9 Best Teleprompter Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Teleprompter Apps for Android and iOS

Do you often deliver a speech? Then you know exactly how difficult it is to remember a pre-prepared text. Thankfully, now you can download the best teleprompter apps and enjoy reading scripts from your mobile device.

A number of teleprompter apps come in handy to help you perform like a professional news anchor or TV personality. These apps offer similar functionality to help you read scripts conveniently in front of the camera. Check this out for the best teleprompter apps to download this year.

9 Top Teleprompter Apps for Android and iOS

Plenty of startups and developers launch useful teleprompter for mobile operating systems. Whether you are Android or iOS users, here are the most recommended apps to help you read scripts right from the smartphone.


Best Teleprompter Apps: BIGVU

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No more bloopers in front of the camera with BIGVU, one of the best teleprompter apps available for Android and iOS. The smart teleprompter lets you read scripts and perform excellently, thanks to ease-of-use features that enable you to change script scrolling speed as well as monitor audio while recording. Whether you need to vlog or record tutorial videos, this prompter is key to your amazing performance.

BIGVU is a full-featured app that allows you not only to read scripts but also to add video subtitles, edit videos, and much more. Add text easily to your vlog video and enjoy engaging video editing experience. And if you need to transcribe the video into an attractive storyboard, BIGVU will do best. Now you know the secret behind amazing videos on Facebook or Instagram.

What makes it better is the background music feature that enables you to add a music track behind, allowing you to add an emotional touch to the clip. Just make sure the music track is copyright-free. You can also boost audio levels when recording without an external microphone. And when you are done with the video, upload it to cloud storage and enjoy the masterpiece from any device.

2. Selvi


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If you are not really good at memorizing texts, Selvi is a great teleprompter app to pick. With this tool, speaking on the camera is no longer difficult and embarrassing. Simply read the prepared text on your smartphone screen while recording the video and your viewer will see you like a professional TV anchor or seasoned video blogger.

How does Selvi help you perform incredibly on the camera? It delivers a number of functionality to ensure your professional performance during video recording. This app comes with movable text reflection displayed on a widget for easier usage, in addition to the ability to import scripts from your device. It also comes with an easy setting that lets you customize text speed and size.

Besides, the smart prompter enables you to change video resolution as well as camera options. Choose between a front or rear camera that makes you feel comfortable while recording, so you can get the best appearance on the video. When everything is finished, share recorded videos on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and get ready for popularity.

3. Parrot Teleprompter

Parrot Teleprompter

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A convenient teleprompter for Android and iOS is here. It helps turn your mobile device into a professional prompter, allowing you to speak smoothly and confidently on the camera. Thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. With customizable settings, you can use the prompter just the way you want.

A handful of features are ready to improve your vlogging or video recording experience. The prompter supports two modes including landscape and mirror for easier script scrolling. The ability to control scroll speed allows you to read pre-written texts conveniently. Not to mention it also comes with a function to change text size, so you can see the scripts clearly.

Parrot Teleprompter gets better with a customized background color. It enables you to adjust both foreground and background for better visibility. When it comes to pre-prepared text, this app supports direct typing within the app of import from other sources like DropBox. Much to your surprise, this prompter supports an unlimited number of scripts! This is surely a must-have app for vloggers.

4. Teleprompter Pro Lite

Teleprompter Pro Lite

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If you are looking for a professional teleprompter for a smartphone or tablet, Teleprompter Pro Lite can be a nice pick. The app delivers a professional system to provide you with scripts while recording a video. This easy-to-use tool is pretty lightweight so it won’t consume a lot of resources on your device, not to mention it is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Despite it being a free app, Teleprompter Pro Lite has a bunch of features that help you perform like a professional TV personality. The free version supports full-screen mode, giving you better visibility for easier reading. It allows you to customize font and background colors, thanks to a wide selection featured by the app. Choose your favorite color and boost your mood.

There are many other highlight features to enjoy like the ability to delete scripts, adjust text size, and control scroll speed. You can also take advantage of in-app brightness control for easier brightness adjustment. Do you want to enjoy more functionalities such as unlimited scripts, script import, and mirror mode? The developer provides a paid version that offers these features.

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5. Oratory


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As the name suggests, this one of the best teleprompter apps that can be your powerful weapon to be a top orator. This mobile prompter helps you deliver a great speech to get more viewers on vlogs or live streaming. With a quirky widget that works well on most apps, this tool provides you with a flexible script reading while recording yourself on vlogs or live broadcast.

Oratory is basically a simple app that delivers ease-of-use features to make perfect speeches. With this app, you will be able to change the position as well as the size of the widget. Simply drag to the desired corner on your screen for the best visibility. Besides, Oratory allows you to configure text size and scroll speed to meet your pace. You won’t be left behind!

Also, you can take advantage of the pause feature. Whenever you need to pause or want to improve with your own words, this functionality keeps you on track. Last but not least, this app enables you to customize the widget. Whether you want to change the widget skin with your favorite hue and adjust the transparency of the background, Oratory lets you do it easily.

6. Elegant Teleprompter

Elegant Teleprompter

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Are you trying to find a trusted mobile prompter for Android smartphone or tablet? Elegant Teleprompter will be a good name to mention. This app helps broadcaster speaks fluently in front of the camera, besides it can also be used to deliver speeches or presentations. Or if you are a singer, this prompter helps you remember the lyrics.

Like other prompters, autocue app comes with a useful widget that enables you to access the script simultaneously with other apps, including camera and social network platforms. With this widget, you can scroll the script as well as resize and move it. This functionality lets you record video while reading pre-written text on the screen.

Elegant teleprompter has many other features to highlight. You can easily change text size, line spacing, and width of the scrolling script. The progress bar allows you to see your position in the script, so you will be less likely to read the wrong sentence. If you want to enjoy an ad-free app with extra features, you can upgrade to its pro version.

7. PromptSmart Pro

PromptSmart Pro Best Teleprompter Apps

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PromptSmart Pro claims itself to be a smart teleprompter, thanks to patented VoiceTrack speech recognition technology featured in this app. This technology enables the app to automatically follow the voice of the speaker in real-time. It supports efficient and amazing broadcasting with natural performance on the camera without scrolling the script manually.

The app is available in free and pro version. With the free version, you can only enjoy a 3-minute presentation without creating an account. But when you upgrade to the pro version, there are a multitude of features to improve your video production. The highlight features include import scripts from and to cloud services, side-margin adjustment, and mirrored text.

With the pro version, you can take advantage of customizable display. There are 14 fonts available with a wide selection of color for text and background. It also supports split-screen multitasking that allows you to read the script while seeing how you look on the camera. In addition to features, the pro version offers scrolling options that include manual scrolling and preset speeds.

8. PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter

PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter

Download On The App Store

With a high rating on the App Store, this is a must-have app for the iPhone and iPad. Much like PromptSmart Pro for Android, this PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter features VoiceTrack speech recognition technology that automatically follows a user’s voice in real time. With this app, producing professional video is much easier with natural performance.

As a trial version of PromptSmart Pro, this app offers a handful of key features. VoiceTrack is the highlight feature that enables easier speech in front of the camera. It also comes with digital notecards that helps you stay on-point. Besides, the lite version enables you to import documents from various cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox.

What’s more? PromptSmart Lite provides 10 font-sizes, so you can choose the size for your best visibility. It also comes with in-app document editing and customer support messaging system to improve your experience in using the app during video recording. However, the VoiceTrack only supports English with a maximum script word count up to 5,000.

9. Teleprompter


Download On The App Store

This is a great app to turn your iOS smartphone or tablet into a mobile teleprompter. With this autocue tool, you can prepare a script before broadcasting or public speaking so you can make fluent speeches. It also enables you to record videos and read the scripts conveniently. For easier reading, the scripts scroll smoothly and clearly on your screen. If necessary, hide the control for full screen texts.

Teleprompter app lets you compose and edit unlimited scripts. For a better visibility, customize the text size and color as well as background color. You can also adjust side margins, select scroll modes either Continuous or Paging, add countdown timer before scrolling, and rearrange the scripts by date, title or custom order.

For your ultimate convenience, Teleprompter features export and share feature that enable you to share scripts with others. You can also use it as a backup file or synchronize between all devices with Cloud Sync. Amazingly, it lets you control the teleprompter from a web browser through the same WiFi network.

The best teleprompter apps to help you speak fluently on the camera are here! Whether you are a broadcaster, live-streamer, public speaker, or singer, these autocue apps ensure your best performance in front of viewers. Download your favorite teleprompter and gain more viewers!

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