11 Best Floor Plan Apps for Android and iOS

by Emily Barrow

Best Floor Plan Apps

Planning room layouts can be brain-draining and time-consuming. With so many elements to include in the guesswork, you need a tool to help you with the job. Luckily, the best floor plan apps are available on the market, allowing you to create virtual floor plans from smartphones.

With these apps, you can skip the pricey room layout designers commonly used on PC or laptop. Whether you plan on a room redesign, remodel, or even purchasing new furniture, floor plan apps offer a great way to upgrade your home. 

Best Floor Plan Apps for Android and iOS

There’s a long list of floor plan applications on the market today. These apps provide different features and functionalities, from creating room layouts to drawing floor plans and estimating costs. No matter your preferences, here are the best apps for you.

1. MagicPlan


Instantly create your floor plans with MagicPlan. This is an easy-to-use application that offers a great way to get your job done in the field. Find a complete set of features, ranging from measuring and sketching to reporting and estimating.

Combining advanced technology and a simple interface, MagicPlan allows you to measure and sketch floor plans both in 2D and 3D. Creating structured, confusion-free reports made simple in that you can add photos, notes, and custom forms.

More than 20 million users have trusted this house plan app to work with their design layouts. Whether you are an amateur architect or you’re simply a room design enthusiast, you’ll find this app useful for creating your dream house.

The good news is MagicPlan is available in two versions: free and paid versions. With the free version, you can design more than 2 floor plans, collaborate in teams, and access the API. Upgrade to paid version for more features. 

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2. Room Planner

Room Planner

Room Planner is a great app to decorate your house or furnish your apartment. Providing amazing room visualization and design planning, you don’t have to be a skillful architect or interior designer to get the work done.

With millions of users worldwide, Room Planner has much to offer. Not only can you visualize your dream home, you can also enhance the interior with aesthetic furniture from world’s famous brands. Make adjustments to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Additionally, this best floor plan app enables you to share interior design ideas with your designer, roommate, or your partner. Thanks to a built-in share feature, all it takes is just a tap of a button. Not to mention you’ll enjoy a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to use.

Room Planner works with and without internet connection, making it a great app to get your tasks done anywhere anytime. This app is completely free to download, but you can upgrade to the premium version for additional features.

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3. ARPlan 3D

ARPlan 3D

Measurement is one of the key factors in a successful floor plan. If you need a digital app to help you with this job, ARPlan 3D has got you covered. This innovative measurement app is featured with augmented reality (AR) for promising quick measurement.

This simple tool allows you to do a lot of things, such as perimeter tape measurement, doors tape measurement, and windows tape measurement. It also enables you to automatically calculate perimeter, wall square, floor square, and other useful values for your construction.

ARPlan 3D is loaded with a 3D floor planner with which you can create a 3D floor plan with measured dimensions. A 2D side view floor planner is also available, allowing you to create a side view of the floor plan in 2D visualization.

Share your floor plan measurements with your contractor, architect, or client via social networks, message, and email. It is also possible to store your measurement in a Floorplanner Archive.

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4. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D

Designing and remodeling your house made it easy with Home Design 3D. This functional app provides you with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing home remodeling accessible to everyone. Even if your remodeling skill isn’t that great, it promises a professional result.

There are so many things you can do with Home Design 3D. For instance, you can design a floor plan both in 2D and 3D—feel free to draw your rooms, plot, and dividers. You can also furnish the interior as well as decorate the exterior of your home.

 If you want to see your creation in 3D, it has the right tool for you. This best floor plan app allows you to visualize your creation in real-time 3D, providing an immersive experience as if you’re inside it. What’s more interesting, you can discover your neighborhood.

When your project has completed, feel free to save or share your creation with the community. It also has a sharing tool with which you can share your project through social networks and cloud storage.

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5. Homestyler


Working on home redesign and remodeling is fun with Homestyler. Through this app, you can work on home renovation and gain a lot of inspiration from the creative community. Or if you have new, creative ideas, feel free to apply them in real life.

This best floor plan app enables you to create DIY design projects and save or share them with anyone. Remodeling a room made simple with just taking a photo. You can also get likes and comments as well as garner followers.

To make a better floor plan, Homestyler is equipped with 3D furniture scale with which you can check how each furniture piece fits your floor plan. With the ability to design a room interior with tons of home furniture, you can live the life of an interior designer.

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Whether you want to be a room planner or you simply want to have fun with interior design, this app is worth your consideration. Discuss renovation trends and latest home designs with the Homestyler community and get feedback.

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6. Planner 5D

Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a creative app designed to meet your needs for smart home design and room planner. Featuring thousands of décor elements, this best floor plan app makes it possible to build your dream home with your own ideas.

Through this platform you can edit and view your room decoration or house design both in 2D and 3D modes. Check your creation and take a walk through your home layout in virtual reality. You can easily change the interior design or do home remodeling to meet your needs.

This particular app is featured with AR-Driven 3D with which you can configure a layout design and view it in a real size—this advanced technology is often found in expensive apps. Not to mention you can get realistic snapshots of your room and home design.

One of the best parts is the furniture catalog that comes loaded with tons of items to use in your designs. If you run out of ideas, access Big Gallery and find a vast collection of user-generated project ideas.

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7. Palette Home

Palette Home

With more than a million downloads, Palette Home is one of the best free floor plan apps for Android and iOS devices. This tool is made to help users design their room virtually through a number of stages from start to finish.

Your project should begin with defining the cubic measures of your room then continue to the placement of doors and windows. If needed, you can install front walls and pitched roofs. Once the objects are organized, it can be dragged into the plan.

For your convenience, the objects will automatically align as you move them to the plan. Switch into 3D mode and feel free to move around to check your room. Thanks to a real-time 3D view that allows you to explore the room in real time.

Save your project to your local device or import to PC program Palette CAD. Once imported, you can move it to other apps like Palette Play and Palette Move for further creation.

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8. RoomSketcher


Whoever says drawing a floor plan is bewildering has never tried RoomSketcher. Featuring a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools, everyone can create home designs and floor plans with a professional result. Now you can realize your dream house instantly.

RoomSketcher is a fantastic app that allows you to draw a floor plan in a matter of minutes. Whether you use meters or feet, you can draw with precise measurements. Add doors, windows, and anything to perfect your layout.

If you want to see how your project looks, continue to the next step—visualize with 3D snapshots. This is a great feature to view your creation in 3D so you can make improvement when needed. As for finishing, choose from an extensive selection of furniture to perfect the look of your home.

RoomSketcher app works online and offline. It means drawing your floor plan can be done anywhere anytime using your device. This app is completely free to download with in-app purchases for additional features.

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9. Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator

Are you looking to create your own floor plan? Finding an easy floor plan creator app is a must, so you can work conveniently. Floor Plan Creator offers a simple way to make detailed floor plans from your Android smartphone, not to mention you can see the creation in 3D.

Using this app you can add furniture to the interior design, enjoy automatic calculation for rooms and walls, find symbol library, and many more. It also supports S-Pens so you can draw precisely on your Android smartphone.

On top of that, Floor Plan Creator highlights cloud synchronization with which you can automatically share and backup plans between devices. If you don’t have time to create floor plans from scratches, feel free to edit cloud uploaded photos.

When your project has completed, choose to export it as image, DXF, PDF, or SVG. You can also save it on your local device or share via social networks.

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10. House Plan Drawing App

House Plan Drawing App

Hiring a professional to create a floor plan can be money wasting. Instead, you can download House Plan Drawing App and make your own floor plan design. This simple app helps optimize your house plan, making it possible to get the most of it.

Using this best floor plan app you can optimize a particular angle to make a difference. You can also focus on furniture pieces like folding chairs and sofa bed take advantage of available space. Even if you have a small space issue, this best floor plan app helps you solve the problem.

Even if you don’t have a designer background, this tool enables you to get the job done. It teaches you how to draw a good floor plan with a professional result.

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11. Floor Calculator

Floor Calculator

Planning and installing new floorings is a lot simpler with Floor Calculator. This app is designed to measure and calculate the number of floor elements needed for specific rooms, such as bedroom, bathroom, living room, and even kitchen.

To get a uniform appearance, you can adjust the installation pattern. You can also measure each element, position, and size to simplify the installation process. Featuring 2D and 3D visualization, it is possible to view the designed floor instantly.

This app is free to download but with limited features. If you need advanced features, you may need to upgrade to the pro version.

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The best floor plan apps are designed to help you with the work of home design and layout. Loaded with a variety of features, choose an app that meets your requirements.

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