13 Best Imgur Alternatives and Similar Image Hosting Sites

by Emily Barrow

Best Imgur Alternatives and Similar Image Hosting Sites

Have you tried to consider the Imgur alternatives? Of course, Imgur itself has been one of the most favorite places to go when it comes to image hosting sites that provide tons of free images.

According to research, people need to put at least one header image for their content to meet the requirements from search engines. While you can have your pictures on your hard drive, it is always way easier to find a perfect picture from the internet.

Some pictures may be subjected to copyright, which could affect your content very badly if the owner sues you. The presence of Imgur and other similar sites will avoid you from that kind of problem.

Meanwhile, those who take good pictures may get the benefit of their names being mentioned on websites for their photos – it seems like Imgur works that way. Thus, if you are looking for the best image hosting website that delivers excellent work, check out the list below.

Best Imgur Alternatives and Competitors

More than anything, Imgur has been more than good to all internet users around the world. You can get free HD pictures without dealing with copyright in the first place.

However, even though you can use the free version of Imgur, you must face some limitations, such as limited file size. Even though the host claims that it won’t affect the picture quality, every compressed image comes with degraded quality – even if it is quite slightly.

Other than that, Imgur only provides pictures without editing tools. This point might not be a big deal but it would be great, right?

Below, you will find a list of sites like Imgur for videos and photos that may offer more features. Some of them are free without any limitation, for sure.

1. Publitio


This list will help you to find another alternative to Imgur, both paid and free versions. One of those paid providers is Publitio. You can say that this one delivers the best services for those who need a solid solution for asset management.

Long story short, Publitio is a pro tool to deal with hosting images. Uploading files and pictures will be effortless because you can do that through the dashboard.

Other than that, this site comes up with some editing tools that will be useful for your needs in the first place. Those tools are available for both images and videos – fun, right?

Publition offers free plans and paid plans that start at USD 9 per month. This one’s forte is the advanced privacy controls that might not be available in other names on this list.

2. ImageShack


Imgur will automatically resize your downloaded picture to 1MB if you are using the free version. Thus, you need the best Imgur alternative that also allows you to get HD images.

ImageShack, the one and only, comes up with that solution. This site has been quite popular for years and you can download images with high resolutions.

Of course, this option is not a free one – the plan starts at USD 3.99 per month and it allows you to do lots of things. Other than uploading and downloading images without compression, you can control many aspects related to your pictures.

ImageShack also provides a set of editing tools, which is very useful for you who prefer a one-stop image hosting site. All in all, this website is one of the best choices if you are looking for a complete solution similar to Imgur.

3. ImgBB


Using free services that come with quality is another satisfying thing, after all. And if you are looking for an Imgur alternative free site, ImgBB is a place worth considering too.

Other than being a free solution, it comes with an effortless uploading process – it utilizes a drag-and-drop feature that won’t waste your time. This site can also convert your pictures into HTML thumbnails, BBCode, or URLs in a few seconds.

Compared to other options that offer free plans on this list, ImgBB allows bigger file sizes for uploading – up to 32 MB. One of the most prominent features of this site is the upload plugin.

By installing the plugin to any web page, you can upload images effortlessly without leaving a page in the first place.

4. Postimage


Another Imgur upload website you should take a look at is Postimage. This one provides a super-effortless way to upload and store your images.

Once your file is uploaded, you will get a series of different links for thumbnail sharing, a direct link, and also a hotlink. By that, you can put your link to your Facebook permanently.

In case you want to delete your images from the server, this site will come up with a deletion link. Postimage allows you to upload and download images for free without creating an account.

However, the free version only permits 24MB of image uploads per file. This site will double the limit if you are willing to upgrade your plan.

Using the premium plan for USD 11.95 per month gives you access to unlimited hosting. Other than that, there is no need to deal with ads.

5. Unsee


Unsee is an excellent choice on this list of image hosting sites. Other than that, it utilizes solid technology to ensure robust privacy and copyright.

If you use this platform to upload images, you can determine the expiration date on each. When the time is up, the system will automatically delete your images from the server.

This site also takes copyright very seriously. It puts watermarks with the IP address of those who download the files. By that, you can check who has seen and used your content.

Unsee comes up with a QR code and timestamp for each image. Thus, if you are looking for a free option that provides similar features to Imgur but takes privacy seriously, this website is worth taking a look at.

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6. Flickr


Even though many people can access Imgur and other similar sites effortlessly from browsers, some providers allow phone users for a simpler process. Flickr, on the other hand, is the best Imgur alternative for Android so far.

This is also the best choice for you who put image quality over anything. Its free plan allows you to enjoy various exciting things. It comes with 200MB of image size for uploads. You also have access to 1TB of storage space for free.

Flickr is such an amazing platform whether for casual users or pro photographers. It is home to tons of quality images from users around the world. If you download the mobile app, you can also enjoy the editing tools in the first place.

Feel free to upgrade your plan and enjoy more advanced features. The pro plan starts at USD 6.99 per month.

7. ImgPile


If you are looking for the best free image hosting that offers an unlimited storage option then ImgPile is definitely it. You would love to use this platform since it allows users to share various images on any social media platform. The links are permanent, after all.

Even though the services are free to use and you get an unlimited amount of storage space, this site handles hotlinks too. Another exciting feature offered by this platform is the image size that you can upload is up to 100 MB per file.

There is no need to create an account because everything is accessible right after you open the website. ImgPile is such a great choice for uploading images, both from URL or your computer directly.

8. imgbox


Imgbox might be the best Imgur alternative no account for casual users. You don’t need to sign up for an account for uploading images occasionally.

However, this platform offers unlimited storage space and time, which is quite interesting for many users. The interface is also simple to understand while the UI design is catchy.

It also means that you don’t need a specific level of skill to operate this website. Other than uploading pictures, you can put videos to the system too but the size limit is 10MB per file.

More than anything, imgbox is such a perfect platform to upload various images and videos for those who like free stuff.

9. Kek.gg


Among the sites similar to Imgur, Kek.gg is one of the best platforms that support simple image hosting and sharing. However, it might not fulfill your needs if all you look for is a fancy hosting site.

Other than that, it provides an excellent privacy feature since it doesn’t require you to create an account in the first place. As mentioned earlier, this platform is quite basic and so is the UI design.

Still, it provides an excellent image hosting service. It seems like you can store almost any kind of image as long as it doesn’t violate the U.S. legal requirements. However, you can only upload up to 5MB per image.

10. PicPaste


Another option you can consider is PicPaste. This platform allows you to upload and store images for free – with some limitations. As the owner of your pictures, you can also set how many views and how long your images will be on the server.

It sounds like you can only get those features after upgrading your account. However, PicPaste only offers free plans in the first place.

You can count on this platform if all you need is a decent image hosting site that provides excellent privacy and security.

11. Photobucket


Is Imgur safe? Of course, it is but you can check out some other options for better security and safety along with more affordable pricing plans.

Photobucket, on the other hand, is quite a popular platform among bloggers and other content makers out there. This site allows you to create links for images much more easily.

All you need to do is to upload a picture and the system will generate several links for various purposes. This platform is free and there is almost no limitation.

Since it is a free platform, you may deal with a bunch of annoying ads in the first place. Still, Photobucket is worth a shot in many ways.

12. Wix


Some platforms to build websites also provide space for image hosting too. Wix is one of those places you can head to when it comes to storing images online.

It comes with an unlimited amount of storage space to upload pictures. However, you have to create a website on this platform and pick a theme so that you can present your pictures on display.

And since you have a website now, you can optimize it so that your pictures can be easily found through search engines. All in all, Wix is an excellent option even though only a few people are into this platform.

13. Pexels


Many internet users need a place to find quality images for free and no one will sue them for copyright in the first place. Pexels is one of those alternatives of Imgur websites where you can find tons of HD pictures.

This website also allows both users and creators to find each other through their interests in the first place. And if you store your images on this platform, you can track the organic traffic too – it can be a place to show off your portfolio, for sure.


More than anything, Imgur has proven its capability and reliability to its users for years now. It comes with great services and many options, especially if you are willing to upgrade your account into a premium one.

Some free image hosting sites mentioned on the list above are also worth your consideration, especially if you only need a casual commitment. On the other hand, some other providers offer more robust security and a better experience.

If you are willing to pay for subscriptions and services, Publitio and Postimage would be a perfect choice. Those two provide better browsing, uploading, and downloading experiences while keeping ads at bay.

All in all, you should consider your needs in the first place before picking one of the best Imgur alternatives from the list.

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