18 Best Numerology Apps for Android and iOS

Best Numerology Apps

Numerology has been around for a while. Focusing on the mystical relationship between numbers and coinciding events, many people have used this analysis system to find out their future love life, finance, health, and more. If you believe in numbers, the best numerology apps are available to download.

When browsing through the internet, you will find copious numerology applications to figure out your fate, character traits, and future. However, getting the best one can be a real struggle so you may need a good reference to help you with the task. Just keep scrolling!

Best Numerology Apps for Android and iOS

We have put together numerology apps that really work to reveal hidden truths about your life and future. The following applications have helped many users solve their problems and get to know more about themselves. If you want to join the crowd, here’s the list for you.

1. Teledipity


Teledipity offers a unique way to read your personality and reveal your forecasts. Featuring a deep analysis of numbers adopted from the old system of Pythagoras, it helps answer any questions about romantic life, finance, and anything you need to know. 

This free numerology application highlights written numerology forecasts that provides an in-depth look at the current year of your life. You will also find character analysis report, personalized motivational podcasts, and even book recommendations you should read.

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2. World Numerology Collection

World Numerology Collection

Designed for Android-based and iOS-based devices, this numerology app analyzes up to 18 different numerology readings. With instant access, you can enjoy daily forecasts, chart calculators, and 8-page personal readings.

What makes this best numerology app different is that it features a complete collection of Hans Decoz, a Dutch numerologist. It also comes loaded with unlimited relationship profiles with which you can check your compatibility with anyone.

This application also includes more types of numerology report than other software. Best of all, it is ad-free!

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3. Numeroscope


Reveal the hidden secrets of your name and birth date with Numeroscope. It provides you with calculation to help you better understand your true self, allowing you to make the most of your potential. Not to mention it offers daily forecasts for guidance and advice on a daily basis.

In this app, you can find several elements like daily predictions, lucky numbers, horoscope, and favorable colors. It also features destiny numbers that reveal how you express feelings, emotions, and thoughts to achieve your goal.

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4. Secret of Numbers

Secret of Numbers

The secret of Numbers is a numerology calculator providing you with a number of charts, including temperament chart, birthday chart, personal chart, and more. Using this app, you can expect details like number interpretation, calculation algorithm, and chart download.

There are other numerology frame structures to be calculated precisely using this application, such as achievement crossroad number, dominant pair numbers, balance pair numbers, and more. What’s interesting is that it allows compatibility calculation between two people.

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5. Numerology & Biorhythm

Numerology & Biorhythm

If you are looking for a numerology app to calculate numbers then Numerology & Biorhythm is here for you. With the ability to calculate life path number, personality number, birth day number, lucky number, and many more, it helps reveal hidden secrets of your life.

Unlike horoscope and tarot psychics reading, this application combines mathematical system and human nature. It helps answer the questions in your life, not to mention it helps you discover more about yourself.

Additionally, it highlights Daily Biorhythm Guide with which you’ll get scores for physical state, intellectual state, and emotional state. For a better understanding, this app provides a guide and explanation for each number.

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6. Numerology


The numerology app by MS Jain Group is among the best numerology apps that includes different elements like suitable name number, lucky numbers, unsuitable colors, predictions, and more. Featuring an intuitive interface, calculating numbers made simple and easy.

This application uses genuine mathematics used by ancestors. Simply submit your name and date of birth then hit the Calculate button. The Numerology app will do the difficult part and provide you with an analysis report. Now you can learn more about yourself.

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7. Complete Numerology Readings

Complete Numerology Readings

Enjoy a unique experience of numerology readings with this numerology application. Only with your name and date of birth, you can reveal important aspects that may affect your life. Whether you want to discover the best career or find a soulmate, Complete Numerology Readings can help you out.

This particular app will analyze your birth date and full name before giving the results. You can find different elements like birth number, destiny number, soul number, and more. Everything you need to know about your life is here.

When it comes to features, this app has much to offer. Besides knowing the meaning of numbers in your life, it helps you get analysis of name initials. It also has different categories added, such as wealth path, fashion style, career path, and love life.

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8. My Name Meaning Numerology

My Name Meaning Numerology

This is one of the best numerology apps to calculate the meaning of your name. Using this app, all you have to do is type your name into the provided field and hit the Submit button. Wait for a moment and it will provide you with your name meaning based on Pythagorean calculation and analysis.

The first letter of your name hides a big secret—different letters have different meaning. That’s why you need to reveal the hidden secret behind your name to optimize your potential. For instance, if your name starts with E, N, or W, that means you’re attractive and versatile.

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9. Our Numerology

Our Numerology

Our Numerology is a numerology calculator, chart, and forecast to know your personality better. Designed in cooperation with numerologists, this is one of the best applications to change your life—it helps discover your potential so you can make the most of it.

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This app includes different aspects like personality number, expression number, life path number, and more. It also features a numerological calculator for calculating and analyzing important numbers in your life.

Our Numerology is free to download but it offers a Pro version. When you upgrade to the Pro version, you will get additional features like period cycles, tree of life, pinnacle cycles, potentials, no ads, and unlimited profiles for checking compatibility.

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10. Numerology Calculator

Numerology Calculator

Next on the list, Numerology Calculator is among the best numerology apps made to figure out the secrets of your personality. Only with your name and date of birth, it allows you to discover your true self so you can make the most of it.

Adopting the ancient analysis of numerical value of letter in names or words, this application comes packed with a number of features. Simply submit your name and date of birth then press Submit. It will analyze your numerology and provide descriptions on birthday impact, expression number, and more.

What’s interesting about this app is that it is curated by numerologist. If you are looking for an application you can count on, Numerology Calculator should be on your list.

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11. Numerology


Numerology by Everyday Tarot Reading is one of the best free numerology apps designed for Android. Adopting the system credited to Pythagoras, this app lets you figure out a complete numerology analysis including birth number, attitude, expression, and more.

Numerology has a complete set of features. It highlights name calculator, life path number, love compatibility, attitude number, soul urge number, numerology chart, and more. Whichever element you want to know, this app is here for you.

Additionally, daily affirmation is one of key features brought to your table. With this feature, you will receive positive reminders to encourage and motivate yourself. Overall, this is a simple app that may change your entire life.

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12. Numerology Rediscover Yourself

Numerology Rediscover Yourself

In numerology, it is believed that numbers and date of birth hide a big secret of your life. Revealing this secret allows you to understand yourself so you can optimize your potential and talents as well as overcome your shortcomings.

Just like other numerology apps, it provides personal year, month, and day. You can also find numerology forecast chart that gives a forecast of events for a given day, month, and year. Everything you need to rediscover your life purpose is just right here.

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13. Numerology


Astroyogi Numerology is a functional numerology reading that provides yearly, weekly, and daily numerology predictions. Thanks to insightful predictions, you can find out how certain numbers give you luck and change your life.

It also features numerology daily horoscope that comes alongside with the lucky time of the day. Using this app, you can add meaning to your life and get motivated to start a new day although different challenges await.

What’s more, it offers a weekly numerology horoscope, numerology number, life path number, and personality traits number. The least mentioned offers an accurate sense of your personality.

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14. Complete Numerology

Complete Numerology

Developed by Touchzing Media, this numerology application allows you to figure out big secrets behind your date of birth and name. Get to know the important thing in your life, so you can make the best decision in your life.

This life-changing app works according to the Pythagoras system—it lets you find out life path number and birth number that defines your future and personality. Destiny number and soul number can be analyzed using this modest application.

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15. Numerology & Astrology

Numerology & Astrology

If you believe in the mystical relationship between numbers and human’s life then Numerology & Astrology is made just for you. Using this app, you can analyze your date of birth and name to find out your destiny, challenges of life, and opportunities.

Discover hidden secrets like destiny number, characteristics number, test number, birthday number, and many other numbers in a single app. It also provides you with birth chart, astrology forecasts, and Chinese horoscope.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, this best numerology app is completely accessible to every user. Simply choose your numerology number and see how it changes your life.

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16. Numerology: Real Love Test

Numerology: Real Love Test

Numbers are not just numbers. People have different numbers in their lives, which means they have different fate to live. If you believe in the secret of numbers, Numerology: Real Love Test is great to take into your consideration.

All you have to do is submit your name and date of birth then hit the Calculate button. This app will do its job and provide you with useful information about your hidden secrets. Besides, it features a biorhythm calculator with different options like spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, and many more.

This app is free to download but the developer offers a premium subscription for advanced features. Calculate your number and find out your fate with this numerology app.

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17. Numerology HD Lite

Numerology HD Lite

Your powerful numerology app is here. Designed for iOS-based devices, this app allows you to learn the art of numerology and figure out the positive and negative sides of your life. Know yourself better and optimize your biggest potential in life.

Numerology Lite is a free application that comes loaded with numerological calculator. Combining western numerology, name calculator, innovative psycho matrix, and today’s forecast, this is a useful application for revealing your numbers.

When using the latest version, you can expect improved interface and bug fixes. It is also compatible with new devices.

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18. Pocket Numerology Pro

Pocket Numerology Pro

Last but not least, here’s Pocket Numerology Pro that combines Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology calculator. It comes loaded with useful features, such as a personal daily forecast that enables you to check personal day, month, and year.

With this app, you can add names as many as you want. Feel free to switch between Pythagorean and Chaldean calculator at any time according to your preference. This app is available in English but it also supports other languages like German, Spanish, Italian, and many alphabet languages.

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Calculating your numbers helps reveal hidden secrets you’ve never known before. Pick the best numerology apps to get the job done and know yourself better. Many people have successfully improved their lives with numerology apps and now it’s your turn.

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