking for new friends or romantic relationships, using RealU will never let you down. Instead of encouraging short-term connections, this platform wants the users to have real connections with each other.

When you open the app, you will immediately know that this app wants to improve interactions between users. This is why RealU deserves a spot on top of the list.

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2. Atleto


Are you an active person? Or, do you often exercise? Well, Atleto is an app that will help you find friends who also love exercising. Other than being a meet friends app, you can use this app to find partners to workout together. Thus, if you are not a fan of solo training then Atleto may give you a solution.

This platform is also one of the apps for college students to make friends, especially for those who prefer to workout with friends instead of being on their own. According to users, this app is like the collaboration of Meetup and Tinder. You can always find people or communities of specific sports. Atleto even comes up with options of training, which you can choose.

Several top universities support this platform, after all. Thus, for all college students who want to meet new friends and do sports together then this app is such a good platform to consider.

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3. Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF

Among the popular apps to meet new people, Bumble BFF is a platform that you have to try. This platform was created by the engineers of most dating apps you’ve found today. Thus, whether you are looking for a platonic relationship or romantic partner, this space may accommodate you.

Bumble BFF aims to build a supportive community way easier. And if you have used the dating app, this platform will be way easier to master. Generally, the UI design is neat and easy to navigate. Thus, even if this is your first time using Bumble BFF, it won’t be a hassle to get through all the features.

So, how would the system match you with other users? Well, you need to insert your interests and likings – similar to most apps on this list. Later, the app will find your friends according to things that you like in the first place. Other than that, anyone can make the first move.

More than anything, if you want to make friends or simply to know other people through a platform then Bumble BFF is a good place to start. It’s free but the developers allow you to upgrade your subscriptions, for sure.

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4. Nextdoor


Generally, you may find some make friends near me platforms on the app market. However, many of them are created to build romantic relationships – of course, the call is yours. On the other hand, if you prefer an app specifically for making new friends then you should consider Nextdoor.

This app is quite fresh air in this industry – it is one of the kids on the block, compared to most apps on this list. Nextdoor is a location-based app that helps you to meet new people. The interesting part is that those people may live around the block. Thus, for those who find it a bit difficult to mingle with the neighbors then Nextdoor might help.

Some users also use this platform to sell stuff, gather local news, and meet up with other animal lovers around the corner. All in all, Nextdoor is a perfect platform to meet your neighbors or have new relationships with others who live in your neighborhood.

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5. Friender


If you are looking for apps to make friends under 18 then you should take a look at Friender. Well, the app doesn’t claim that the space is for 18+ users only. However, according to the developers, this app is for friends only. It means that Friender is not typically created to find soulmates or other romantic links.

Generally, Friender wants to connect people from around the world who have similar interests. Similar to other social apps, you have to create an account and start our activity. There are at least 100 activities on the database that you can pick. After that, the system will match you with other users.

Other than that, the app will ask you a pack of questions. Later, your answers will bring you to other users who want the same things. Thus, all the profiles shown on your screen are not random.

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6. Hey! Vina

Hey! Vina

Even Facebook is among the apps to make friends around the world, right? However, if you are looking for something more specific then you should know what to expect in the first place.

Have you heard of Hey! Vina? Well, this platform is also popular as Tinder for those who look for girlfriends. Commonly, this app is used by women as well. According to the developers, this platform is created to empower women and build a space where women can meet new friends – who are also girls.

Other than allowing you to meet new people according to the same interests, Hey! Vina also comes with articles and quizzes. Having this app is like talking with your friends. Since you can download Hey! Vina on both the Play Store and App Store, there is no reason to not give this app a try.

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7. Peanut


Are there apps to make friends specifically for mothers? Well, there are several platforms you may find on the market but Peanut is considered as the best. The app is specifically created for all those moms who want to connect with other mothers.

Of course, everyone can find friends on various social media platforms. However, sometimes mothers want to meet other fellow moms to share their stories. More than anything, sharing with those who experience similar things would feel more meaningful for some.

Some mothers who just gave birth might feel a bit isolated, after all. Thus, talking with other mothers may lift them up – this is like the reason Peanut was created. The app works like most social media apps. Users can create group conversations and communities. You can even join one too!

All in all, Peanut is a perfect app to try – especially if you are a mother who wants to talk with other fellow moms out there. Since this app is available for both iOS and Android phones, everyone can grab on the app market.

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8. Meetup


Some people don’t want to use meet new people apps due to safety concerns. On the other hand, they just need to be more careful when choosing one. Thus, if you are looking for a mobile app that allows you to meet new friends safely then Meetup is a good choice.

Meetup is one of the best free apps to make friends that will ensure you meet real people – not bots. Similar to most apps on this list, you can enter your hobbies so that the system can match you with those who have similar interests.

Creating a Meetup account is also effortless. You can use your Facebook, Apple account, or even your email. Through this app, you can create and host an event along with the schedule. More than anything, this platform is a convenient space for everyone who wants to meet everyone else.

Meetup is free and available for all operating systems. So, why don’t you give this platform a try and meet new people around you?

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9. Skout


When it comes to safe apps to make friends, Skout surely deserves a spot on the list. This platform has been around since 2007 and lots of people have met each other through this app. Technically speaking, this app is around to help you meet new people. Of course, it also helps you to build a romantic link.

Through the chat button, you can have a light chit-chat with other users or go with deep conversations. Another interesting thing about this platform is the menu to launch a live video or stream others.

Skout, according to its developers, is designed for connecting people to each other. Practically, users use this platform to find partners for doing sports or simply have new friends. It is also a good place to start if you are just moving to a new city.

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10. Yubo


Some apps for introverts to make friends are available for free on the app market. Even though you are an introverted person, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need other people, right? If talking directly and making a first move IRL are not your style, then using Yubo would be a perfect point to start.

The developers claim that Yubo will help users to discover each other along the way. Other than that, the platform is safe and secure – you can even block other users if they make you uncomfortable.

While being an app to help you meet new friends, this app comes up with several features. Besides a chat space, you can play games, join discussions in its forum, and many more. Yubo, more than anything, is a free app. There is no reason to not give this platform a try.

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11. Meet My Dog

Meet My Dog

The app’s name surely reflects the purpose of the app. You can say that Meet My Dog is one of the apps for adults to make friends. Well, all the dog-lovers around the world can chat with each other rather than have a dog date in the first place.

However, the system will connect you to other dog owners nearby. After that, you can schedule a day out – along with the dogs, for sure. Similar to other apps on this list, you need to fill a profile in the first place.

When you visit parks, make sure that you’ve checked in. By that, other users will find you and you can meet up. Sounds fun, right?

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Today, you can find friends anywhere you are. Other than using a dating app, the social sites to make friends on the list above encourage you to find those who have similar interests. It will be more fun, right?

All the apps mentioned above are mostly free. However, several platforms also provide options to upgrade your account. If you are willing to pay for subscriptions for better features then you should go for it. And that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about the best apps to make friends through your smartphone.

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