13 Best Chegg Alternatives & Similar Platforms

by Haya Barnard

Best Chegg Alternatives

Chegg alternatives have become a popular keyword in the last few years. Even though Chegg has helped lots of users out there for a while, people now have more options to choose from.

Several names show up from time to time. While providing similar services, many of those platforms offer more features and interesting tools for both students and tutors.

Of course, those options can be intriguing to find out. So, if you are looking for another way to make money from tutoring or more options of tutors, here is the list of Chegg alternative sites you should consider.

Best Chegg Alternatives to Get Textbook Solutions

More than anything, Chegg has been helping lots of users. This site offers a space for tutors and students to meet. Created and developed by Americans, this company provides services to all students worldwide for a more effortless learning process.

Other than helping with homework, students can also find information about scholarships and internships. However, Chegg is not a free site.

Users need to pay a USD 14.95 monthly subscription so that professionals could check and review their homework. This site is also popular among those who need help with math.

In case you need assistance and guidance for specific subjects, you can try the personal tutor feature. Since the services come with a price tag, many users try to find any website like Chegg but free.

Thus, you need to check out the list above and find out some alternatives that may interest you.

1. Bartleby


Several sites similar to Chegg put their focus on providing homework services; Bartleby is one of those platforms.

Generally, this site comes up with four main service options, such as:

  • Bartleby Tutor
  • Bartleby Write
  • Bartleby Learn
  • Bartleby+

Even though this site is a paid service, you only need to pay USD 9.99 per month. However, Bartleby is lacking in proofreading features. This platform equips itself with AI technology to proofread your work and run a plagiarism check.

Still, it is not a big deal since this platform delivers excellent work in other sectors, especially if you prefer using Bartleby Learn and Tutor. Of course, you can borrow some textbooks – Bartleby’s book collection is quite a lot. More than anything, you will find what you need in Bartleby.

2. Coursera


Coursera is one of the most popular websites that provide a service like the Chegg Study. It is an online platform that curates thousands of online courses. Everyone around the world can enjoy the services offered by this platform for sure.

One of the most interesting things about this site is that it partners with at least 200 universities around the world. Thus, students need to consider this website when it comes to looking for a place for online learning.

Some users prefer Coursera to others because it offers several degree programs which cost significantly lower than those offered by campuses. Meanwhile, the courses are handled by some well-known names, including Yale and Princeton University.

Coursera, more than anything, is an excellent choice for those who look for a place to master skills – it comes with certificates too. The materials are downloadable for offline learning, for sure.

3. Book Finder

Book Finder

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an alternative to Chegg that allows you to borrow textbooks then Book Finder is a place you should try out. This platform is popular for its commitment to providing educational guides to everyone in need.

This platform was initially created in 1997. Today, there are tons of collections you can borrow – of course, it will enhance your academic paper. The best part is that everyone around the world can enjoy the services.

Book Finder provides a platform that allows users to find books from various booksellers around the globe. You can even bargain for the price, after all. So, if you need specific books and have no idea where to find them, you should give Book Finder a try in the first place.

4. 24 Hour Answers

24 Hour Answers

As mentioned earlier, there are various options of similar websites like Chegg you will find on Google. 24 Hour Answers is one of those sites you should take a look at.

This platform was founded and established by a chemistry professor. This is why you will get effortless access to micro tutoring. You can pick the subject, depending on your needs in the first place.

While this platform doesn’t offer free services, the subscription is relatively affordable. Instead of paying a subscription, the system will provide a quote depending on what you want to get.

24 Hour Answers is generally a platform where you can ask various questions. Your payment depends on how bizarre your questions are. Before that, you can surf the collection of answered questions in the first place.

5. Grademiners


So far, you have found five names of websites that provide services for homework, writing paper, proofreading, and many more. Meanwhile, if you need help with a specific task like writing any kind of essay, you should check out Grademiners.

This is a Chegg alternative web that offers complete solutions for those who need to finish assignments, academic papers, and many more. This site also offers a guarantee so that you will get what you need in the first place.

According to some reports, Grademiners can deliver the tasks on time. The service also writes your orders from scratch and will follow the rules in the first place.

Thus, if you need an excellent service that helps you with writing and proofreading then Grademiners is the right choice.

6. Paperhelp


So, is there any website like Chegg? Of course, there is and PaperHelp will be the right choice you’ve made for sure.

This site doesn’t offer a free service but you can say that this one is a premium alternative to Chegg at its very best. As its name suggests, you will get excellent paper writing services.

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It hires scholars to create original content from scratch – you don’t need to worry about plagiarism in the first place. Other than that, the requirements are yours to set – the service will follow your instructions.

As mentioned earlier, this option is not free. However, PaperHelp provides a list of price tags depending on your preference. This site is such an excellent choice, especially if you care so much about privacy and security.

7. Writers Per Hour

Writers Per Hour

Among websites like Chegg available on the internet, some of them offer specific features, such as technical writing. Writers Per Hour is one of those websites specialized in writing for various purposes.

Thus, whether you need assistance on technical writing, reports, or business writing, this place is an excellent consideration to head to. The service is available for all users around the world.

It also means that the writing services are available 24/7. Writers Per Hour also guarantees quality and originality. All the work is made from scratch and the requirements are yours to  decide.

This place is the right spot to consider if you need a quality plagiarism-free piece. Even though the services are not free, everything is relatively affordable, even for students.

8. TutorBin


Are you looking for a decent alternative to Chegg tutors? Well, TutorBin should be part of your consideration list, after all.

This platform offers various solutions for any academic issue. The best part is that all solutions are available in one place. You can access lab work, solutions to math, homework, and a lot more in TutorBin.

The process is effortless and seamless and you can ask questions 24/7. This is why regardless of your geolocation, this platform is accessible.

In case you want to have a face-to-face tutoring session, you can join a live online homework help. Feel free to drop your deadline so that your work will be delivered right on time.

If you are a teacher, this platform will provide you with a healthy environment to be a tutor.

9. Answers.com


There is not much free Chegg alternative out there, considering all services require you to subscribe to a plan. However, Answers.com can be an excellent choice for those who need academic assistance.

This platform is generally a paid website but you can always try its free plan in the first place. You will find tons of services by using the free version.

Meanwhile, the subscription plan is quite low-cost – only USD 1.99 per month and you will be billed annually. Most of the time, the platform also throws flash sales so that you can get a 50% discounted price for each plan.

If you are ready to commit to Answers+, you can ask as many questions as you want – there is no limitation for that. Also, this platform is available in apps for both Android and iPhone smartphones.

10. Quizlet (Slader)

Quizlet (Slader)

If you are looking for a Chegg alternative free then Quizlet is an excellent choice. Back then, this platform was called Slader and provided free services, regardless of your needs.

However, after being acquired by Quizlet, it comes up with upgraded premium plans. Still, you get a lot of help by using this platform.

Other than assisting you with homework, this platform also offers solutions for textbook issues. You can ask for explanations on various topics by asking questions, after all.

First thing first, you have to create an account before asking any questions. While the free stuff is intriguing, upgrading to the premium account will give you more features which surely is useful.

11. Quizbroz


When it comes to the best Chegg alternative, you also need to consider Quizbroz. It offers various tutorial options for users, especially when it comes to homework and assignment assistance.

Of course, it is not a place for free services but everything is affordable and value-for-money. You can join any live session that you think may contribute to your assignments. In case you need another tutorial or live session, you can make a schedule on your own.

Quizbroz also comes up with a robust tool for essay writing services. Qualities are their priorities and you don’t need to pay a hefty amount of money to enjoy the features.

12. 99Papers


Is it your first time writing your content? Do you need a professional reviewer to take a look at your piece?

Well, 99Papers will be happy to serve. This platform is an excellent place to head when it comes to checking your writing pieces.

Other than checking your content, this website will also check your grammar, take care of your spelling, and determine your tone. Generally, this platform is pretty basic, especially if you compare it to other sites on this list.

Still, you should give this site a try to know how amazing this platform is. 99Papers is not a Chegg alternative for earning but you would love to take a look at the services offered.

13. Course Hero

Course Hero

Course Hero, on the other hand, comes up with genius solutions for students who need help to study hard. It provides at least 60 million materials for you to study.

Just like other sites on this list, this platform also provides solutions and answers to your problems. It also helps you with in-depth explanations about textbook problems.

Compared to Chegg, Course Hero is a more low-cost option without sacrificing quality. So, if you need assistance and guides about your homework and other assignments, feel free to give this platform a try.


Even though Chegg seems to be the best website that provides excellent things needed by students and tutors, some alternatives obviously deserve the credits.

PaperHelp, for instance, provides the best writing services for paper compared to other platforms. You must consider using the service from this website in case you don’t mind the premium price tag.

Meanwhile, Quizlet is an excellent choice for those who look for a free provider. It delivers better services than Chegg at some point. Other than that, everything is handled by a huge community instead of a service.

Well, the best Chegg alternatives above are just a list of curated providers. The final decision is always yours, after all.

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