How to Pin and Unpin a Comment on Instagram

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Pin and Unpin a Comment on Instagram

Instagram is a platform that lets you share visual content and interact with other users. Audiences can hit like or leave a comment to show appreciation for a post. Recently this platform enables you to pin a comment to make a better engagement with the audience. How to pin and unpin a comment on Instagram easily?

Pinned comment feature is rolled out to create a positive vibe amidst harassment commonly occurs in popular accounts. Using this feature, you can highlight the best comments that will stay at the top of the thread. Simply put, it will be the first comment seen by other users.

How to Pin a Comment on Your Post

To pin a comment on your post is quite easy. It only takes a few steps but it can make a great change to your post. As other users will read the pinned comment at the first place, it is powerful enough to create a better engagement and positive vibe to your audience.

If you are a newcomer on Instagram, do these steps to pin a comment on your IG post:

  • Launch the Instagram app. Use your username and password to log in if you logged out previously.
  • Go to your Profile by tapping the profile icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Next, tap on a post where the comment is left. 
  • Navigate to a comment you wish to pin. Once you find it, tap and hold.
  • It will reveal options on the top of the screen. The options include Pin Comment, Information, and Delete. You will need to select the pin icon.
  • Tap Pin Comment on the confirmation pop-up.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram to Get a Better Engagement

  • Now the comment will stay at the top of the thread.

That’s how to pin a comment on Instagram effortlessly. This platform allows you to pin up to three comments. Pick the best comments that represent your post, ones that can be used to follow-up information, or personal comments that can be helpful for other users who read it.

One thing to note—when you pin a comment, a person who left the comment will get a notification from Instagram. It is much like you receive a tag or mention notification. It can be an appreciation and motivation for users to leave positive comment on Instagram posts.

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How to Unpin Comments on Instagram

Whether you choose a wrong comment or simply want to pin different comment while you already have three, Instagram offers unpin feature. Using this feature, you can unpin a comment you’ve pinned previously. Here is how to do it.

  • If you’ve logged out and realized that you pinned a wrong comment, login to your account immediately.
  • Tap the profile icon to open your Profile.
  • Choose a post and tap to open.
  • The pinned comment will be on the top so you don’t necessarily need to scroll down.
  • Tap and hold the pinned comment to reveal options.
  • Tap Unpin and the comment will be unpinned.

Tap Unpin and the comment will be unpinned

Once unpinned, the comment will disappear from the top of the thread but you can still find it elsewhere on the post. Now you can pick another good comment and pin it to stay at the top of the comments. Simply follow the steps on the previous section.

Why Is It Important?

Pinned comment is a useful tool not only to create a positive vibe on Instagram but also to curate the conversation along with delete comment feature. It is also an excellent moderation tool to advocate audience who love your business, answer frequently asked questions, and combat misinformation.

Additionally, this feature enables you follow up information related to a post. For instance, when you tagged another IG account on a comment and he replies back with the information, pin it so your audience can easily take advantage from the given information.

Another thing to note about pinned comment feature is that you can only pin someone’s comment. As you cannot pin a comment that you post, you have to be careful in choosing the right comment to pin on the thread. Be sure it can be helpful for other users.

It’s been clear that pinned comment is a useful moderation tool especially for popular accounts. Knowing how to pin and unpin a comment on Instagram helps you curate the conversation to keep a positive vibe on the thread. It also helps other users find information they need about the post.

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