13 Best Dog Walking Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Dog Walking Apps

Busy dog parents often need help to walk their dogs. If you don’t have time to walk your pups but still want to maintain their health then using a dog walking service can be a brilliant solution. Simply download the best dog walking apps on your Android or iPhone and get connected to the service provider.

Currently, so many platforms offer dog walking service, pet sitting service, and the like. These mobile apps commonly have a set of features that allow dog owners to check walker’s background, make appointment, and so forth. Read on and find your favorite dog walking app.

Best Dog Walking Apps for Android and iOS

You might have ever heard about Wag and Rover. These platforms are undoubtedly the most widely used apps among dog parents but there are many other choices available on the market. Take a closer look at the following list and make a choice.

1. Rover


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Rover is the world’s most popular dog sitting and dog walking app designed for iOS. It comes packed with a set of powerful features that give you some peace of mind when using their service.

Using this app you can expect photo updates from dog walkers or dog sitters. It is also featured with GPS tracking that enables you to track dog’s walk. Anytime you want to message sitters, Rover has a built-in tool designed just for you.

How to use the service is completely easy. Simply enter your location and choose a service. Answer questions about your pup and choose a dog walker. Before that, you can check their reviews, profile pictures, and background. What’s great about Rover is that it offers a secure booking and payment.

2. Wag!


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Wag! is a top Silicon Valley-based app for pet parents. It offers trusted pet care services such as dog walking, vet care, and pet sitting. The nationwide service allows you to enjoy convenient booking for pet care in your neighborhood.

Busy parents can choose between two dog walking models that meet different personalities of their pups. Friendly Furball is a popular offering that allows your canine to walk with different walkers. For your shy dogs, Wag! offers Picky Pooch which sends the same walker each day.

The dog walker app is equipped with a number of features. Not only can you monitor pup’s location in real time, you can also expect photos, report card, and bathroom updates. Best of all, a portion of your book in this app helps feed shelter dogs in your local area.

3. Barkly Pets

Barkly Pets

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Finding a trained dog walker in your neighborhood made simple with Barkly Pets. Dedicated to pet parents, it specializes in scheduled, daily walks to get you the same dog walker each and every day. Whether you have a shy pup or pet with special needs then Barkly Pets is built just for you.

All walkers in this app are background checked to make sure they can meet your highest standard. If necessary, you can schedule free meetings with local walkers before booking. Service is available every day from 6 AM to 10 PM.

Barkly Pets highlights seamless scheduling that allows you to view walker’s schedule for the best schedule. Not to mention it offers secure booking and payment for your convenience.

4. Fetch!


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Fetch is a trusted dog walking and pet sitting app used nationwide. This platform is available for any client currently subscribed to My Fetch software. Designed with easy to use and intuitive interface, pet care clients can get the most out of it.

This dog walking jobs app is basically a pro pet care service offering high quality care to your pets. Each of pet care providers is background checked and trained. They also have excellent reviews from their clients, thus you can use their services with peace of mind.

Users can expect adorable photos and videos of pets, potty updates, and GPS tracking. You will also receive provider arrival and departure times and journal notes of every visit.

5. Amiko


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Are you looking for an app to upgrade your dog walking time? Then Amiko is surely for you. This simple app is loaded with fun features to make the walk more enjoyable for the canine and you. Many dog owners have trusted their walks to Amiko and you might be interested to be part of them.

This tool enables you to save your walks and view detailed information, such as distance, walks, and duration. If you love taking pictures, capture your dog and share with your loved ones.

Plus, it allows you to keep track of the dog’s potty time. You can find out when and where you canine likes to pee and poo.

6. Tractive


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Tractive Dog Walk is designed for pet parents who want to track daily walks with their pups. Unlike dog walking apps that connect you to walkers, this platform is created to improve your dog walking experience.

Using this app you can record the route, duration, and distance of each walk with GPS. Take photos and share your walk experience with an easy sharing feature. Designed with a user-friendly interface, this tool is incredibly easy to use.

What’s more, Tractive Dog Walk enables you to log your pup’s pees and poops during a walk. Log where the dog made it, thus you can find out where the pup usually goes potty. This is a helpful app for dog parents who need to create everlasting memories with their pets. Unfortunately, you need to buy their device to use all features.

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7. DogHero


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Adopting a pup can be a challenging experience. DogHero is designed to simplify your roles of being a dog parent, particularly for dog walking and dog sitting jobs.

Using the service of DogHero allows you to track dog’s walk in real time via app. You can find potential walkers nearby and read clients review before making an appointment. Payment can be securely made through the app and you can get back to your business with peace of mind.

What’s great about DogHero is that it offers health expense refund, especially if you’re using their boarding service. You can also expect photo and video updates either during boarding or walking.

 As one of trusted pet care service, DogHero is supported by experienced hosts and walkers. Over 98% of them get 5-stars on clients’ reviews, showing their satisfaction with the service.

8. Pawshake


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Pawshake is one of the best dog walking apps that connects you with thousands of dog walkers worldwide. Millions of dog parents have trusted their pups’ walk to this app, thanks to experienced dog walkers it offers.

Here’s how to get started. Download Pawshake on your Android or iOS and search for a walker that meets your preferences. Contact the walker and schedule a meeting for free before you book.

Pawshake has a lot of things to offer, from five-star walkers in your local area to detailed walker profiles and free walker contact. Whenever you find the perfect walker, book and pay securely from your mobile device.

Well, unexpected things can happen anytime. If you need to cancel the booking, Pawshake has easy cancellation process without rebooking or change fees.

9. PetBacker


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

PetBacker helps you connect with dog walkers, pet sitters, and groomers without fuss. This cool platform allows you to discover nearby pet community and pet care services to take care of your dogs, cats, or other pets when you’re not available.

A trusted pet sitter or dog walker you hire will send you photos, thus you can share with family and friends. You can also join pet loving community and share anything about your loved pets.

The on-demand dog walking platform allows you to find experienced dog walkers in your neighborhood. Whenever you need a service, Petbacker will find a match instantly. Interested walkers will apply for the job via text and you decide.

10. DoTimely


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Pet care service is an enticing business. If you have a plan to join the market and run your own pet business then DoTimely is just for you. This app helps with scheduling and invoicing for pet sitting, dog walking, and grooming businesses.

The cloud-based management tool allows you to access the software from any device. Walkers can take benefits from this mobile app to do GPS track for dog’s walk and add note and photos for the reports. Your clients will get notification when the walk is started.

Additionally, walkers can utilize this app to look up the stat and info about the dog or client and see if there is any special note added. Overall, DoTimely is a cool dog walking app for anyone who’s interested to run this business.

11. Paway


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Do you need some tips and safety alerts to walk your canine safely? Look no further. Paway is the best free dog walking app that gives you access to a helpful pet parents community and pro dog walkers.

The community members are happy to share neighborhood tips and safety alerts in real time to keep you and your pup safe. Having this app on your device makes dog walking more enjoyable and stress free, thanks to abundant features it has.

Using Paway you can track dog’s daily walk by duration, distance, and route. It also tracks dog’s potty time and area. And if you love to share the walk with your family and friends, simply take photos and videos and hit the share button.

The best thing about Paway is that it can help users find lost dog. There’s a particular feature for helping dog owners reunite with their pets. If you can help, tap the button and share any information that you know.

12. Scout


Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Besides DoTimely, Scout is an ultimate app for running a professional dog walking, pet sitting, and grooming businesses. The app is designed with a user-friendly interface for a seamless user’s experience. Use it together with Scout platform enjoy your time giving pet care services.

Scout features integrated billing, scheduling, and staff-customer management to make sure your business run smoothly. It has all the details that you need to provide the clients with professional service, from daily schedule to appointment check-ins and easy report cards.

View your schedules both past and present to make sure you don’t miss any appointment. You can also check-in to multiple appointments at a time with a powerful scheduling feature. Plus, it has timely notifications which alert you of additions, changes, or cancellations in the last minutes.

Report card is another useful feature to find in Scout. Your walkers or sitters can fill the report card, take some photos, and send it to the clients. Now everyone’s happy!

13. Time to Pet

Time to Pet

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

Time to Pet is a decent mobile app for professional dog walking and pet sitting business. Commonly used together with a platform with the same name, this tool can be useful for both clients and members.

Pet care service providers can use this app to complete their services, send updates to their clients, and review their schedule. Meanwhile, clients can use it to send messages and update their pet’s profile.

Time to Pet highlights secure booking and payment for client’s convenience. Best of all, this tool is free to download.

And now you have it. Whether you’re pet parents or dog walking business owners, finding the best dog walking apps is brilliantly simple. Which one is going to be your favorite?

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