6 Best FaceRig Alternatives

by Emily Barrow

Best FaceRig Alternatives

Have you ever dreamed of being somebody or something else but with the same body? If so, then you can make that dream come true. Even though you won’t be somebody else, you can pretend to be another character by using FaceRig. The app that has been rated very positive by more than 6,000 people since 2015 will make you become someone else. However, due to the high price, many people consider looking for cheaper or free FaceRig alternatives.

Well, FaceRig might not be able to change a person but you can at least pretend to be an avatar. The avatar in the software will follow the movements you do and make it memorable it allows people to record. However, to enjoy this software, people must download the software and subscribe to the classical or pro version. If not, they’ll only be able to enjoy it for a few tries only.

Knowing What FaceRig is & Its Function

Well, for those wondering, FaceRig is an application where people can pretend to be a 3D animation using a webcam. At first, this application was only available for PC use but now they have developed it for laptops and smartphones too.

Knowing What FaceRig is

All you need to play with the characters in the front camera of your PC or smartphone. Then, choose the character you like and start playing around. If you want to share the short videos, don’t forget to record, and download them too.

One of the great things about FaceRig is it is easy to use and has many cute characters. Some of the top animations people love to use are Doge, Linda Melinda, and Candidate Don. They also provide avatars from top comics that are popular in Japan.

However, the minus thing about this app is that users can’t create their characters. Even though there are plenty of animations to choose from, creating one of a kind will make the app even better. And to use all the features and characters, users must upgrade the free version to the classic or pro.

Best Free FaceRig Alternatives to Download

Now, for those who are interested in FaceRig but looking for characters and something more advanced, don’t worry. There are many apps available that will let you create your face, characters and even make them move like a real person. To help you get creative, here are some free FaceRig alternatives that are worth trying:

1. F-Clone


Start being creative with one of the best alternatives, F-Clone. With this software, people can start being creative by making a new face of a person. They can take the template face in the software or create something they have dreamed of all this long. Other than a human face, users can also make unique avatar animation if they want something cute.

Now for those who don’t have time to create a new character, you can always use the ones in the software. F-Clone comes with 21 characters and some cool backgrounds that they can use. Whichever character you use, the great thing about the characters is they can show your expression. Whether you are smiling, crying, or even sniggering, it will all show clearly.

After you have your new character, it is time to start recording. The app will let people record movements, sound and there will be no marker on the video. Once you have finished, you can export the video with different formats such as CSV, fbx, depending on what you need.

These formats are compatible with many social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Therefore, you can easily upload them again to your accounts and share some great short videos.

2. FaceFX


For those who plan to create a new character for a game or just want one for YouTube, then try out FaceFX. This is one of the best free FaceRig alternatives that people should try if they want to create a detailed face. Just like F-Clone, this software gives users the chance to create an animation but with specific details such as the wrinkles. You can put or get rid of the wrinkles in every part of the face.

One of the main differences between FaceFX and other products is it is audio-based. So, yes, not only will you get a new animation, but they can also talk or sing.

With the free version, people can do almost everything and use all the features available. So, if you want to see how this software works, then download the Evaluate. The only minus thing about this packet is it can’t save or export the animations you have made.

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After trying the software and it seems great, then you can purchase the software for $899. Even though it seems pricey, this is a complete package with unlimited features and animation for the users. This version also comes with a tutorial that will help users know every use of the features or tools available.

3. Muvizu Play

Muvizu Play

Another easy and fun software that you can play around with is Muvizu Play. A bit differs from other products, this software enables users to make an animation that you can use for many needs. You can start by creating each part of the body from the head, eyes to the hand. Or if you want to make it simple, just use the characters available in the software.

One of the reasons why many people love to use this software is because it can be used for almost all needs. For example, many teachers have been using their animation to teach and give lessons through attractive content. This way, kids can be more interested in learning and understand easier.

However, to enjoy all the features available in the software, you will need to upgrade it. If not, you can still use and create new animations, however, there will be limited access to some features. And there will be some watermarks on the videos you create. If you have no problems with that, then the free version is enough. Want to learn and play more on this software?

4. CrazyTalk


Download for Windows / Download for Mac

The next free FaceRig alternative that can make both 2D and 3D animation is CrazyTalk. This is a popular software because it has many features that will make your animation look real and fun. For those who just want to edit and or create a face, then use the headshot feature. Just like its name, this feature is made to edit each detail of the face. Therefore, using this, you can create a younger, smoother, or older version of yourself.

As for those who want to create a whole new version, then pour it out through this software. Choose the eyes, nose, mouth to its length of the neck. Next, to make them look better, play dress-up too. There is plenty of clothing and accessories available that you can choose from so, make sure to use them all.

If you want your animation to move, then use the auto motion feature. They provide movements such as dancing, talking, and winking. However, if you want to make the movements more advanced or real, choose smart animation. The movements in this feature are more detailed and look real compared to the auto motion.

To complete the animation, don’t forget to use auto lip-sync. By using this feature, the mouth of the characters will also move like they are talking. Last, if you are finished with the character don’t forget to save and export the pipeline to the computer.

5. MocapX


A free FaceRig alternative that people can use for iPhone and iPad is MocapX. So, yes, you can install the app on the iPhone or your iPad. However, installing it on your phone will make it a bit heavy, so make sure to have enough space.

Now, what makes this app recommended on our list, is because it has real-time facial expressions. So, just like FaceRig, whatever you do with your face, it will follow. If you blink, then the face will do the same thing too. It also provides an offline recorder that you can use on your characters.

6. iClone


The last best FaceRig alternative on the list and one of the best is iClone. There are many reasons why iClone is number one and used by many professionals. Well, first it has completed and advanced tools that will help users create their characters. Next, the results are high-quality, making them great for videos or video games.

If that is not enough, the software also has unlimited expansions that collaborate with great industries in the market. Some of the top ones in the market that many professionals have been using until now are 3DXchange, Motion Link, and many more.

However, to use all the great features above, you will have to pay certain money. But before upgrading to the pro version, you can always try the trial version that is available and free to download. 

So, if you are a big fan of FaceRig then try some of the alternatives above. They are more advanced and have many characters to choose from. Some of the apps even let you create your characters. Even though most of the free FaceRig alternatives above are not free, they do provide trial versions that people can try.

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