17 Best Plant Care Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Plant Care Apps

Keeping your green babies healthy and happy isn’t a simple task. With so many things to observe, from light intensity to soil moisture, you surely need a tool that monitors each aspect. Luckily, the best plant care apps are now available to help you out.

These mobile applications are designed to be your assistant in taking care of plants. While some apps are dedicated for plant care, others come with other functions like plant identification and plant diary. Pick an app that meets your preference and be a good plant parent.

Best Plant Care Apps for Android and iOS

Finding the right plant care app can be tedious because the market provides you with tons of options. We’ve done the difficult part—we sifted through apps on Google Play Store and App Store, so you can easily pick a great app from the following list. Check them out!

1. PlantSnap


PlantSnap is a plant identification app supporting more than 600,000 types of plants, trees, flowers, cacti, and more. Besides its ability to recognize plants from photos, it helps you learn how to grow plants and take care of them.

If you are a beginner plant parent, PlantSnap comes in handy to identify and grow plants at a time. Find valuable gardening tips to help you grow herbs and veggies in the backyard. Or if you’re an orchid enthusiast, you can find insightful information here.

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2. Blossom


Blossom is another plant identification app that provides you with plant care guide. Using this tool, not only can you identify plants or flowers but you can also learn how to grow and take care of them. This is a combo app that won’t consume a lot of space on your smartphone.

This best plant care app gives you how-tos and valuable tips to take care of plants. You will also find reminder feature to water your green babies on time without making the soil soggy. Additionally, you can learn how to fertilize and repot your flowers and plants.

One of Blossom’s highlight features is the light meter, with which you can figure out the light intensity in your space. This is a great way to find the best plant location based on their light needs.

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3. PictureThis


Identify plants instantly with PictureThis. Mainly designed as a plant identifier, it comes loaded with a vast library that supports up to 17,000 plant species from all over the globe. Thanks to artificial intelligence which allows better identification every day.

Aside from plant identification, it also serves as a plant care app. Find useful plant care tips to help you grow healthy and lovely plants. Additionally, it features water reminder to prevent your plant collection from drought. Make yourself a good plant parent with PictureThis.

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4. Greg


Presented to you by Gregarious Inc, Greg is a modest and simple plant care app for Android-based and iOS-based devices. Using this tool, taking care of plants is easy and fun. Thanks to a highly personalized plant care feature developed for you.

This best plant care app offers a custom watering plan specified based on your plant’s needs. There are several aspects it takes into account, such as plant species, plant size, and details of your home environment. Your plants will never experience drought or soggy feet with Greg.

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5. Plantnote


Plantnote combines plant diary and water reminder in a single app. Designed with a clean and simple interface, this is a plant care app that is completely easy to use. All you have to do is submit the plant type and it will analyze how much water it needs.

What’s more, Plantnote features plant input and details that allow you to keep information without hassle. Edit plant whenever needed and make your own plant diary and journal.

If you love taking pictures, you can make the most of this app’s plant gallery. Feel free to add as many photos as you want in the gallery and never stop hunting unique plants to complete your collection.

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6. Plant Care Reminder

Plant Care Reminder

Whenever you need an assistant for caring for your plants, Plant Care Reminder has got you covered. As the name suggests, this app reminds you to take care of lovely plants in time. That’s how you can be aware of the condition anywhere anytime.

Using this app, you can choose a pre-loaded icon or use your own image. You can also set caring frequency, such as fertilizing and watering. This app gets more attractive with widgets for easier access on your device.

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7. Wateria


Are you looking to use an app for plant care that gives you peace of mind? If your answer is yes, Wateria is made just for you. It provides daily watering reminder and plant care tips that help your plants grow faster. Not to mention it helps you track light, temperature, and moisture.

There are so many things you can do with Wateria, such as tracking your plants, creating a schedule, and customizing your green babies. You can also receive daily notifications when it’s the time to care for your friends. Make your home greener with Wateria.

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8. Waterbot


Get the most of your gardening and plant care with Waterbot. This free app is designed to prevent your green buddies from thirst—it constantly reminds you to water your plant. If you’re busy with your work and often skip watering time, this is the perfect app for you.

Waterbot comes loaded with dozens of features. In addition to tracking your plants and sending notifications, it allows you to make flower avatars using the phone’s camera. As a bonus, it has a special design for a unique experience.

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9. Plantix


Plantix is among the best free plant care apps to simplify your job. Using this app, you can receive care reminders so you will never forget to water or fertilize the plants. It also lets you keep an eye on your green friends by creating plant profiles with details, schedule, and photos.

Overall, Plantix is a great plant care app to help you become a successful plant parent. Caring for your plants and entire garden is fun and easy, thanks to a set of features brought to your table.

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10. Botanist


Enjoy simple and easy plant growth tracking with Botanist. With this tool, you will never miss a watering session again. Supporting over 4,000 species, you can add any plants in your backyard garden or indoor garden and it will determine water needs of each species.

Botanist is a great app to make your plants thrive. It features care tips and personalized warning for different plant species. You can add pictures of the plant to track their growth and export them to GIF file.

What’s more interesting about Botanist is that you can check diseases that commonly attach to specific plant species. It also lets you learn how to protect the plants.

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11. Plantiary


Plantiary is one of the best plant care apps to improve your gardening and planting experience. Though its main function is plant identification, it also serves as a capable plant care app. Find valuable tips to take care of your green babies and let them thrive.

Additionally, Plantiary comes loaded with plant care history that allows you to track caring history. With this feature, you will never mistakenly water your babies too frequently. There’s also a note feature that makes it possible to add personalized notes to each plant.

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12. Planta


Keeping your plants alive is made simple with Planta. This plant care app provides individual care reminder and schedule for plants, step-by-step guides, recommendation, light meter, and identification. Everything you need to keep your green friends thrive is here.

Planta currently has over 2 million users worldwide with 8 million tracked plants. Ease of use features like smart care reminder lets you know if it’s time to water your plants. Step by step guides come in handy to help you care for the plants.

Your plants sick? Dr. Planta helps you figure out the condition and provides you with the right treatment plant. If you are not sure what plant species you have, take benefits from the plant identification feature—simply take a picture and it will let you know. 

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13. Florish


Even a green thumb needs a companion app to grow plants. And if you need the best plant care app to grow indoor plants then Florish is surely for you. This particular application is designed to help you select plants for a space, care for them, and let them grow faster.

Using this app, you can add new plants and you will receive watering notifications. Never skip watering, thanks to the reminder feature brought to the table. Not to mention it has a large database that includes care instructions and troubleshooting.

What’s interesting is that Florish helps you learn about plant care in a fun way. Simply take a quiz anytime and get useful information about plants.

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14. Steward


Light is an essential factor that helps your plants struggle. Steward is a free plant care app that allows you to get the right light level based on plants’ requirements. With this app, plant parents can find the best spot to give plants the light they need.

How to use this application is quite simple. Scan your rooms and get a custom plant map that shows where your plants will grow happily in the area. As the seasons change, this map will update automatically so the plants can thrive all year round.

This best plant care app is designed to save your time finding the right spot for the plants. Now you can find the right plant for the right spot in your home.

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15. Happy Plant

Happy Plant

Most plant parents share the same problem—they often forget to water their green babies. That’s why you need a tool that reminds you to water the plants before they get thirsty. Fortunately, Happy Plant is one of the best water plant reminders to keep your babies hydrated.

Happy Plant has a bunch of features, such as water schedule management, plant selfie to track plant growth over, and plant tracker. It also has the ability to customize plants by giving a name and a photo.

Featuring a clean interface, this is a great app to get your tasks done. Get Happy Plant for free on the App Store and be a good plant parent. And if you need additional features, feel free to upgrade to the premium version.

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16. My Garden

My Garden

If you need a little help to grow plants in the backyard then My Garden deserves your attention. This best plant care app helps you choose gardening type based on location, season, and temperature. It also helps identify hundreds of plants and lets you learn how to take care of them.

My Garden highlights fresh tips on how to repot or grow organic plants, making it an ideal application for beginners. You can also receive reminders to water or fertilize the plants so they can thrive in any condition. Plus, you can manage account settings or learn how to use it.

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17. Vera


Designed for iPad, iPhone, and Android, Vera is a simple plant care app to help you become a successful plant parent. Featuring care reminders and tips, it allows you to track plant care for today and the future. You can also create and change schedule, add photos, and track caring activities.

What’s more, Vera lets you learn new skills to grow plants. Whether you want to know how to report Monstera or you need to learn how to trim Money tree, this application has got you covered. A huge collection of planting tips and tricks is also available.

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The best plant care apps have everything you need to grow plants and help them thrive. If you want to be a good plant parent or green thumb, a list of applications above enable you to achieve the goal.

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