10 Best Fishing Apps for Android and iOS

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Best Fishing Apps

Do you like fishing? In many conditions, this fishing activity is indeed quite challenging. It’s because there are many things we need to prepare for. We need to check the weather conditions and get to know the conditions of the spot to be headed. Many professional anglers use the following best fishing apps to help them find strategic spots to fish.

Best Fishing Apps: Experienced Fishing in the Best Way

Currently, there are various types of applications that have been prepared to facilitate every activity, including when fishing. For some people who like fishing, maybe you are already familiar with this type of application.



One application that has received good recommendations from many users is ANGLR. This is one of the best fishing apps that many anglers recommend.

When you open this application and turn on the GPS, this application will immediately detect your real-time location. You can easily find places you’ve never been to because the GPS on ANGLR has high point accuracy.

In many conditions, there are often significant land and sea climate changes. This is also handled well by ANGLR. The weather tracking system in ANGLR can accurately monitor weather conditions.

That will make it easier for you to know the weather conditions at sea, or when a storm is coming. This forecast will always be updated every minute. What’s else? this ANGLR application will have a feature that can save your fishing spots. You don’t need to worry about losing the spots you’ve visited because ANGLR can save every spot there is.

Is it safe to be in the water with a phone? ANGLR currently understands that the use of mobile phones on board carries risks. Therefore, by installing ANGLR you can buy a Bullseye Bluetooth Remote that can be linked with the ANGLR application.

You can continue to control the information transferred from ANGLR to this remote without removing your phone. You can also download this ANGLR application for free.

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2. BassForecast


The interesting thing about BassForecast is that you can get many features for free. This is one of the most sought-after best fishing apps. You can check your fishing performance through rating.

You will easily compare your fishing achievements today and yesterday on a scale of one to ten. BassForecast also provides complete and detailed information about weather conditions on land and at every fishing spot. So you won’t go in vain just because the weather on the water is suddenly bad.

The calendar feature can also be found in free mode, which allows you to check the right times for fishing. This calendar will show when the conditions of the moon will affect the sea waters. BassForecast is even able to remember the record catches you’ve gotten before.

In addition, this premium feature of BassForecast has a GPS with high accuracy. Choosing a fishing time with a specific time will be easier with BassForecast. You can also determine which places you want to visit and check the weather conditions there.

Are you often confused when determining the destination spot? Then this application will recommend the most appropriate spot for you to visit. In full, BassForecast will also show you every detail of the moon’s movement, from moonrise, moonset, sunrise, and sunset. That will tell you which fishing times are the most profitable.

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3. Fishbrain


Some people may find it difficult to determine when is the right time to fish, especially if the weather on the plains and waters is often different. Fishbrain comes with a variety of interesting features offered for those of you who like fishing.

One of the interesting features of Fishbrain is the fishing forecast, which allows us to see when the time is right to fish. You can even determine what target fish are the most numerous and easy to get at a specific time. This will also make it easier for us to prepare fishing materials and equipment.

Similar to other best fishing apps, Fishbrain also provides the best spot feature for those of you who are unsure which point is the best for you to go to. The best spot on the Fishbrain application also tends to provide the best point and is closest to your location. In addition, Fishbrain can also provide information on what types of fish are in the fishing spot area.

The waypoint feature on Fishbrain also allows you to save your previous fishing data, such as which spots you’ve been to and what kind of fish you caught. Information about your previous fishing history will also be archived in detail in the fishing logbook.

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4. FishAngler


Still comparing which applications have full features, and are easy to access? FishAngler is an application that has complete features such as maps, a store, a logbook, a weather forecast, and a community, and it’s all free. 

This application is quite interesting with a complete and easy-to-understand feed display. FishAngler’s main dashboard will show you complete information like weather forecasts, and global and local information. Catches, accounts, settings, and communities make it easy for us to use the application even when we are still a beginner.

The weather forecast available on FishAngler is also complete, displaying barometric pressure, fish forecast, and moon phase. It will be easy to find out whether at one spot there is a major activity, minor activity, or even no activity at all.

Another recommendation from FishAngler is information on stores that provide women’s and men’s apparel. You can place an order easily which will be sent directly to your home.

Finding people with the same passion as you are certainly an interesting thing. FishAngler will invite you to get acquainted with the community, where they can share tips and tricks about fishing. This application is not only an important tool in a series of fishing activities but also to make a wider circle of friends.

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5. iAngler


Similar to most other fishing apps, iAngler is also one of the applications with many users because it’s free. Through this application, you will easily find strategic fishing spots, with recommendations for places close to your location. So, you may find a new fishing spot that you have never visited.

It’s easy to keep a catch log of previous trips because the app will immediately record your trip in data. The use of this application is also quite easy, so it can create comfort for every user.

You can make trips and record them through this application. For those who are beginners, there will also be no difficulty using this application. iAngler also provides complete data information about the types of fish and their parts. 

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6. Pro Angler

Pro Angler

This Pro Angler will be the best fishing app for those of you who often fish in saltwater. Fishing in saltwater is different from fishing in freshwater. Because there are many conditions that we need to consider before fishing. Every week the condition of the salt water also tends to change.

We understand that the movement of the moon will affect the condition of the ebb and flow of seawater. Pro Anglers are very aware of the importance of information on the best time to fish through the solunar forecast feature.

Pro Angler also allows you to see specific spots accurately with GPS Hot Spots. So you won’t miss the best points in the water area, and it’s easier to navigate.

From many fishing experiences, we are often still unsure about identifying what type of fish we are getting. This Pro Angler will help you scan what types of fish are in these waters. This needs to be a concern because there are various types of fish under the water that are protected.

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough fishing equipment with you, because in Pro Angler you can even find other local places related to fishing. Bait shops, fishing charters, boat launches, and more.

Many possibilities often occur beyond our predictions, one of which is losing an internet connection. FishTracks understands that, so it will still display the chart data you need by storing imagery when you are offshore.

You can get this interesting application for free on the Playstore, but you can also upgrade it to premium so you can get even more maximum features.

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7. FishTrack


For those of you who prefer fishing in the open seas, with various types of depths, this application might be suitable for you. FishTrack is the best fishing app that has a variety of complete features with accurate information.

You can find out how deep your spot is fishing, with the current condition of the area. How high are the sea temperature, wave height, and all the marine life below you?

Like other applications, FishTrack also provides data about the moon phase, as well as weather predictions for the next few moments. You no longer need to worry about bad weather coming, if you have predicted it with this application. 

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8. Terrafin


Understanding ocean conditions, such as temperature, wave height, and the condition of the fish below, will be very beneficial for anglers on the high seas. Therefore this Terrafin application may be the best application for you.

The GPS on Terrafin has high accuracy and is continuously updated from time to time. You don’t need to be afraid that there will be significant weather changes because everything can be predicted through this application.

Even though the display is simple, Terrafin understands what important information you need before and during fishing activities. The use of the application is simpler and according to the point.

You can get this application for free with a sample chart, but it will be maximized if you use a premium account. One of the advantages of a premium account is that you will get more data updates, so you can minimize bad possibilities. 

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9. Troll Master Depth Calculator

Troll Master Depth Calculator

If fishing in busy spots might be a little boring for you, maybe you need to explore other spots. It might spot a different water area, such as a river, lake, or ocean. Or maybe in the ocean with different depths.

This Troll Master Depth Calculator might be an application that can understand your needs. Not just fishing apps, Troll Master Dept. A calculator is even an application that provides more detailed information.

With various other types of variables that you might not find in previous applications, such as lure type, line length and type, speed, rod height, and others. 

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10. Fishidy


One application that you should not miss is Fishidy. The fish-finding app is also one of the most sought-after. Fishidy shows the best places for fishing, complete with specific spots.

This application tends to give us recommendations for spots that are close to your location. You can check the waterway map which is always synchronized with the latest conditions. From maps, it will display several icons such as landmarks, rocks, river mouths, creek beds, and others.

You can get other complete features in premium mode. No need to be afraid of losing your internet connection, because a premium account allows you to do the offline mapping. 

So even without an internet connection, you can access various important information such as depth, submerged structures, vegetation, and fishing spots with accurate coordinates.

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Using a fishing application as listed above can make it easier for anglers. We realize that fishing on the high seas requires a lot of consideration. With this application, people will more easily understand the situation and make an accurate estimate.

So, of the many best fishing apps, some of them offer both free and paid. This means that the developers understand that each user is free to determine which application is suitable and according to their needs. Which are you interested in?

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