9 Best Party & Event Planning Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Party & Event Planning Apps

Planning an event is none of the easy tasks. There are lots of things to prepare and if you don’t handle it right, chances are you will miss some important things. Thankfully, the best event planning apps are now available for smartphone. These apps are useful to help plan any events like birthday, wedding, or casual party.

The key to a successful event is perfect planning. Most planning apps are specifically designed with useful features to help prepare your events, such as to-do list, countdown, and guest list. Some also come with other functionalities like calendars, reminders, and notes. In case you are planning an event, check out these event planning apps for Android and iOS.

9 Best Event Planning Apps for Android

Google Play Store and App Store have a multitude of choices when it comes to event planning apps. You may have some specific criteria for the tools like it should be simple, lightweight, full-featured, or many others. Whatever your preferences are, the following apps are worth the thought.

1. Any.do


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This is a full-featured app that works not only as a planner but also as a reminder, calendar, and to do list. Any.do has helped million people from all over the world to organize party, event, and even daily tasks. If you are looking for a simple app with a perfect combo, this is surely for you.

In this app, you can find a variety of features to help organize your life. Calendar outlook is a great feature that enables you to easily view to-do lists, events, and tasks for day, week, and month. With reminders that help remind you for scheduled times, this app ensures you won’t miss an important meeting or event.

Any.do is designed with a simple and intuitive user interface, giving you easy access to drag and drop the tasks or swipe to mark an accomplished to-do list. As a bonus, this app’s task list will be a great companion for shopping especially if you don’t like the idea of using post-it notes. Overall, Any.do gives you the flexibility to customize reminders, events, and planners as you like.

2. Planner Pro

Planner Pro

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If you are looking for a useful app to help manage your daily life, Planner Pro is highly recommended. This event planning tool comes packed with features as it combines notes, tasks, and events in a single app. Whether you want to organize an event or simply need a day planner, this is a versatile app you can count on.

For an engaging event planning, Planner Pro is able to sync with Google calendar and events. It also supports a full recurring period so that you don’t need to do the same tasks for many times. With the ability to add, edit, and delete events, this app is highly flexible and customizable. Not to mention it supports five different statuses for your tasks and projects.

Do you want to take notes with Planner Pro? Enjoy unlimited number of notes with high flexibility, providing you with convenience to add, edit, or delete notes. Other features coming with this app include full records searching, well-designed interface and various options of module. Planner Pro is available in free and premium version. To unlock more features, subscribe to the premium version starting from $1.99.

3. Evernote


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Developed by Evernote Corporation, this event planning app has been widely used in all over the world. It boasts advanced features to improve your event-planning experience like scan handwritten notes or input typed notes. It also comes with basic features like adding to-do lists, photos, web pages, images, audio, and anything you want.

Evernote is not a tool, it is a partner. This versatile app keeps your work organized, thanks to the support of various formats for notes and the use of camera to scan, organize, or digitize your paper document. Additionally, it can serve as a digital notepad to express all your thoughts so you will never lose ideas anymore.

Among the highlight features of this app is sync-ability across devices. You can sync almost everything on Evernote to your devices like computer, tablet, and phone. With a passcode lock, you are the only one who accesses the information. But if you have an important thing to share, do it effortlessly with a share tool. Whether you want to discuss with partners or collaborate, Evernote makes everything easier.

4. Asana


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Are you working with teams? Asana can be a perfect collaboration app to ensure everyone in your team is clear what to do and how to do the project. As an Editor’s Choice, this tool is powerful to improve your productivity through a number of features. Not only can you get a clear picture of the project, but it also helps push everyone in a positive way.

This app allows you to see project status, whether it is on track, at risk, or even off track. If the project owners don’t post any status updates, you can request and stay updated. To make sure everything is fine with the projects, this app lets you clarify the level of priority of each task. And you will get notified once the task is completed.

What’s more? Asana facilitates smooth coordination with anyone in one shared space to minimize miscommunication. To help you work in flexibility, it lets you switch views between calendar, list, and kanban board. If you like what it brings, join millions of users worldwide and download the app on your Android or iOS device.

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5. Google Task

Google Tasks

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Google Tasks is among the best event planning apps to get more done. This is a full-featured tool that helps you manage, edit, and capture tasks from anywhere, thanks to the sync-ability with all devices. Besides, it boasts high flexibility as it supports integrations with Google Calendar and Gmail. Now you can do the tasks faster and better.

As a powerful event planning app, Google Tasks has a multitude of features. With the ability to create task lists and manage tasks, it allows you to capture tasks from anywhere and any device. Also, it lets you add details about the work, break down the tasks, and edit details if needed. To help you stay on track, you can set a due date and organize tasks by date.

Another thing to love about Google Tasks is the ability to view tasks you have created from email. After creating tasks, you can view in the side panel of your Gmail and trace it back to the source email. Take control of your task and download Google Tasks on Android or iOS devices.

6. Event Planner

Event Planner

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Only for Android users, Event Planner can be a useful app to help organize your tasks. This app is very simple and lightweight, yet it has great functionalities to assist you host a birthday party or wedding event. With this app, you can manage guest lists, invitations, and RSVPs.

Event Planner comes with a set of features to organize various events. Aside from the ability to manage guest lists and invitations, you can arrange to-do list, shopping list and budget planner. Everything you need to be a good host is here.

Other interesting features is that it allows you to switch between events. If you plan to hold two or more parties, you can copy guest lists for time-efficiency. This app is available for free but it offers in-app purchases.

7. Bridestory


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If you are looking for a wedding-specified event planning app, Bridestory helps handle your wedding event. In this app, you can find a multitude of wedding professionals and millions of wedding ideas to realize your dream. With Bridestory, finding the best wedding vendor is only a matter of browsing.

Not only can you find professional and experienced wedding vendors, but you can also connect with them and discuss anything about weddings. If you have made a deal with a vendor, this app offers Bridestory Pay that enables you to make a secure payment.

More other features to find in this app is Bridestory Store and Deals where you can get cashback promo and up to 40% OFF. To learn more about wedding preparation, this planner provides you with thousands of articles about wedding planning tips. And if you want to adopt unique wedding inspirations, Bridestory has a lot of ideas to blow your mind.

8. Event Manager

Event Manager

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This is an easy-to-use event planning app that boasts the ability to manage and organize events without too much effort. The tool is ideal for event organizers that need to record attendees, manage ticketing, and many more. With this app, you can also manage organizer profiles as well as track event page visits and figure out the revenue generated.

Event Manager features a dashboard that shows the event’s performance graph with important information, including the number of attendees, revenue, total views, and sold tickets. Besides, this app lets you view event details and keep a record for every attendee of the event. You can also scan ticket through QR code sent to the attendee.

In addition to features, this event planning app comes with Check-ins that allows you to check between visitors who actually join the event and those who don’t. The best part, Event Manager helps promote an event only with a touch of a button. Whether you want to organize a concert, seminar, or other events, this professional tool has everything needed by every event organizer.

9. Party & Event Planner Lite

Party & Event Planner Lite

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If you are planning to host a party in a short future, this app will help you prepare everything. Party & Event Planner Lite enables you to calculate party countdown and manage necessary tasks, ensuring you don’t miss a thing. This app comes with a reminder feature that will tell you when to start the first tasks, thanks to push notification that keeps you notified.

Like other party planning apps, it is designed with a feature to arrange guestlists. Codes are used to help you determine visitors’ categories, including family, friends, colleagues, and others. As budget plays a significant role in the success of your party, this app enables you to monitor expenses with an integrated calculator. This expense planner can be customized as desired.

Party & Event Planner Lite is getting better with a feature to estimate quantities of drink based on your preferences. Simply input information like party duration, drinking behavior, and drink selection and let this app do the job. There are many other features to enjoy like details for each task and link to social media platforms. If you like it, install this free app on your iOS device.

Whether you plan to host a party or simply need to organize your life with day planner, the best event planning apps above will make everything easier. Find your favorite tool and good luck with your event!

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