15 Best Face Swap Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Face Swap Apps

Face swap offers a creative way to have fun with your photos. The ability to swap faces allows you to create hilarious content to make a good laugh with family and friends. To get things done, you will need to download the best face swap apps for Android or iOS.

If you want to swap a friend’s face with Hollywood celebrities or pop star, these apps have got you covered. Or if you want to change your face with someone else, you know what you need to download. Take a closer look at the following list and make your choice.

Best Face Swap Apps for Android and iOS

Here, we have compiled the best application to swap faces. You don’t need to scour the internet and spend a lot of time finding it by yourself as this list can be a good reference for you. Read carefully to find an app of your favorite.

1. Reface


Rating and installs on Google Play Store never lie. With more than 100M+ downloads and millions of active users worldwide, Reface is undoubtedly among the most popular face swap apps ever. Thanks to the powerful face-swapping features it brings.

With this app, you can swap your face with movie characters or celebrities. It promises realistic results, thanks to amazing technology. It also supports live face swaps and gender swaps so you can figure out how you would look in another gender.

Share your happiness to double the fun. Reface allows you to share clips or funny memes of your creation on social media. Only with a few taps, you will be able to create fresh and amazing content right from the smartphone.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

2. FaceApp


FaceApp is among the famous face editor applications trusted by millions of users from all over the globe. Powered by artificial intelligence, it has the ability to create stunning selfies and photos with filters, effects, and unique background. Thanks to versatile tools that promote one-tap edit.

As one of the best face swap apps, it lets you swap faces with friends or everyone in the same frame. Not to mention it supports many other functions like morphing your photo with celebrity, aging feature, and even baby prediction to figure out what your baby will look like in the future.

On top of that, FaceApp is equipped with abundant features to perfect your face, such as impression filters, adding hair volume, smooth wrinkles, and removing acne or blemishes. You can also change your hairstyle and hair color to get a new look without actually visiting a hair salon.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

3. Cupace


How about swapping face with cut and face? If you love the idea of creating funny photos or memes, Cupace could be the perfect app to try out. Level up your creativity and see how you can make a good laugh with this application.

A bunch of features are included to renew your photo. Not only can you cut and paste face from one photo to another, you can also add stickers or emojis to make it more festive. Text option is also available to write funny quotes.

What’s great about Cupace is that all cropped faces will be saved in your gallery. Whenever you need to use it, simply access the phone gallery and find the desired face. As you don’t need to cut it again, it allows you to save a lot of time.

Download on Google Play

4. Banuba


Designed as a versatile selfie app, Banuba provides you with more than 1000 handpicked face filters to try out. It is also one of the best face swap app highlights face swap with which you can easily change faces with celebrities, superheroes, or even animals.

Banuba is more than a face swap app—it is a capable photo and video editor that allows you to apply amazing filters and effects to your photos or videos. What’s more interesting, you have an option to change the voice on your videos to sound like an alien, animal, or superhero.

If you are in the mood for expressing yourself, Banuba has an emoji maker that lets you make funny faces and videos to express your emotion. Share fun and happiness with your friends on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

5. FacePlay


FacePlay is among the best free face swap apps that offer a bunch of useful features. Here, you will find a wide variety of short video templates to change face. Simply choose a video and a photo and let this application do the rest.

Creating a unique video has never been this easy. With just a few clicks, you will be able to make a hilarious and creative video in a matter of minutes. It also has a built-in share button that allows you to share on social networks.

With more than 5M+ downloads, FacePlay is among the favorite face swap applications among Android and iOS users. Whether you want to create an ancient costume video or ethnic minority clothing, this application has got you covered.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

6. Jiggy


Creating funny videos made simple with Jiggy. With this app, you can animate your body and swap face instantly. All you need is upload a photo and it will automatically transform the photo into a funny GIF video. Share with your friends and family to spread happiness.

For your convenience, Jiggy includes several key features. Let’s mention multiple object support that allows you to swap up to 3 people. Besides, it also has more than 100 funny and unique dances for GIFs and videos. What’s more, the developer constantly updates stickers every week.

If you have an old photo, Jiggy brings it to life with animated video. It also supports live gender swaps, face swaps, and realistic jib jab to upgrade your experience. And if you want to make WhatsApp conversation livelier, this application can get the task done.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

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7. Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth

Brought to you by Revosoft, this is one of the best face swap apps available for Android-based and iOS-based devices. Enjoy unlimited face swaps with any photos and take your creativity to another level.

Besides face swapping, it supports face blend feature with which you can blend face together to create unique and hilarious photos. Feel free to swap your faces with celebrities and edit photos like never before, thanks to easy to use tools and user-friendly interface.

In Face Swap Booth, you can find advanced editor tools for realistic image, tons of celebrity photos, multiple facial overlay, and auto detect function. For easier sharing, it has a built-in share button with which you can send photos to your friends.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

8. Impressions


Put the face of your favorite celebrity into your photo with Impressions. Supporting face swap video and photo, it comes in handy to help you create unique content for social platforms. Thanks to AI technology, you can swap face in a matter of seconds.

How this app works is pretty simple. All you have to do is select your favorite celebrity face. Record a video, take a picture, or choose a photo from your gallery and this app will detect the face and transform it into the chosen celebrity. With a realistic result, everybody will think your photo is real.

When it comes to features, Impressions has much to offer. In addition to realistic photo and video, it includes over 600 celebrity faces to choose from. It also supports lip sync to personalize scenes of your favorite movies.

Download on the App Store

9. Face Swap

Face Swap

Swap face is getting more fun when you do it live. This application allows you to swap face live on camera so you can capture a unique image to make a good laugh. It also lets you apply face changer filter and save photos or videos in the phone gallery.

Designed with an attractive and intuitive interface, Face Swap comes loaded with features. Besides live camera to swap face and apply masks live on camera, it features photo editor to apply filter. It has a wide selection of filters to enhance your photos.

Additionally, this best face swap app comes packed with video editor. Using this feature, you can easily load a video from gallery or record using phone camera and apply face swap filter. If you are happy with the result, share your face swap photo or video via social platforms.

Download on Google Play

10. Face Swap by Lighthouse

Face Swap by Lighthouse

Face swap never gets boring. If you are looking for an application that supports live face swap and photo editor then this tool is made just for you. Developed by Lighthouse, it comes in handy to enhance your photo in many ways.

In addition to face swaps, it features live camera stickers to capture unique photos. It has a wide selection of cute stickers so you can have fun with photos. Plus, it has up to 30 different templates to try out.

Download on Google Play

11. Face Swap by VysionApps

Face Swap by VysionApps

This application has more than 10M+ installs, making it one of the most used face swap apps among Android users. Though it is free, it comes loaded with features such as realistic results, face bomb effect, and built-in share button to different social platforms.

With this app, you can easily swap faces with up to 2 photos or 6 faces in a frame. It also supports celebrity face swap to make your photo more amazing. What’s more, it lets you choose either to upload photo from the gallery or take a new one.

Download on Google Play

12. Cut Paste Photos

Cut Paste Photos

If you are into cut and paste, this tool can be your best partner to swap photos. As one of the best face swap apps, it allows you to cut a face and paste it onto another photo. Thanks to smart editing tools that make this job so much easier.

Cut Paste Photos application is featured with AI background eraser with which you can extract background and remove it from your photos. It also features manual copy that makes it possible to swap faces by manual cutting.

Photo collage is another main highlight to find in this application. This feature comes in handy to create nice collages from your photos.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

13. Faceover


Faceover is a top-rated photo face swap application designed for iOS devices. If you want to prank your friends or want to make them laugh, this is the right app to download.

There are amazing features to find in this app, such as photo editor, save option, and basic functionalities like copy, paste, swap, flip, and rotate. It offers a great way to create realistic and hilarious photo results.

Best of all, this best face swap app is completely free to download. But you can get additional features with in-app purchases.

Download on the App Store

14. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live

Switching faces get more fun with Face Swap Live. This particular app enables you to switch faces in real time, allowing you to record videos or take photos with other’s faces. Whether you want to swap faces with friend or famous celebrities, this tool has got you covered.

Face Swap Live comes packed with amazing features like mask mode and more than 25 effects, party mode with mustaches and beard, and face editor. You can also find finger paint option to distort your face.

Download on Google Play Download on the App Store

15. Face Swap Video

Face Swap Video

Not least of all, Face Swap Video makes your face swap much more fun. Featuring live face swap, you can expect hilarious videos to share with loved ones. Enjoy your moment in a different way with this app.

It highlights real time face swapping for video and it also supports face swap for photo. Choose either to save photo to your gallery or share via social platforms. If you are in the mood to make a good laugh, this app has got you covered.

Download on the App Store

Face swap is a creative way to make fun of your photos. Without a high level of editing skills, you can switch faces in a matter of seconds. Get the best face swap apps that include a bunch of features to renew your pictures and videos.

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