How to Clear Clipboard on Android in Easy Way

by Hashir Zuniga

How to Clear Clipboard on Android

Today most people are using Android. Since this technology shows its fast-moving development, its innovation is one of the most wanted things in the market. Using Android is so easy, it is like operating the computer. For example, is the copy-paste function. Sometimes when you are reading an article, there is a part you want to copy. But, on the other hand, you feel so crowded with that stuff. So, it is also necessary to know how to clear clipboard on Android.

As we mentioned about copy-paste, we will show you both ways to create then how to clear clipboard on Android. These things are usually done by people in texting or saving a document. See the two methods below to ease your daily work.

Copy – Paste to Clipboard on Android

Copy – Paste on Android

First of all, you must find the article or part you want to copy. It could be from any source, such as chat or website content. Then, do a long press to the text or content. There will be a blue mark appears on it. But if you want to copy all part, just tap “select all” after long press.

Once the text or content is marked, tap the “copy” button. Then, you can exit from that page, navigate to the place where you want to paste. If you don’t have special apps like Microsoft Word or any text manager, you can do it on notes app. Now, open the app, then long press again. The “paste” button will appear, click it and the entire part you have marked put there. Don’t forget to save, unless you lose it. Easy right?

Steps How to Clear Clipboard on Android

It is time to move in steps on how to clear clipboard on Android. Each phone has its own capacity. It makes people have to be selective in everything they save. Whether the photos, videos, including the documents. Even though you just copy and paste short part, then moving it into a note, this still takes your phone memory. Indeed, it doesn’t require a big number, but still need to be managed. See the steps we mean below:

1. Navigate to the File

The first step on how to clear clipboard on Android is selecting the file. Actually, it depends on your purpose. If you want to clear one clipboard, it means you delete all the content. Or, you might only want to delete a little part. Whatever it is, just find the file first.

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2. Mark the Part

The way to clear the clipboard is quite the same with copy and paste it. You need to do a long press to the part you want to delete. As we said, if you want to delete the whole part (which means one file), do the long press on the icon. But if only a certain part, you must open the file first. Then, select the part to mark.

3. Choose Delete

Once you finish marking the part, there will be options appear. The display is commonly the same as when you want to copy. But here you must choose “delete” or “clear” (or anything which implies erasing the part). Tap that part and what you have marked is deleted.

4. Finding Menu

This part is actually not the continuing process from the previous number. But we put it here just in case your phone has a different setting or display. This part could be an option on how to clear clipboard on Android. If there is no option appears after marking the content, you might find the clear button in the menu. Usually, it is placed on the top of the right corner. Tap there and you can find a button to delete.

5. Delete All

This number is also optional when you want to clear all things have been copied. In several Android, the user can clear all clipboard history. It is easier when you really want to empty your phone. Yes, sometimes you need more space then you have to sacrifice several data.

If you desire to do this, you have to get access to the clipboard history. Then, just pressing the “delete” button, you can clear all things on the clipboard. Following this way would be more effective and efficient. You don’t need to select and mark the files one by one. That really takes your time. By tapping one time, your storage is back as the amount of the deleted data.


Since we are discussing how to clear clipboard on Android, we have some tips to get you in its best practice:

  1. Make sure which part or file you want to clear. Once you press the “delete” button, you will lose the file or content permanently.
  2. It is better for you to do it in full battery, moreover when you are clearing the history. If your phone is turned off while it is processed, you probably need to repeat the steps from the start.
  3. Do a regular evaluation to manage your files. Sometimes it is hard to get rid of a certain file. You are afraid it would be needed in the future. Then, manage your file by selecting which one is needed and not. If your storage is run out, you can move to another device or external storage.

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