How to Delete All Photos from Google Photos Easily

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Delete All Photos from Google Photos

As we all know that Google Photos is one of the top apps. But apparently, people also want to know how to delete all photos from Google Photos. Sometimes, we get some inappropriate photos from WhatsApp broadcast or downloaded something we don’t need anymore. So, our Google Photos become full and we need to delete it for good.

In this article, we will tell you an easy way to do it. Not only telling you how to delete all photos from Google photos but also find out why your Google Photos seems to be full. Let’s check out some explanation below.

Unaware Triggers Why Your Google Photos is Full

Today, people are tending to take pictures of anything. Automatically, they will always need a bigger space than what they have in their devices. So, Google Photos is the answer to this. It offers the user unlimited storage, of course, with a condition. Google only receive image less than 16MB or 1080 for video.

This huge free storage sometimes triggers people to save as many as pictures. Usually, they sync Google Photos with their gallery, while their gallery connects with apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and so on. Imagine how much clutter stays on Google Photos, tons. Just because you have bigger storage doesn’t mean you can save anything you want.

Meanwhile, Google Photos is doing awesome work in organizing pictures into stories or video compilation. They call it movies. Google Photos with their “Assistant” do some magic to your pictures and videos such as editing, make albums and even stories. You don’t want clutter as your stories do you?

Another unaware thing that makes your Google Photos seems to be full is duplication. Unfortunately, there is no way to delete it except delete it manually. Duplication caused by, sometimes, messenger group sends the same picture repeatedly. Or, when you are the owner of an online shop, potentially, you will have many picture duplications.

Additionally, be careful of screenshots. Sometimes, you want to capture something you think it’s important. But turns out it doesn’t. It can be a good looking picture from Instagram, a quote in twitter, payment proof, or even your chat. You think to look it back in the future but you never do it. So, the screenshot becomes a clutter.

Easy Tips On How to Delete All Photos from Google Photos

To maximize the perks of Google Photos, the user needs to start over. Once your Google Photos is free from a picture you don’t need anymore, it ready to do what it is best. Moreover, the user will find out more that Google Photos is full of magic. Please kindly find several tips below on how to delete all photos from Google Photos:

1. Delete Photos directly from Google Photos Gallery

It is the fastest way to clean your Google Photos if you have thousands of photos. In order to make it easier, better to use a desktop than a smartphone. Obviously, desktop gives you a better view and of course a wider screen. Next, simply go to to take a look at the photos.

Delete Photos directly from Google Photos Gallery

Once you get there, on the left corner of the very first picture you will find a select icon. Click it and hold down the SHIFT key and then click on another picture. Additionally, to select in range, you can do this until more than 1000 pictures by scrolling down but keep holding the SHIFT key.

The next move is, take a look at the right corner and click the trash icon. To avoid losing your to-be-deleted photos,  do it partially. For example, you have 16000 pictures, separate the process in 16 times or 1000 pics per action. You need to give confirmation that your picture will also be removed from Google Photos Library, all synced devices, Google Drive and also content such as an album.

Lastly, simply click remove. If you turn on sync and backup, items that have been removed will stay for 60 days at trash. It will stay in the trash of every synced device. But don’t worry, they will automatically clean in 60 days.

2. Delete Google Photos by Album

Another fast way is to delete your photos via album. Fortunately, you can do this option on your smartphone. Simply go to your Google Photo app and go to your album. There, you will find pictures or videos that you want to delete.

After that, select them and move them to trash. You can easily select multiple photos by checking the date above the photos. Additionally, take a look at the right corner. You will see a trash icon, click it and your photos will be gone for good. This option is actually better than the first one because it is faster. Moreover, you don’t have to click thousands of photos.

Delete Google Photos by Album

Deleting photos from Google Photos is also useful if you want to delete your Google account. If this is what happened, then make sure you have a good back up. Since you have found out how to delete all photos from Google Photos, you are ready to open a new chapter.

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