11 Best Comic Apps Like Webtoon & Similar Apps

by Haya Barnard

Best Manga / Comic Apps Like Webtoon

The Webtoons app has become a trend in the past few years. Today, everyone can be a creator and others can check out those workpieces as well. One of the ways to enjoy what artists have created is by using apps like Webtoon.

Even though Webtoon is considered the most popular app to read comics or manga, you have plenty of options out there. Also, other platforms come with different stories, which will be fun for those who love reading new stories every time.

11 Best Manga / Comic Apps Like Webtoon for Android and iOS

Webtoon was born because most of Korea’s cartoon books were only available on hardcopy options. While it was great, the condition was just not in line with the current trend – people use their smartphones for almost anything.

Thus, Webtoon was born. People love this platform because they can read various comics for free. Also, lots of artists around the world can contribute and make the platform become more popular.

So, if you are one of those people who love to read novels, comics, and other fun literature online then you should check other apps too. You might be surprised by the number of apps that allow you to read comics for free – and with a fee for some – other than Webtoon.

Below is a list of more apps like Webtoon you can download and use on your smartphone. Check out the features and enjoy the stories too!

1. Tapas


Are you looking for a free alternative to Webtoon? Well, Webtoon is not the only platform that provides free comics and services – Tapas does too.

Other than hosting comics, you can also read novels with regular updates. Thus, if you are a person who doesn’t like to wait for long then this app would suit your reading style. According to users, Tapas has a list of binge-worthy stories that make you won’t stop.

Also, it has at least 61,000 creators who create their comics in English. By that, the content on this platform is more accessible to everyone. Just like most popular digital comic platforms, Tapas offers various genres that will amuse the readers.

As mentioned earlier, most comics are free. However, some creators make some of their comics VIP. You have to use free episode tickets or buy Tapas ink. Still, everything on this platform is quite affordable.

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2. WebComics


For those who look for more apps similar to Webtoon then WebComics should be on your list. This app is another popular tool you can use to read new collections of comics, manga, and other stories. The best part is that you can use WebComics both on iOS and Android.

Other than hosting popular titles and various genres, WebComics also offers exciting new features and services. According to users, the most impressive things about this platform include 1080HD strips, faster loading speed, and numerous licensed comics.

WebComics is highly popular due to various reasons. One of them is being accessible for lots of users from various countries. It supports multiple languages, including but not limited to Thai, English, Chinese, and Indonesian.

Are you curious about this app? Go download WebComics on the Play Store or App Store. However, it’s not a free app. You have to sign up for paid subscriptions to enjoy all the features and services offered.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

3. Webnovel


As its name suggests, Webnovel is home to tons of novels. This platform is free to download and use. Other than being available on the Play Store and App Store, you can access the website from your favorite browser.

Webnovel offers a different experience to enjoying novels. By using this app, you can read and listen to novels unlimitedly, every day. You can say that this platform is one of Webtoon similar apps but for novels.

It comes with a series of tools that allow you to find, save, and share what you are currently reading on social media platforms. As for now, this app is available and accessible in at least 80 countries around the world.

In case you have popular novel collections and want to translate them into another language, Webnovel offers legal services for that. So, why don’t you give this app a try? It will be a perfect thing to do to spend your free time.

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4. MangaToon


If you are looking for a manhwa app iOS platforms then you should give MangaToon a try. This app hosts comics, manhua, manga, and manhwa for free. Also, it has numerous genres you can explore. Sounds interesting, right?

Other than providing daily updates, all materials you’ve found on this platform support multiple languages. Thus, MangaToon is accessible to all in the first place. You can subscribe to a creator or series to always get updates.

MangaToon hosts competitions and challenges regularly. You can get coupons and points which can be used to unlock episodes or features. This may make you more challenged to read, right?

All in all, MangaToon is a perfect app to alter Webtoon, especially if you look for an alternative for manga and manhwa. Even though this hosts many free comics, some episodes are locked. As mentioned earlier, you have to use points to unlock them.

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5. Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited

As its name suggests, this platform hosts various titles about Marvel. Yet, Marvel Limited is the best android comic reader with a specific niche. This platform, on the other hand, is an alternative for those who cannot purchase the hardcopy of Marvel comics.

Other than accessing content that is shown on the home page, you can search for comics and other content by typing the creators or titles. However, you have to pay subscriptions to enjoy all comics and novels on this app.

Once you’ve signed up for this app’s paid subscription, you can enjoy all features unlimitedly. This is such a good deal for Marvel fans.

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6. Lezhin


Have you heard of Lezhin? This app is a South Korean webtoon portal. Yet, the services are available in English, Korean, and Japanese. Everyone can access this portal easily, for sure. This app is generally one of the apps like Webtoon free.

However, some comics may require you to buy coins to unlock. Still, this platform is worth considering in many ways. One of the best things is that you can sync your account on various devices. Thus, your purchases, reading lists, and current reading pages won’t disappear even if you change devices.

Just like most apps on this list, the comics and novels are regularly updated. You can access free comics without creating an account. However, an account is necessary if you want to unlock paid episodes. Signing up for its paid services will never disappoint. All content comes in HD quality and lots of genres are available. You should check this app for sure.

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7. Dark Horse

Dark Horse

Dark Horse has become one of the best apps for comics for years now – this platform has been around for almost three decades, after all. There are plenty of genres and titles that you should explore.

Until today, there are at least 5,000 books and webcomics in the Dark Horse library collections. This app is simply great, especially if you like classic comics, famous movies, and popular games.

Most content is free but you can sign up for the app’s paid subscriptions for more features. Just like other apps on this list, you can share what you are currently reading on various social media platforms.

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8. Manga Dogs

Manga Dogs

Another digital comic platform you should give a try is Manga Dogs. Through this app, you can follow your favorite manga and get the latest updates. Other than that, you have a platform to interact with other users.

However, this app is only available on the App Store. Thus, if you are using iOS devices, you have to check this platform to read manga and other comics. All content published on this platform is free but you have to deal with ads, after all.

Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy a no-ads experience then you have to pay USD5.99 annually. Manga Dogs surely offers a new way to enjoy comics, which is quite fun, especially for webtoon lovers around the world.

Download on the App Store

9. Izneo


Izneo is surely the comics app android that you’ve been looking for. You can read tons of comics both online and offline. The pictures are in HD quality and the loading time is pretty speedy. Also, this platform is accessible on Android, iOS, and PC.

However, Izneo is not a free app. The developer requires the readers to pay USD7.99 per month to enjoy the content on this app. Yet, if you love reading quality digital comics then you would love using Izneo.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

10. Graphite Comics

Graphite Comics

Not many comic apps free that you may find on the Play Store and App Store. However, Graphite Comics tries to provide the best services without requiring you to pay anything in the first place.

Generally, this app offers both free and paid stuff. And through this platform, you can read various types of comics, from the traditional ones to comic strips. Also, there is no daily limitation to accessing the content on this platform.

Recently, Graphite Comics delivers comics in more than 60 languages. Also, there are tons of comic collections you can read for free. In case you want to try the ad-free experience then you should pay USD4.99 per month.

If you love reading comics and want to have more options to read then you should give this platform a try, for sure.

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11. Manta Comics

Manta Comics

You surely will find many comic apps like Webtoon on the Play Store and App Store. Yet, Manta Comics is one of the most reliable ones you can get nowadays. By using this app, you can always read your favorite comic anytime.

Even though you can always use this app for free, lots of limitations may arise. Thus, you better sign up for Manta Comics’ paid subscription. Being part of the subscription allows you to binge-read and get rid of spamming ads in the first place. You have to give this app a try to enjoy quality webtoons, after all.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

And that is everything you need to know about the best app to read comics both for iOS and Android platforms. Technology makes everything possible. One of the benefits of technology is shifting the trend from comic books into comic apps.

Many of the apps mentioned on the list are free, after all. Thus, feel free to get the one you like the most and share it with your friends. By knowing other apps like Webtoon to read comics and other stories, there is no reason if your days are boring now.

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