10 Best Apps for Tides for Android and iOS

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Best Apps for Tides

Are you tide chasers? Do you need an app to check the ideal tide size for surfing or fishing? Download the best apps for tides on your smartphone and there’s no way you skip the perfect chance to enjoy the water. Everything you need to know about the water level is right there on the app.

These applications come with different features ranging from weather forecast to tide chart and tide timetable. Using the right app can help you obtain the correct information about the rise and fall of water levels so you know the best time to get into the water.  

10 Best Apps for Tides for iOS and Android

Most tide apps show you the moon cycles that determine the level of water in the ocean. However, not every app brings reliable information. If you are searching for the best tide app with useful features the following list can be a reference.

1. Nautide


Don’t plan activities at the sea without Nautide on your smartphone. This best app for tide has got all the information you need such as daily tide charts, surf table, and fish activity. With over 15,000 coastal stations from all over the globe, it is like having a personal tide monitor in your pocket.

Nautide highlights daily tide charts that tell you when the tides are high or low along with the height. It also has a monthly tide table and if you want to go fishing, navigate to tides for fishing right away. Surfers can also check the height and direction of the swell as well as the wave period.

There are more features to find in this tide chart app such as astronomical data including sunrise, sunset, moon phases and eclipses; fishing barometer and pressure graph; wind speed at land and at sea; and weather conditions at coast including temperature, visibility, and precipitation.

To help you enjoy marine activity, Nautide is featured with an hourly marine table consisting of an open water forecast for sailing. It has all weather indicators and water temperature that helps you arrange the perfect schedule for marine.

Coming with an awesome design, using this application won’t give you a headache. Get this app for free and purchase paid content if desired.

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2. Tide Charts

Tide Charts

Tide Charts is one of the best free apps for tide to check tidal information on your smartphone. Built with a beautiful yet modest interface, you can view tidal estimates worldwide without hassle. Whether you want to check the weather forecast or lunar data this app has got you covered.

Tide Charts is designed to help with your outdoor adventure especially if it is in the ocean or at sea. Use this application when planning a surfing or fishing activity so you can get an accurate prediction on tides. Take the result into your consideration when making plans.

How does it work? By default, this best app for tide chooses the closest stations to your location. But you are allowed to pick a different station with just a few simple steps. All you have to do is view a map of your location and set another station. It also lets you setup and switch between stations easily.

One best thing about Tide Charts is that it supports offline mode. This is a very useful feature when you are having activities outdoor so you can arrange a better schedule. It is also designed to provide you with lunar and tidal predictions.

Upon downloading, this app is available to use. However, your phone requires at least 3 minutes to generate a desired texture. If you are interested, download this app for free and buy in-app purchases for more content.

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3. My Tide Times

My Tide Times

If you are looking for the best app for tides that provides you with tide tables and weather forecasts My Tide Times should be on the top of the list. Supported by more than 9,000 tidal stations in 30 countries, you can find the nearest locations and check the tidal information instantly.

This application is suitable for surfing, fishing, or other activities at sea. You don’t need to worry about data reliability because it constantly updates the data. Using this app, you can figure out up to 7-day forecasts for all locations worldwide.

Besides weather forecasts, it offers other relevant information such as moon phase, moonset and moonrise times, and also current predictions at specified locations. Plus, it is packed with wind speed information that comes standard.

My Tide Times supports offline mode so you can view the information without internet connection. It downloads the information and store it on the phone, allowing you to view it anywhere anytime. However, it comes with pesky ads that pop up every time.

Another good thing about this app is that it comes with a clean interface. It means you can focus on the tidal information rather than learning how to use it.

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4. NOAA Weather & Tides

NOAA Weather & Tides

NOAA Weather & Tides comes in handy to retrieve real-time weather forecasts for up to 7 days in worldwide locations. It provides the most accurate weather forecasts as it takes into consideration the affecting variables at a specific point such as altitude.

This is a useful feature especially in locations with dynamic weather patterns, making it a great tool for outdoor activity. In addition to viewing current conditions and forecasts, NOAA Weather & Tides allows you to save favorite locations for quick forecast retrieval.

As one of the best apps for tides, NOAA has a bunch of information to help you with adventure planning. In addition to weather forecasts, it comes packed with animated radar, precipitation imagery over Google Maps, home screen widget, and others.

Light and dark themes are added to suit your mood. If you prefer using tablets than smartphones, NOAA Weather & Tides is tablet-optimized so you can use this app at its most. This app is free to download but you can buy in-app purchases to remove ads.

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5. Tide Times USA

Tide Times USA

Tide Times USA is a convenient tide times app that gives you all the information about tides in the US. Designed to help you arrange ocean activities, it shows tide times, heights, first or last light times, and many more. What’s amazing, it supports more than 3200 locations throughout the US.

Tons of features make Tide Times USA the best app for tides. For instance, it allows you to choose tides based on several categories such as favorites, nearest, list, or map. Tide times and heights are shown on statistics so you can view it easily—the heights are shown in feet unit.

Coming with a user-friendly interface, this app has everything you need to know about tides in the US coast. Many people use it before surfing, diving, or fishing so they can arrange the best plan from the phone.

Tide Times USA does not require internet connection to show you tides throughout the US. It downloads the data on your smartphone so you can easily access it. Download this app for free and enjoy the default features or get in-app purchases for exclusive content. 

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6. Tides Near Me

Tides Near Me

Get information about tides and currents near you with Tides Near Me. This app lets you check on the last and next tidal heights, currents, and everything you need to know before having an ocean adventure.

Available for free on the App Store and Google Play, this application promises a fast and free access to the data when the moon rises, moon sets, sun rises, and sunsets. All the data are presented in automated tide charts, tables, and predictions so you can catch the point easily.

Tides Near Me app offers up-to-date and accurate tidal information without ongoing payments. With more than 5,500 tidal stations throughout the US and UK, it keeps you informed with the tides and currents stats in your desired points.

With more than 1M+ download on Google Play alone, this program is completely easy to use. Thanks to a simple design that makes it accessible.

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7. Tide Clock

Tide Clock

The next best app for tides is Tide Clock. Providing an overview of the local tide times, it adopts a traditional analogue clock interface that looks awesome. Using this clock, you can check times for high tides and low tides in a specific location.

Tide Clock comes packed with a tide calendar that allows you to check tidal status day by day. It also gives you an option to manage multiple tide stations and switch between them quickly. For quick references, data are presented in tide charts for high and low tides.

For users’ convenience, Tide Clock caches your data locally on the smartphone. It means you can use this app to access tidal information without an internet connection even for an extended period. It also has a table presenting monthly tide times.

There are two display units to choose from including imperial and metric. Feel free to adjust the unit to help you read data.

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8. HighTide


Retrieve tide times and weather forecasts with HighTide. Whenever you need a weather and tide update before boating, surfing, or fishing, this app comes to the rescue. You can search for location, get water level stats from a nearby station, and receive weather forecasts for 10 days.

HighTide is launched with a bunch of features. In addition to time tables for high and low tides, it includes weather forecast and wind forecast. Not to mention it lets you find out when the sun rises and sets along with the current moon phase.

There are several functions coming with this app, such as search function to find any location; favorite to save location for easier access in the future; long-term forecast; and settings to change display unit and set visibility.

HighTide allows you to search for coastal locations worldwide. It is supported by thousands of tidal stations that deliver the most accurate and updated info about tides and currents.

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9. High Tide

High Tide

Providing accurate weather forecasts and tide charts, High Tide is the best app for tide designed for Android users. You can find a lot of information on it, ranging from current tidal condition, wind speed, weather forecast, wind directions, and sun and moon phases.

This app serves as your personal tide. It provides accurate data in any location, thanks to tide stations throughout the globe. All the information is available in automated table with charts for easier reading. Or if you need a tide alert app High Tide has got you covered.

Checking on weather conditions, waves forecast, and wind speed made simple with this application. Thousands of people currently use it to plan outdoor activities at sea. Featuring a user-friendly design, it promises a low learning curve.

Using this app is super easy. Once downloaded, you can pick a location and find tides at any coastal location. You can also save your favorite locations for quick access. Feel free to personalize your settings from date & time, theme, and measurement unit.

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10. eTide HDF

eTide HDF

This is a wide app and widget to check out tidal information throughout the globe. Featuring more than 10,000 tidal stations in the US, Canada, and UK, it provides you with forecasts for a couple of months. It works without internet connection and has the ability to download the last 50 tide charts.

Quickly access tide info from the widget. These widgets are resizable ranging from 1×1 to 5×5. It also gives you the option to display data as a chart or table. This app automatically updates data for the most accurate and reliable information.

eTide HDF offers a few measurement units including nautical miles, miles, and kilometers. Whether you want to check the times of sunset, sunrise, moonset, and moonrise, this app has an easy-to-read table to give you more insights.

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Don’t plan any surfing or fishing activity without checking one of these best apps for tides. Designed to deliver up-to-date tidal information, they have everything you need to know about currents, tide stats, and more.

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