9 Best Weight Lifting Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Weight Lifting Apps

Working out is one of the best things you can do to make yourself fit. You do not have to do the advanced training, yet it might be difficult for beginners. So here I am providing you with the best weight lifting apps to guide you with complete exercises. Without further ado, let’s begin with the first weight training app!

Best Weight Lifting Apps for Strengthening Your Body

Truthfully, there are many options you can get from the Google Play Store or iOS. But what apps will bring you to the next level of working out? Here they are!

1. Tone It Up

Tone It Up

The first best weightlifting app you can have is Tone It Up. This one is a female-centered workout that is perfect for beginners. In addition, the exercises promote light and home-gym friendly, allowing you to learn basic weight lifting with no difficulty at all.

Once you download the app, you’ll get access to hundreds of video-guided by experts in a home gym. They include weight training, kettlebell exercise, strength, etc. You would love it because many people prove that the program is helpful. It even gets 4.7/5 ratings from 2.47K testimonials. 

The founder also offers a Tone Up Strength which features a six-week program to lean your body from head to toe. Even better, you can download the application for free and it is accessible for seven days. 

Once the complementary ends, you can choose a monthly membership which costs $8 per month for a 12-month subscription. Or you can select the month-to-month membership for $15. 

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2. Alpha Progression

Alpha Progression

Alpha Progression is a Germany-based application that features AI in the program. This is an excellent option if you intend to keep your training on track. Period. It is versatile and has an abundance of exercise recommendations for lifters.

At first, the AI will ask you to log your body condition. Submit your information regarding gender, lifting experience in years, and current weight. Afterward, you can customize the exercises you prefer. 

Not only is the program let you plan the training, but also it has an extensive library and videos for working out. They come in a simple and straightforward guide. Furthermore, you can choose the repetition or sets according to your habit of weight lifting. Users will find it helpful with the features since it does not complicate them during weightlifting training. 

I might say that the application prioritizes the users because it considers many factors. You can do the exercise you like but stay in progress. Remember that this application gives you free access, but the paid version is worth your money. Plus, the premium subscription will benefit you with more practical content and features. 

Moreover, you’ll get free access to the Pro subscription for two weeks by the time you’re signing up. On the other side, the Pro version requires $10 per month, or get it for only $5 per month if you take the $60 type. I bet you can’t skip this list since it gets a 4.9/5 rating from 3.87K reviews.  

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Next, this free weight training app is a primadonna because JEFIT promotes easy and effective exercises. The application gets a 4.6/5 rating from 81.5K testimonials. Users will have full control of the application by customizing the training they love the most.

Moreover, this best weight lifting app offers thousands of videos with real people demonstrating the movement. Plus, you will find it helpful since the move is specific, allowing you to imitate the movement right away.

Every user can track the progress effectively by signing up on the application. Even better, it is free with great features. But if you intend to dig deeper, get the JEFIT Elite with a pro subscription.

You need to pay $3 specifically for the annual membership. If you find an annual subscription too overwhelming, then go with the monthly membership for $7. Note that this best weight lifting app may be difficult to follow for beginners. But you can still take over it by choosing the suitable exercise and keeping your body on track. 

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4. FitBod


Beginners may find it confusing in starting a workout in weight lifting. However, don’t worry because I’ve got you covered! FitBod is the most ideal option you can install on your smartphone. It features virtual personal training with straightforward guidance.

At first, the application will ask you to input the goals you’re referring to. Afterward, it will prepare the training that suits your condition the most. The goal is to add muscles to your body and ensure that you’re getting stronger. One thing that this app offers, it will customize another plan if the one you’re doing is too overwhelming.

Thanks to the 400 pieces of training, beginners can relief and stay on track. If you complete an exercise, the app will appreciate you with awards and achievements. At last, I know you will stick to this technology and keep working out to reach your goals. 

I need to remind you that downloading the application is free. Yet, you need to get a pro subscription to get every feature. It costs $13 monthly or $80 for an annual subscription. Have I told you yet that the app receives a 4.6/5 rating from 11.4K reviews? Well, it is indeed an excellent option for every beginner!

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5. BodyFit


Originally, the fifth weight lifting tracker comes from the famous source bodybuilding.com. The website becomes a great place for many weight lifters who want to build more muscles. However, you can get the app version of that source in the application of BodyFit which obtains a 4.1/5 rating from 6.35K user reviews. . 

This place offers the best strength content and useful insights regarding strength training and hypertrophy. Moreover, it includes another workout whose goals are weight loss and muscle building. You would love this offer because it is perfect with well-demonstrated exercises.

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Not only can you focus on the training, but also you can track your progress from the application. Many beginners utilize this option since the source itself has a great reputation. But, it might not be flexible enough since you cannot control the workout. The application will guide you to the exercises that work best for you.

Users can download it for free from the Google Play Store. Plus, you can get nutritional content which is directly also an advertisement from bodybuilding.com. If you’re interested in this best weight lifting app, install it and prepare to pay for a $7/monthly subscription. Or get it cheaper with only $4 for an annual membership. 

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6. Fiit


Focusing on bodybuilding only may not be an effective way. However, you can combine the training with cardio. Fiit is one of the best weight lifting apps that you may find practical and beneficial. In addition, it is a more traditional method that can bring you to real bodybuilding.

It offers an expanded library of live workouts and classes, allowing you to imitate the movement immediately. Even better, it covers all realms of fitness and exercise. You may even ask your family or friends to use the app altogether. It will give the results on a tracking monitor. 

You and all the users will see a dynamic leaderboard and scorecard of every personal performance. Therefore, users may compete in a good way with their rivals to reach the goal faster than the schedule. You will have a motivation that brings your training to the next level.

Now, look at the 4.43K reviews on the app which results in a 4.4/5 rating on Google Play Store. Then, you install this best weight lifting app and start choosing a plan. They are $7.99 monthly and $9.99 for annual memberships. But, you’ll receive a 14-day free trial before deciding on joining the premium subscription.   

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7. Sweat App

Sweat App

Another one of the best weight lifting apps is made by a strong woman, Kayla Itsines. Sweat App attracts many women’s attention who love to have more muscles. In addition, it features many certified trainers who are all women. If you are a woman, don’t look for others but this option!

You must know that this application is marvelous due to the worldwide fitness influencers and trainers worldwide. Furthermore, you will meet an inspirational goddess demonstrating the movement. As a result, you can follow the abundance of exercise effectively due to the well-showed plans.

For example, Kelsey Wells brings her popular Bikini Body Guide for weight-heavy workout. Stephanie Sanzo has a heavy lifting workout in the BUILD program, focusing on weekly exercise. Plus, you will not find it difficult because the home gym Lifting workout by her only requires a dumbbell and kettlebell.

This application receives a 4.3/5 rating from 38K user testimonials. It has a huge amount of reviews, reminding us that this app has many eyes from women users. If you’re interested in this app, get your phone and pay the membership for more premium content. The annual subscription needs $10 while the monthly is $20.

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8. Hevy


In the eighth position, you will get a recommendation for a free weight lifting tracker from Hevy. Truthfully, it gets the highest rating of other applications in this article. This one receives a 4.9/5 rating from 17.5K testimonials on Google Play Store. Even better, it promotes free content for all users.

This application promotes effective weight-lifting exercises for serious players. Moreover, the free version allows you to customize workout plans to reach specific goals by tracking progress. You may also invite some friends to check other progress and challenge them to reach the goal faster.

Unfortunately, the free features are only accessible for three months. You can only have four routines with seven custom workouts. Furthermore, you need to get the Pro version to access your history in this application. Well, it is better to have full access, isn’t it?

Another feature that this app has allows you to log in through the website version. There, you can create a routine and get every workout clear. Interested in the Pro subscription? So prepare your wallet and get the monthly program for $3.99, annually for $23.99, or pay for one-time only with a $74.99 budget.  

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9. Strong


Lastly, Strong is the best weight lifting app for advanced users. It features several exercises including weightlifting, cardio, HIIT, etc. Furthermore, it allows you to log sets and reps of every exercise you’re into. The application will bring you to the next level with the total training volume over time.

In addition, you can save your personal information to allow you to track every progress efficiently. Once you have a customized plan, the application will adapt with the latest weight you’re logged in and give a new report during the latest period. Psst, this app obtains a 4.8/5 rating from 39.6K user reviews!

Users must know that this application offers training programs. But you also have control if you prefer customized training. It prioritizes every user’s intention to reach a specific goal. Remember that you can also track the progress from body metrics, tag sets, and built-in rest timer. 

Beginners may find it too complicated to follow, yet advanced users will love it the most since it gives a track and results regularly. So, if you have eyes on this app, let’s download it from the Google Play Store. Also, prepare a budget for around $5 for a monthly subscription or take the annual membership for only $30.  

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Regular exercises will give a significant effect on your body. It might require a lot of energy, time, and money but yes it is worth trying. In addition, there are many applications available with well-demonstrated movement that you can imitate from home. You do not need a reason to keep your body fit and healthy.

Furthermore, one of the best weight lifting apps will bring you to the next level of healthiness. You will not regret doing training regularly. So, which of the applications above suits your habit the most? Whatever it is, I hope it works for you! Now, let’s choose one and start your weightlifting journey!

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