12 Best Room Layout Apps for Android and iOS

Best Room Layout Apps

The most challenging part of remodeling a house is working with the interior design. On the one hand, you want to make it look different and fresh but on the other hand, you don’t know if your plan fits the whole design. Fortunately, the best room layout apps are now available to help you solve the problem.

You don’t have to be an interior designer to do the project. Using these room planner apps, you can play with the design, simulate a variety of room layouts, and even try an extensive range of aesthetic furniture based on your preferences.

Best Room Layout Apps to Plan Any Room

If you can’t decide which furniture piece is suitable for your living room corner or if you simply want to figure out a rug color that matches the wall, the room placement apps below have got you covered. Different apps come with different features so you can pick one based on your needs.  

1. Design Home

Design Home

Design Home is a top-notch home décor game that makes you feel like a top interior designer. Featuring hot items from more than 60 popular brands, you can simulate how decent furniture improves your interior before rushing to the store.

This interior design app comes packed with abundant features such as exciting challenges to accomplish room design in various locations. You can also explore tons of designs throughout the world and learn new trends with trends spotlights feature.

Design Home helps hone your skills to bring your dream home into a reality. Whether you want to redesign the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, this app gives you unlimited layout and furniture arrangement ideas to spice up the space.

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2. Room Planner

Room Planner

If you are looking for the best room layout app with millions of users worldwide, Room Planner is right here for you. This is a floor plan creator and homestyler that lets you decorate and furnish your home from the phone. Visualize your dream room and house design with this app.

On Room Planner, you can find tons of interior items from product catalogs. You can plan and furnish the space the way you always wanted and see what it looks like in 3D virtual reality. Just like playing game, you can get better ideas for the next home projects.

As a furniture layout app, Room Planner gives you access to hot items from top brands. Simply choose your favorite furniture, change places, and adjust anything in the picture such as the wall paint and furniture arrangement. If you love it, share with your partner, friend, or interior designer.

Room Planner is accessible with and without an internet connection. By default, this app is free to download but you can get amazing features with a subscription. 

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3. MagicPlan


Creating a room layout made simple with MagicPlan. This is an easy-to-use application that comes in handy to make, measure, and share floor plans. Thanks to useful features, edgy technology, and simple interface that helps you get the project done without a headache.

There are many things you can do with MagicPlan on your smartphone. Sketching and measuring become one of the main highlights with which you can sketch and measure floor plans both in 2D and 3D. It also has a reporting feature to make structured reports by adding photos, custom forms, and notes.

With more than 5M+ downloads on Google Play, this is one of the most used and best room layout apps featured in many countries. Use MagicPlan for free to experience the utmost potential of the app. But you can also move to subscription plans to unlock exclusive features.

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4. Houzz


Houzz is your best partner when remodeling a house or decorating a room. Featuring over 25 million high-res photos of home exteriors and interiors, it gives you sparks of ideas to make your dream come true. Simply choose by location or style and browse through attractive references.

Shopping furniture products made it easier with Houzz. Using this app, you can shop from over 5 million products such as cabinets, vanities, light fixtures, and furniture pieces for home exterior and interior. You can also read verified reviews to help you make a decision.

What’s interesting, Houzz can serve as an excellent furniture arrangement app. It features My Room 3D that uses your camera so you can see what the furniture will look like in your room. You will also love its featured sales promo that lets you enjoy 75 percent off.

If you need help from home improvement professionals, this best room layout app helps you connect with more than 3 million home professionals. Whether you want to hide architects, interior decorators, or contractors, find them with just a few taps.

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5. Homestyler


Accomplish your space layout projects with Homestyler. This is an interior design app that is suitable to help you with interior home design, furniture layout, and decoration. Thanks to online 3D floor planner program that allows you to select, move, and rotate furniture to fit a desired space.

As a powerful application, Homestyler comes packed with a huge library of 3D models for fireplaces, walls, decorations, and even plants. The furniture looks similar to ones you find in stores such as Target, IKEA, and more. Feel free to simulate the layout before purchasing one.

For a better experience, Homestyler provides you with augmented reality (AR) mode to scan the space so you can try to remodel, redecorate, or add a variety of furnishing. Simply choose the room you want to experiment and have fun with the simulation.

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6. Palette Home

Palette Home

Next on the list, there’s Palette Home, a planning 3D interior design that helps you with room redesign. Using this best room layout app, you can revamp any room more easily. Feel free to measure the room cubic, place doors, or move windows with this virtual design app.

Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can go through all the stages without hassle. From choosing the objects to placing them into the plan and adjusting the position, Palette Home is an app that makes you feel like a professional interior designer.

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On top of that, it gives you an option to switch into 3D mode so you can examine all sides of the room. Not to mention it lets you explore the room in real time. An adorable Palette-Cat will accompany you during the room tour—thanks to realistic graphic that let you enjoy the immersive feel.

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7. Homify


Homify is basically an interior design platform that helps connect you with professional home improvements. Whether you are planning to remodel the kitchen or spice up the bedroom, it comes loaded with ideas to find the perfect plan for your dream house.

This best room layout app includes all the tips and everything you need to get your projects done, or simply get inspired. Homify has more than 1.5M inspiring photos of room layout and home design, making it one of the fastest growing interior design platforms.

Browse for your favorite ideas and pin to save images. You can also get in touch with the corresponding architect or interior designer by accessing the profile. Find design inspiration from over 30 countries and realize your dream.

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8. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D

Featured in Android and iOS, Home Design 3D is a platform to give you realistic insights into home remodel. Coming with an intuitive interface, this app is accessible to everyone. If you are looking for a good reference for interior design this program got you covered.

On Home Design 3D, you can build a multi-story house. You can also furnish and decorate every room to realize your dream. And if you are happy with the result, it has a built-in share option to share your creation with 80 million users in the community.

Among the best room layout apps on the market, Home Design 3D is a great app with several strengths. Besides being available in 2D and 3D, it has a lot of options to customize the design such as change the wall thickness, add doors, create corners, and make choices of furniture pieces.

What’s convenient about this app is that it provides undo/redo button so you don’t need to worry about making mistakes. If you have finished, you can either export your project or share it on Dropbox and email.

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9. Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator

As the name suggests, this is a brilliant application to create floor plans from your smartphone. With the ability to view them in 3D, you can add furniture to the design and decide if it fits the interior. Explore the layout from different angles with 3D tour mode to make sure it meets your goal.

Floor Plan Creator supports projects with multiple floors and different shapes of rooms. Featuring automatic calculation, it allows you to calculate the measurement of rooms, walls, etc. An extensive symbol library is also available for windows, electrical, furniture, and more.

This best room layout app highlights cloud synchronization that automatically backup your floor plan between devices. Whenever you need it, simply access it from various devices.

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10. Havenly


Available for iOS users, Havenly is a decent interior design app to bring your dream into reality. It connects you with seasoned interior designers who will help you create the design and handpick products based on your space, style, and budget.

On Havenly, you can explore rooms designed by talented interior designers. If you find a good one, hit the save button to organize them in one place so you can access them quickly. You can also learn interior design style through Havenly quizzes.

Furthermore, shopping for furniture is made simple with this app. Thanks to curated shopping lists that come with personalized décor picks and furnishings so you can save a lot of time. Plus, it lets you get everything you need in one place.

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11. Rooms


Dedicated to all iPad users from around the globe, Rooms brings the room layout process to the next level. Enjoy realistic dimensions of your rooms and feel free to personalize it to your heart’s content either dragging, rotating, resizing, and even changing colors.

In addition to creating rooms of different shapes, you can arrange furniture with precision by seeing the degrees of rotation. You can also lock them in place so they don’t move anywhere. Once you have finished, share the creation with your partner via social platforms.

Rooms makes everything easy with instructions. Even if it is your first time designing a virtual room, you won’t find significant difficulties. Not to mention it provides you with short demo walkthroughs to show you how it works.

This best room layout app lets you create backup copies so you can work with peace of mind. Personalize the app with abundant custom settings.

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12. Décor Matters

Décor Matters

If you love home designing and remodeling Décor Matters is the perfect app to unleash your creativity. More than 6 million designers worldwide use this application to decorate their space and bring their dream house into reality so you can save a lot of money on interior design.

With Décor Matters you can discover the latest trend in home design to stay updated. Or if you love designing, it provides you with a platform to publish the design and build your own portfolio. But if you are an amateur, this app comes packed with templates so you don’t need to start from scratch.

On top of that, it gives you access to millions of décor pieces from top brands so you can mix and match them. Shop various brands from your house and don’t forget to try them before purchasing. Décor Matters is free to download but it offers paid content and subscription plans to unlock exclusive features.

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Downloading the best room layout apps is a brilliant move to help you redesign or remodel your house. Most room layout apps allow you to simulate furniture arrangement and take a room tour so you can decide if your plan works. Try these apps for Android and iOS and pick one that suits your style.

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