11 Best Handwriting to Text Apps for Android and iOS

Best Handwriting to Text Apps

There are so many things your smartphone can do aside from making calls and sending messages. Thanks to a variety of apps, the function of your device can be pushed. Just in case you want to transfer handwriting into a typical typeface, the best handwriting to text apps can help.

With the ability to digitize your handwriting, these apps are useful for teachers, students, and anyone who wants to transfer the text written by hand on their gadget. Not to mention most handwriting apps are loaded with easy-to-use tools for your better experience.

Best Handwriting to Text Apps for Android and iOS

Typical handwriting to text apps use optical character recognition (OCR) that will help scan your handwriting, capture the image, and convert it into text. If you need a reference before downloading one, here’s the list for you.

1. Evernote


Evernote is undoubtedly one of the most popular note organizers with millions of users from all over the globe. It helps redefine your notes and to-dos for organized life without distractions, either you’re at home or at work.

This app comes with some highlights, one of which is a camera scanner that lets you scan and organize business cards, paper documents, white boards, and even handwritten notes. Get rid of cluttered notes and say hello to organized, searchable notes and to-do-lists.

What’s more, this handwriting recognition app allows you to connect to Google Calendar so you can bring notes and calendar together. And if you wish to go paperless, this app lets you scan receipts and important documents. Not to mention you can find anything fast, thanks to the powerful search it has.

For easier access, Evernote makes it possible to sync your notes automatically across devices like tablet, phone, and Chromebook. Now you can simply work on a device and continue on another without losing your work.

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2. Pen to Print

Pen to Print

Pen to Print is a powerful OCR app that helps you convert handwritten notes into digital text. Saving your handwritten notes or to-do-lists made simple, thanks to the edit and search features—even you can store it in any digital platform.

Using this OCR scanner is easy as pie. All you have to do is scan using your phone’s camera and this app will automatically recognize the handwritten text. Then it will convert scanned documents into digital text. Now you can edit, search and store it anywhere.

What’s unique about this app is that it’s specifically designed to recognize handwriting and transform it into a digital file. Thus, you don’t necessarily need to extract handwritten text by yourself. Pen to Print is ideal for teachers, students, and anyone who wants to keep their notes organized.

This best handwriting to text app is free to download. You can upgrade to a premium plan for additional features like edit text, share on messaging apps, and use it in word processing apps like Google Docs or MS Word.

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3. Nebo


Bring your handwriting to digital files with Nebo. Featuring artificial intelligence, this digital notebook helps transform your notes, reports, or sketches into a document. It knows every word you write so this is a great app to take notes to another level.

Nebo has much to offer. In addition to accurate conversion, it comes with a boast of a large selection of symbols and emojis to choose from. Feel free to use your pen to edit the text document like creating heading, add checkboxes, or remove spaces.

To enrich your notes, Nebo supports a range of objects from photos to sketches to smart objects like diagrams and math. Even this app understands math equations and matrices.

One of the main highlights of Nebo is PDF annotation, with which you can import Word, PowerPoint, or PDF files into your notebook. Highlight or annotate as desired and export to PDF. Once you’re done, share your content via private web link.

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4. vFlat Scan

vFlat Scan

Here’s vFlat Scan, the best free handwriting to text app designed for Android-based and iOS-based devices. This scanning application recognizes the border of your document and automatically crops or corrects it. Using the app, you can also convert captured images to text.

vFlat Scan has a set of key features. While automatic recognition and cropping is the main star, you can also enjoy powerful search simply by entering keyword—this app will find relevant documents. This function is only available after you complete OCR.

Additionally, it allows you to export scanned images to PDF files. Sort the order of the page and choose the quality of your PDF file. Interestingly, you can adjust the color to improve your scanned image.

What’s more to find in vFlat Scan is book scanning. This is a feature that automatically corrects flaws on your pages, such as the curved surface of the page and scanned finger. Don’t worry about quality since it provides you with professional book scanner quality.

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5. Noteshelf


Featured on Google Play and App Store, Noteshelf is a versatile note-taking application that comes loaded with a number of functionalities. Using this app, you can write and organize notes, annotate PDFs, markup notes, and many more.

OCR becomes one of its main highlights makes it possible to convert your beautiful handwriting to text. And of course, it also offers a quick search to find your handwritten notes in a matter of second. Best of all, it can recognize up to 65 different languages.

This best handwriting to text app comes with a user-friendly interface, allowing every user to access it without hassle. Not to mention it’s also beautiful with a wide variety of paper templates that let you create unique notes from your smartphone.

There are many other features to find in this app, such as notes audio recording, auto backup to cloud storage, and Evernote auto-publish. You can also share notes with friends, family, or clients via email or Google Drive.

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6. Text Scanner

Text Scanner

Converting an image to text with Text Scanner can be a great option to simplify your job. This OCR app is designed to recognize characters from images so you can easily scan anything, from URL to phone number or even memo on the board.

The text scanner has abundant features like high speed reading, high accuracy reading, and photo album support. It also has the ability to recognize over 50 languages. And the main star is handwriting recognition that helps convert your handwritten documents into text.

What can you do with recognized text? This best handwriting to text app allows you to perform several operations like URL access, phone call, copy to clipboard, and send email. You can also save to Google Drive or share on Google Hangouts.

Overall, Text Scanner comes in handy to convert any image to text. Whether you want to access the URL or call a new phone number, this tool has got you covered.

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7. Image to Text OCR

Image to Text OCR

If you are looking for a tool that is able to scan images to text then this app is made for you. Designed for iOS-based devices, Image to Text OCR allows you to digitize printed documents like contracts, receipts, or articles to searchable text.

There are so many things you can do with scanned documents. For instance, you can search any desired text and edit it. It also lets you store properly on a smartphone, computer, or cloud service. The least mention allows easier access from other devices.

Using this mobile app won’t get you puzzled. All you have to do is scan your document, choose the relevant area and OCR scanner will recognize your text. After that, you can export scanned documents to any platform.

This OCR scanner app provides in-app purchases and premium plan that offer many more features. Upgrade your version and find more options like save text to file, share on messaging app, add to notes, and more.

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8. Image to Text Converter

Image to Text Converter

Convert handwriting to text is as simple as taking a snapshot on your smartphone. Featuring optical character recognition, this particular app helps you convert photos to txt file in a matter of seconds. No more wasting your time and effort.

This easy to use app promises excellent quality for text recognition and conversion. You can work on various file sizes as there’s no limit on number and size. Even better, it allows you to convert screenshots so you don’t have to bother typing the document manually.

What’s interesting about this app is that you can copy the text and paste it anywhere else. Converted documents are available in .txt format, making it possible to open on various devices. Not to mention it allows you to edit documents on your mobile device or computer.

Your files are sent to servers while being converted so you don’t need to worry about battery—it doesn’t drain a lot of energy. After it’s converted, the result is downloaded back to your app and the files will be deleted from servers. That means the developer doesn’t store your data.

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9. Text Capture

Text Capture

Capture your handwriting and extract text from images with Text Capture. This OCR scanner application comes in handy to help you convert images to text, including your handwriting. All you have to do is capture your handwriting and let this app do the rest.

After capturing the image, you can do many things with it. For instance, you can edit the document or copy to clipboard. It also lets you share captured document to other applications, just in case you want to use it for other purposes.

Best of all, this best handwriting to text app enables you to translate the text. It supports a wide range of languages like Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Indonesian, Korean, and many more. For your convenience, it works 100% offline so you don’t need to worry about internet connection.

Many people have trusted their OCR scanning to Text Capture. Use in-app purchases for additional features.

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10. Notes Plus

Notes Plus

This is a convenient app that helps you convert handwriting to text. Promising best handwriting experience, it comes loaded with a variety of features. For instance, it has the ability to recognize up to 52 different languages.

Automatic shape detection is another main star of the app, making it possible to understand your handwriting. There are many other things it can do for you, such as insert image from your gallery, import PDF files, and export notes to cloud storage, email, or Evernote.

Additionally, this app has a built-in browser with which you can use it as a reliable and quick reference. With the automatic backup feature to Dropbox, you don’t necessarily need to worry about losing your data and converted documents.

Overall, Notes Plus is one of the best handwriting to text apps that is left-handed friendly. Not to mention it has easy to use tools that allow you to enjoy the application conveniently. Millions of people have downloaded this app and it’s your time to join the stream.

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11. Notability


Notability is a powerful tool to take important notes on your smartphone. Featuring handwriting recognition software, it has the ability to convert handwriting into digital text effortlessly. You can either write documents, digital notes, emails, and many more.

For your convenience, Notability allows you to create and edit documents either in landscape or portrait mode. Styles feature is another main highlight with which you can change the appearance of the app by changing page, text, and ink colors.

What’s more, it comes packed with intuitive tools like spell checker, context analyzer, auto corrector, and shorthand feature to fill frequently used phrases. Not only does these features enhance the user’s experience, but it also improve your work productivity.

Notability can recognize different languages like Italian, Spanish, German, English, and more.

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The best handwriting to text apps are designed to help you take notes. Featuring advanced OCR scanner, these tools allow you to convert handwriting into professional texts. No matter who you are, these applications come in handy to streamline your note-taking work.

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