9 Best Math Solver Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Math Solver Apps

If math is not your favorite subject, solving math problems can be a real headache. You might need a little help from the best math solver apps that are brilliantly designed to solve a variety of problems from trigonometry to algebra, calculus, statistics, algorithm, and many more.

Math solver applications are commonly powered by artificial intelligence technology that recognizes the problem, makes an analysis, and finds the best answer. Some apps are equipped with a scanner that uses your camera to scan the problem and provide you with step-by-step explanations.

Best Math Solver Apps to Solve Math Problems

Today, high school and college students can easily find free math solver applications to get their math tasks done from a smartphone. If you are trying to get the best one, take a closer look at the following list and make your decision.

1. Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver is at the top of the list when it comes to math solver apps. It helps you find the answer for various math problems such as arithmetic, trigonometry, statistics, algebra, and other topics. All you need to do is to snap a photo of the problem or write it on the screen and let the app do the rest.

If you prefer writing the problem, Microsoft Math Solver lets you type and edit questions using advanced scientific calculator. Writing equations is not an issue with this app thanks to the equation gallery with which you can import equation images whenever needed.

This best free math solver app highlights interactive step-by-step explanations that help you understand the steps rather than an instant answer. Not only does it work for a single math problem, but you can also solve a whole worksheet with multiple problems.

Microsoft Math Solver can search the website to find similar problems and provide you with video lectures, allowing you to learn more about the topic. Designed with a simple and easy-to-use interface, working with this application is extremely fun.

Microsoft Math Solver supports a variety of languages including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and more. With more than 10M+ downloads on Google Play alone, this app is completely free to download.

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2. Photomath


Tons of features and millions of users make Photomath one of the best math solver apps for Android and iOS. Built to provide you with step-by-step solutions, it comes in handy to get rid of math problems of various topics such as algebra, calculus, matrix, sequences, and many others.

Whenever you get stuck on your math homework, this application comes with basic solution steps and explanations that are available for free. Or if you are preparing for a test, Photomath is your best partner to build math confidence.

This app is basically free to use but you can upgrade to Photomath Plus to unlock some exclusive features. These features include full access to the library of explanations with teachers-approved content, AI-based animation to visualize math problems, and math insight to level up your learning.

It also highlights other features such as interactive graphs, multiple solution methods, advanced scientific calculator, and word problem instructions. Whether you need help in arithmetic or geometry gives you a headache, Photomath will get you.

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3. Symbolab


Hiring a private math tutor can cost a fortune. If you are tight-budgeted, download Symbolab on your Android or iPhone for free and feel the experience of having a personal math tutor in your pocket. Coming with a bunch of features, this is one of the best math solver apps to get your homework done.

Symbolab currently has more than 200 million student users worldwide. It helps understand more than 1 billion math problems through detailed explanations. Simply type your problem or take a snapshot of it and this app will provide you with step-by-step solutions.

The answer finder supports an extensive range of math topics such as calculus, graphing, matrix, functions, trigonometry, geometry, and many more. What’s interesting about this app is that you can get guidance tailored to your interests for every math problem.

Whether you building confidence for an upcoming math test or you have homework to finish soon, Symbolab got you covered. Developed by mathematicians, this application allows you to learn and understand math in an efficient way.

Good news, you can get this maths answer finder for free on the App Store and Google Play. But you can upgrade to a paid subscription if you need more solutions from human math tutors.

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4. Mathway


Here’s Mathway, a smart math calculator for graphing, calculus, algebra, statistics, and many others. No more getting stuck on math homework because this app is specifically built to help students from high school and college to find the best answer for every math problem.

Made with a user-friendly interface, this modest math app provides you with unlimited access to detailed solutions. Understanding complex math concepts becomes easier thanks to step-by-step explanation for every problem across topics.

To use Mathway, all you have to do is to snap a picture. In a matter of seconds, this app will give you instant help. Rather than coming solely with an answer, this best math solver app gives access to comprehensive explanations so you can learn from it.

One attractive feature you can find in Mathway is that you can choose how you would like to solve the problem. Whether you want to use quadratic formula or graphing or other methods, this app has the right solution for you. On top of all, Mahtway meets every level of math.

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5. Gauthmath


Next on the list is Gauthmath, a homework helper that allows you to solve various math problems accurately. It serves as your math private tutor that is available 24/7, giving you access to step-by-step solutions for various topics such as calculus, algebra, word problems, and more.

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Most math solver apps use your phone camera to scan the question and Gauthmath holds this tradition. Whenever you need help to solve a math problem or you’re not sure with your answer, simply take a pic of your question and get step-by-step solutions quickly.

Gauthmath is supported by thousands of math experts who are happy to answer your question and give you detailed explanations. This means you don’t need to worry about the accuracy of every answer. Plus, it is ideal for all math levels.

A wide variety of math topics are covered in this best math solver app such as algebra, logic, matrix, calculus, geometry, and trigonometry. Not only does it help you get rid of math problems, but you can also understand better from the detailed explanations.

Gauthmath is a powerful math homework partner you can trust to answer various math questions. Get this app for free on the App Store or Google Play and get access to dedicated math experts.

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6. Qanda


Qanda is another math solver that is easy to use, helpful, and reliable. Whether you want to unstuck from math problems or you want to prepare for exam, it is dependable to help you achieve the goal. Once downloaded on your smartphone, you can quickly get answers to your math problems.

Being one of the best math solver apps, Qanda features instant search that allows you to find answers by snapping a photo of your math problem. Within 5 seconds, this app gets you the solution and step-by-step explanations which you can learn.

Furthermore, this useful app highlights web search for math questions of any level. Search things by taking a pic of your question and Qanda will get the best web resources. You can easily find learning videos, learning materials, or comprehensive explanations at once.

Smart calculator is another main highlight that comes in handy to get rid of algebra or calculus problems. Once you get stuck on a math equation, simply snap the question and this app will provide you with multiple solutions to solve the problem. You can also get interactive graphs as well.

Qanda is available in a few languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, and Bahasa. Download this app for free and enjoy default features or buy in-app purchases for additional content. 

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7. Brainly


Everybody knows Brainly. This is a homework solver application dedicated to students and parents who need to find the best answer for subject problems including math. With just snapping a picture of your problem, it provides you with step-by-step answers from its database or community

Featuring a vast community that gives you solutions, Brainly is a powerful platform to learn math and solve problems of various topics. It is also supported by a dedicated moderator team that ensures the quality of every answer.

There are many other benefits you can get from this app such as real-time help from pro tutors, step-by-step guidance for every question you scan, and free homework service. Not to mention it comes with an intuitive design that ensures a nice learning experience.

Additionally, this best math solver app provides you with unlimited access so you can get guidance and explanations anytime anywhere with an internet connection. And if you need solutions for your textbooks, find it on Brainly.

Parents who want to take part in their child’s learning process can pair their account with child’s account. Since parent’s support can be a great motivation, Brainly allows them to learn together to keep up with their learning.

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8. Socratic by Google

Socratic by Google

Socratic comes in handy to get unstuck. This is an AI-powered homework solver application that helps you get answer to a question whether you are at high school or university. All you need to do is submit a question to Socratic and it will find the best resources from websites to help you learn.

Rather than giving you a direct answer just like other best math solver apps, it encourages you to understand the question of a specific topic by providing relevant online resources. Learn the concepts and find answers on your own.

On Socratic, you can use your voice or camera to connect to web resources and understand the problem. This means it allows you to take a pic or say the question before Socratic does the job. Wait for a few seconds and it will provide you with videos or step-by-step explanations.

With everything you need in one place, you can focus on learning the material. This homework solver app works not only for math but also most high school subjects including chemistry, physics, literature, and even history.

Good news, Socratic is supported by experts and teachers who bring visual explanation in every subject. This is how you can learn the concept in a better way.

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9. MalMath


Not least of all, there’s MalMath that can be your math homework buddy to get all math problems done. Using this app, you can submit questions and get step-by-step answers. Millions of high school and college students find it useful to help them understand a variety of math topics.

MalMath promises free homework answers which means you can save a lot on private math tutor. It is also good to know that this math problem solver works offline so you can work anytime anywhere even without internet connection. Whether you’re stuck with trigonometry or equation, it got you covered.

There are several key features brought to your table such as easy-to-understand explanations with highlights, graph analysis, and built-in save and share button. It also lets you solve math problems from several categories with various difficulty levels.

MalMath currently supports a few languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Turkish, and Japanese. It is also designed with a simple and user-friendly interface so you can focus on the topics rather than the interface.

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Solving math problems made simple with the best math solver apps. Powered by AI technology, getting unstuck is as simple as snapping a pic. What’s great, most apps provide you with detailed and step-by-step explanations so you can learn from it. Get an app and get your math problem done.

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