12 Best GeoGuessr Alternatives & Similar Games

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Best GeoGuessr Alternatives

GeoGuessr alternatives will help you to learn about countries based on environments. While it is fun, it is a way for you to update your knowledge, right?

GeoGuesser, on the other hand, is a popular game lately. By signing up for this game, the system will take you anywhere around the world and you should guess where you are at right now.

It is actually similar to taking geography quizzes but it doesn’t feel like studying in the first place. Back then, this game was a free ride. As the name gets more popular from time to time, you are required to pay for subscriptions.

And if you are looking for something that offers better features with better pricing plans, you can take a look at the list below.

Best GeoGuessr Alternatives to Explore the World

More than anything, it won’t be too hard to find other apps like GeoGuessr on the internet. Most of the options are accessible through browsers while others might require you to download and install some apps.

Among many apps that you will find on Google, there are at least 12 names of games that offer at least the same features as GeoGuessr in the first place. GeoGuessr itself comes with a pack of features that keep people attracted to it.

Several game modes are available to keep you hooked to the game. Of course, those options are quite fun but you have to pay for them. Those game modes ara such as:

  • Explorer mode
  • Country streak
  • Daily challenge
  • Battle royale

More than anything, playing this game is such an excellent way to learn geography without feeling like studying. The best part is that you will find more apps like GeoGuessr on the internet. Below are some of the best apps.

1. City Guesser

City Guesser

One of the most popular platforms like GeoGuessr is City Guesser. Besides, many have found City Guesser best free GeoGuessr alternative and put this game in the first spot on the list.

The layout and interface are a bit similar but it uses videos to make you enjoy the game – GeoGuessr, on the other hand, utilizes the Google Maps API. One of the most interesting things about this game is its cost-free show.

A video will play on your screen and you can tap the “Start Guessing” button to start answering. Of course, you can play this game with friends through its multiplayer mode. All you need to do is to create a private room where your friends can join.

City Guesser also comes up with stories and tales on some videos. However, it is not as challenging as GeoGuessr – unfortunately. Still, you should give this one a try.

2. Geotastic


As mentioned earlier, some games allow you to enjoy the features and challenges for free but others may require you to sign up for its paid pricing. Geotastic, on the other hand, is a GeoGuessr app competitor based on donation-ware.

You can enjoy the challenges for free and play them with friends effortlessly. Just like other similar GeoGuessr games, Geotastic comes up with several game modes to choose from. From random street views to a flag guessing mode, this makes learning geography much more fun in the first place.

Before starting the game, you need to create an account. All in all, this one is quite a fun ride, especially for a free game. You can play as many rounds as you like with nearly no limitations in the first place.

Be sure to make donations to keep the game alive. The only drawback about this game might be on its limited countries in challenge mode. Still, Geotastic is a worth-trying geography game!

3. PlayGeography


Instead of looking for the GeoGuessr APK file from untrusted websites, why don’t you try PlayGeography? This one is an alternative to the famous game and you can access it through your browser effortlessly.

The only thing that makes this game different from GeoGuessr and other similar apps is the lack of 3D maps and videos. But don’t worry because you will get 2D maps to guess the place you are currently at.

Many users claim that this game is more about map quizzes in the first place. The best part is that anything is free. You can also play the game as you want to.

There is no need to create an account and it has various levels of difficulty. Compared to GeoGuessr, PlayGeography has more questions – this will be so much fun!

4. Seterra


Some users try to find GeoGuessr unblocked sites since this app is only available on a few platforms. However, you can try Seterra to enjoy similar games from browsers. By that, you can access the website from browsers regardless of your location.

This game provides nine different game modes that allow you to enjoy learning geography in many ways. Another interesting thing about this app is its voice feature that helps you to know the correct pronunciation of each place.

Seterra offers lots of features for free but with ads. You can pay USD 1.99 to get rid of those ads, after all. Besides browsers, this game is also available in both Play Store and App Store.

In case you want to try something new, this platform also features Science quizzes and other subjects. You will find learning is fun with this platform.

5. GetLost


Meanwhile, GetLost is one of those GeoGuessr free competitors that offer lots of fun in the first place. This game was focusing on both the US and India but users around the world can enjoy the features offered, for sure.

This game comes with five rounds of levels. Later, your score will depend on your guess – closer means higher scores. Before playing this game, you need to create an account in the first place.

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However, you can only play this game as a single player. It will be quite challenging to guess a place in Indie, considering not all places have street signs.

You can enjoy the free versions with some limitations. If you sign up for its premium account, you will have unlimited rounds per day as well as other extra features.

All in all, GetLost is still way better and more rewarding than GeoGuessr when it comes to its free version.

6. Lizardpoint


While GeoGuessr requires you to pay to enjoy the game, Lizardpoint allows you to play as you like for free. It is like a geography quiz but you won’t feel like studying in the first place.

If you head to the site, you will find tons of questions about geography. By that, you can test your ability and knowledge about countries and locations. More than anything, Lizarpoint is a free GeoGuessr alternative you shouldn’t miss.

In case you want to try something else, this platform also has suggestions on its home page. Other than playing games, this site also arranges a study mode that will be useful for users who need it. Through this game mode, you will get plenty of information about specific places.

Lizardpoint is accessible through browsers. You can play the game from any device as long as it has a decent internet connection.

7. Where Am I

Where Am I

Another GeoGuessr alternative that is worth your consideration is Where Am I. As its name suggests, this game will ask you about places shown on the screen.

The website is quite minimalist, simple, and even too straightforward. Once you enter the site, you will see a Street View picture and you should guess the location.

It can be a bit challenging since the app will put you in the middle of nowhere. You can hover on the small map on the left side of the screen but it might not be much of help – which is great for those who look for challenges.

You can play this game from browsers, which means that this game is available on your phone too. Where Am I is a free game and no ads will pop up when you start the game. This one is worth trying in many ways.

8. Ducksters


Instead of waiting for the GeoGuessr app update that requires you to pay, why don’t you try Ducksters in the first place? As its name suggests, you will see several ducks welcome you on the home screen.

You will face lots of trivia and other interesting information about countries, continents, and other similar things. Other than guessing the locations, you can also enjoy other content, such as word searches, crosswords, and mapping games.

Everything is available on the website for free. Its online version, on the other hand, allows you to compete with other players by beating the score.

Ducskters also offers several subjects, such as science, history, and many more. Thus, you can play games and study lots of things at the same time.

9. GuessWhere Challenge

GuessWhere Challenge

GuessWhere Challenge is an alternative to GeoGuessr for Android, after all. This game is only available on the Play Store and there is no website version for this one.

Still, this app is quite interesting and comes up with tons of questions about locations. The system will show you a picture of a place and you can get some hints from the maps

It has a scoring system too so that you can challenge your friends and other users through the app. You will get a higher score if your guess is close enough. Other than that, your score can be used for unlocking all achievements on the board.

Even though this app is only available on Android, GuessWhere Challenge is totally free. It is a great way to kill time.

10. Hide & Seek World

Hide & Seek World

Do you love trivia? If so then Hide & Seek World would be a perfect alternative to GeoGuessr you have to take a look at.

While other games limit your option to a single-player mode, this one does the contrary. It gives one of the best experiences when it comes to multiplayer games.

One player has a role to pick a location while others (the seekers) should guess where it is. If you are in charge of picking the location, you have to find the most difficult place to guess. Meanwhile, you should guess better if you are one of the seekers.

11. Zoomtastic


Meanwhile, if you are looking for a GeoGuessr alternative with friends then Zoomtastic is worth trying in many ways. You will learn about lots of countries across the globe.

Since this one is a web-based app, you don’t need to download and install anything in the first place. Once the system shows you a location on the maps, you have 30 seconds to make a guess.

After the first 10 seconds, four options of answers will come up on your screen – you need to pick one. This game is free but you don’t want to play it on your phone – it’s far from mobile-friendly, after all.

12. World Geography Games

World Geography Games

As its name suggests, you will learn a lot about geography in the most fun way. Other than for playing, many users use this website to teach the students about geography.

Compared to GeoGuessr, this one has more options for games. However, there are no 3D maps and videos but you can still enjoy the game in the first place. Also, this one is free which becomes an excellent reason why you should give it a try.

Playing games is one of the most fun things, especially if you like the game in the first place. Today, you can learn so many things while playing games. One of those games is GeoGuessr.

While it was getting popular due to its fun aspect and free of cost, many things have changed ever since. GeoGuessr is not a free geography game anymore.

Hopefully, the list of geography games mentioned above is helping you. So, which best GeoGuessr alternatives do you like most? Have you tried all the games on the list above?

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