13 Best Terraform Alternatives & Similar Tools

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Best Terraform Alternatives

IT automation tools have become a staple in today’s world and Terraform happens to be one of the most popular brands out there. However, you should take a look at other Terraform alternatives since they offer more than you can imagine.

The presence of IT automation tools is crucial to keep your business running smoothly. Other than speeding up the process and cutting those unnecessary mistakes, technology helps all business owners save up to 50 percent of their time.

As mentioned earlier, Terraform might be one of the most well-known tools that take care of IT automation stuff. As excellent as it sounds, this platform has a few flaws that might come up as a deal-breaker.

Moreover, if you are looking for tools like Terraform, this list below will be an excellent place to take a look.

Best Terraform Alternatives

Terraform itself delivers an excellent job when it comes to IT automation solutions. All configuration management needs will be handled and taken care of by this platform.

It comes with an intuitive UI design and useful tools to manage your work. Other than that, the infrastructure allows you to apply the solution on multiple cloud platforms.

As an open-source IaC, this platform enables the function to control various cloud services by using a CLI. HashiCorp competitors will find it hard to beat Terraform, after all. It has several beneficial features, including:

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, OpenBSD, Solaris, and FreeBSD.
  • Developing new resources and taking care of the existing plans will be effortless, especially during the lifecycle process.
  • Through the HCL language, you can provide descriptions by using blocks, arguments, and even expressions.
  • Using this tool means human error is dramatically reduced.
  • Better and more unified workflow.

Of course, Terraform is such an excellent platform. However, many other options await you on the market. Below is a list of some other IT automation solutions you should give a try.

1. Jenkins


Terraform vs Jenkins is such a popular keyword on search engines. Of course, these two have a sharp reputation through various functions and benefits offered by each name.

Jenkins itself is an automation server that allows both organizations and developers to create, test, and distribute a digital program. Other than that, this platform integrates with various tools to analyze any aspect when it comes to application project creations.

This platform uses Java language, which is quite popular for users in general. More than anything, you can use Jenkins in almost any mainstream operating system.

Other than its ease of use, this platform is suitable for CI/CD processes and accessible through various tools. You should give Jenkins a try, especially if you are looking for an automation tool that doesn’t require a specific skill set to be operated.

2. Kubernetes


Kubernetes is not a Terraform free alternative but it is an open-sourced program. It means that you can modify this platform as much as you like.

As an IT automation tool, Kubernetes will take care of your projects effortlessly. Besides distributing and managing your project automatically, this platform helps scale any containerized apps too.

By that, you can have simplified communications in the first place. You might need super complex needs when it comes to creating software. Fortunately, Kubernetes will accommodate almost anything.

One of the most exciting features offered by this platform is the ability to migrate your work to several places, such as public cloud infrastructure, hybrid, and on-premises. So, why don’t you give this one a try, after all?

3. Ansible


What if you put Terraform vs Ansible? Which one is going to win? Well, it depends on your needs and priorities in the first place but you better check out some features offered by Ansible.

Generally, this platform is one of the best free automation tools on the market. Even though it comes with free services, you can always upgrade your subscription for premium features.

Through this tool, you can distribute programs, make the patches, set the updates automatically, comply, and manage everything at once. As an excellent IT automation solution, you can develop your software without dealing with the hassle.

It features fast deployment and you can connect your work to several CI/DC solutions – Jenkins, for instance. And when you have to release your product, you don’t need to deal with the complicated steps.

4. Attune


So, what is better than Terraform? Even though the answer may vary – depending on your preference – it is safe to say that Attune is a better replacement to consider.

This platform is generally offering similar features to Terraform but it has several worth considering features. Other than automating the process to develop and distribute an app or software, Attune has better security on many levels.

Other than that, it can accelerate the digital transformation for faster deployment. The program is written in Python and comes in intuitive UI design.

As a cross-platform solution, you can use Attune on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Other than executing by using Python language, Attune also works with Bash, Perl, PL/SQL scripts, and Execute SQL too.

5. Vagrant


Talking about Terraform competitors, Vagrant deserves a spot on the top-10 list, for sure. This software helps you create and organize the project you are making by using a single tool.

It comes with a series of features that allow smoother production parity, boosts environment development and minimizes errors. Vagrant utilizes a VM-controlled environment. It also means that you can automate almost any process during the process of creating an app.

To boost productivity, you can integrate this tool with other solutions, such as Puppet, Ansible, Salt, and Chef. Other than that, this tool is operable through all mainstream operating systems.

All in all, Vagrant is one of the robust alternatives to Terraform. Thus, if you are looking for an excellent automation tool, this one is worth a shot.

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6. SaltStack


When it comes to the Terraform similar tools, there are quite a several names you better keep your eyes on. On the other hand, SaltStack is one of those best tools for you who need an IT automation tool other than Terraform.

SaltStack is a Python-based tool that comes up with cloud, on-premises, and hybrid infrastructure management. Of course, you can set any command remotely. You can even pick between agent-based and agentless environments, as you need.

With this tool, every process can be set automatically, from detecting to responding. This tool is quite beneficial for those who run a complex environment with bigger sizes.

The Salt Master parameter is an excellent feature that allows you to connect to various masters at once. All in all, SaltStack is a gem you better consider.

7. Puppet


If you are looking for a decent tool to manage installation, configuration, and management matters on your servers, Puppet is a great tool to invest in. It accommodates deployment, compliance, and configuration management continuously and automatically.

This platform puts security and privacy on top priorities by implementing the Master-Slave architecture. Puppet, on the other hand, is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Unix-like operating systems.

Just like most automation tools, this is a way to reduce human error significantly. Puppet will help you to focus on your business while boosting consistency and compliance.

8. Chef


Chef vs Terraform, which one is better, though? Generally, Chef is a configuration management tool.

As its name suggests, it manages configurations through various servers. This platform is used by thousands of users across the globe. It comes with a good track record, that’s why.

Chef also accommodates the connection to all components to make an effortless installation process. Of course, it won’t require any manual intervention in the first place.

This platform implements Erlang-based DSLs and Ruby to boost both flexibility and consistency in business. You can use its cloud services for a more flexible process.

Since it has a wide array of servers, you don’t need to worry about stability issues. Regardless of your business, Chef will be a perfect IT automation tool.

9. BMC Control M

BMC Control M

When it comes to the best alternatives to Terraform in terms of a workflow orchestration solution, BMC Control-M deserves a spot too. It provides solutions to organize your business applications.

Other than that, you can migrate the entire thing to Azure and AWS for simplified workflow across platforms. The work of this tool is quite automatic. All you need is to create a workflow that automates a script and later the system will carry out the process.

More than anything, all tasks that require a repetitive process will be taken care of by this platform. Thus, you can focus more on your business instead of the system in the first place.

10. Pulumi


So, what’s going to happen if you put Pulumi vs Terraform? Essentially, Pulumi is a modern solution for IaC matters. The most interesting thing about this platform is that you can use any familiar programming language and Pulumi will take care of the rest.

As an open-sourced tool, this platform is effortless to manage. It also allows you to integrate your work with any CI/CD tool that works best for your project.

Pulumi is also the best choice if you want to integrate your work with popular cloud services. It offers free services and you would love how quality this platform is.

11. Morpheus


Morpheus is obviously not a free alternative to Terraform but it provides robust automation solutions for your business. According to users, this platform provides solutions through the available data.

Later, the system will advise you to make and take automatic decisions so that you can focus more on the business strategy in the first place. Other than that, Morpheus is an excellent choice for those who prefer a seamless integration with other platforms.

By using this tool, you can optimize the response time, which reduces costs significantly. It is safe to say that this cloud service is one of the best on the market, as long as you are willing to spend your money on it.

12. CloudBolt


Have you heard about CloudBolt? This tool is quite popular among IT masters and it comes with both free and free-trial versions.

This one is one of the best Terraform cloud alternatives you can find out there. IT masters love this platform due to its powerful ability to keep signs of disparity at bay while maintaining cloud diversity at once.

Despite its amazing features, CloudBlot remains a user-friendly portal that comes with a self-service method. Of course, all repetitive tasks will be taken care of by this platform.

All you need to do is to set the rule and the system will carry on. Since it comes with a free trial, you should give it a try before committing to its paid services.

13. CoreStack


According to many users, this platform provides an automation solution that will help reduce your costs during the process. Thus, if you rely on cloud services for your business, be sure to use CoreStack because it can optimize the entire process, which leads to a more affordable cost to pay.

As a self-service tool, all you need is available on the dashboard. Both UI design and tools are very user-friendly, which suit most users with different skill levels.

Other than that, CoreStack supports integration with several companies, such as Azure, Amazon, and many more. You better give this tool a try, especially if all you need is optimizing the time used for carrying out the entire process.


Using IT automation tools allows you to speed up the process, provide accuracy, and increase efficiency in the workplace. Choosing a decent IT automation tool is a must, especially if your business has a lot to do with the cloud system.

More than anything, Terraform is such an excellent tool. This platform offers robust services and powerful functions to manage help with your work.

However, some other options above definitely give you an idea, right? Just like picking a crucial item in general, you better know what you expect from an IT automation solution. After that, you can decide which Terraform alternatives accommodate your needs on many levels.

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