12 Best Baby Name Apps for Android and iOS

by Haya Barnard

Best Baby Name Apps

Expecting parents find that selecting a baby name can be a real struggle. Your head is flooded with cute names coming from all directions and you end up getting overwhelmed. If you need a little help then the best baby name apps are just for you.

These mobile apps let you search names for baby boy and baby girl based on different categories. Find the meaning of each name and decide which one could be the right fit for your little angel. Some apps come with some extra features like how many people use it and where it comes from.

Best Baby Name Generator Apps for Android and iOS

With tons of baby name apps scattered on the market, you are demanded to be selective and picky. If you don’t have enough time for the job of finding the best app, we’ve made it easier. Here are the best apps to find baby names.

1. Nametrix


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To start off, there’s Nametrix that allows you to browse and search inspiring baby names by its origins, popularity, meanings, and even pronunciation. It has a vast collection of names for boy and girl coming from different countries.

This application has been trusted by thousands of parents to name their babies. It’s fun, powerful, and incredible. Not to mention it runs well on Android and iOS devices.

Nametrix has a complete set of features, from thousands of baby names and popularity graphs, to name variations and tags. You can find audio pronunciation that tells you how to pronounce the name correctly—just in case you’re interested to names from other countries.

Things just get better as you can find name ideas for brothers or sisters. Surprisingly, this application is not only suitable for expecting parents but also writers and everyone who needs inspiration for beautiful names from around the globe. 

2. Baby Name Together

Baby Name Together

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This is a great app for anyone who doesn’t have much time for searching baby names. Developed by Linkinet, it is designed with convenience in mind so you can enjoy a fun, quick, and easy way. Plus, it delivers a modest and clean interface for a better user’s experience.

How does it work? You and your partner must create a list of favorite names. The app will compare the lists and provide you with a perfect name. This is a brilliant solution to avoid headaches and endless discussions.

When it comes to main features, Baby Name Together highlights a large selection of baby names. It has over 30,000 names from different places for boys and girls. It also contains useful information about the names, including meanings, popularity, average age, and statistics by country.

And you’ll also like its pronunciation feature that helps you pronounce each baby name correctly. Overall, choosing a name is made simple with this free baby name app.

3. Kinder


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Kinder is a unique app that makes baby name choosing more fun. Through this app you can swipe name suggestions to the right or dismiss ones that don’t meet your criteria.

This baby name app swap like tinder has thousands of names from 80 different countries around the globe. And if you need more suggestions, you can purchase additional name sets without breaking your savings. Swipe right the name you like the most and match with your partner.

How to match names is quite simple. Both you and your partner must download this application and start swiping to quickly like or dismiss baby names. Connect to your spouse and the app will automatically provide a shortlist. That’s how you can make a better decision.

Kinder is a free app which is designed for Android and iPhone. If you want an app with a clean interface and powerful tools then Kinder is worth the thought.

4. Baby Name

Baby Name

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So your baby’s gender has been revealed and your family starts asking about the names. Choosing a baby name isn’t as easy as pie because you might have many things to consider.

If you come around to the idea of using mobile app then Baby Name should be on the list. This app has a large collection of baby names and allows you to search by gender, meaning, and origins. Featuring a clean and simple interface, this is an expecting mother’s must have app.

Baby Name comes packed with plenty of features. A powerful filter allows a quick and fast search based on your preference. If you get in doubt and puzzled, use favorite feature to save your favorite names and discuss with your partner.

What’s more, this tool works offline so you can search names without internet connection. No matter your preferences, from popular and rare names, to short and long names, this application has got your back.

5. Baby Names

Baby Names

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Brought to you by Sevenlogics, Baby Names is an amazing baby name app with a complete set of features. It contains over 30,000 cute names from different origins, making it possible to name your baby with a unique one.

Many parents make the same mistake when selecting a baby name from different countries—they don’t know the meaning. It won’t happen if you use Baby Names thanks to useful information that informs you not only about the origin but also meaning, history, and popularity.

This best baby name app boasts a quick search with which you can find names by different criteria, such as name, gender, and origin. On top of that, it has favorite option that lets you save and rate favorite names for further discussion with your spouse.

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Do you need to share with friends or family? Baby Names has a built-in share button that allows you to share names by Facebook and email. 

6. Babyname


Download on Google Play

This best free baby name app has been trusted by millions of expecting parents. It simplifies your task of choosing a baby name thanks to 30,000 name cards for boys and girls. In addition to a vast selection of names, it is completely easy to use.

Babyname works like Tinder in that you can swipe right to like a name or swipe left to dislike it. Once you’re done, match with your partner and find names in common. The shortlist can be added to your favorite so you can open it later.

You might be interested to pick a name from different country but you don’t want to make a silly mistake. Don’t worry. Each name included in Babyname comes with the meaning and additional info like origin and popularity.

And if you don’t have enough time to scour the app, simply use filters to find a name by different categories, such as nationality, celebrity, athletes, and much more.

7. English Baby Names

English Baby Names

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Next on the list, there’s English Baby Names that contains a huge collection of cute names for baby boys or baby girls. Expecting parents can easily find more than 45,000 names from different places across the globe and select a unique one for the newborn.

Favorite feature comes standard in this application, providing you with convenience to save charming names for easier access in the future. It also has sharing functionality to share favorite names to your loved ones.

Most baby name apps come with additional information and English Baby Names holds this tradition. It allows you to access useful info about the name, such as origins and meaning.

Despite its advanced features, this tool is free to download. It also works offline so you can keep searching names without depending on internet connectivity.

8. Baby Name Books

Baby Name Books

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Baby Name Books is a powerful application containing a wide selection of baby names with meaning from different cultures and religions. Whether you’re Christians, Muslims, or Hindus, this application provides meaningful names for your newborn.

Aside from thousands of modern names for boys and girls, this app is featured with easy searching. Use this tool to quick search names by preferred categories and save your time. Names are sorted alphabetically for faster navigation.

If you’re in doubt, add them to your favorite list so you can discuss with your partner. And if you want to share baby names with friends or family on social platform, this app has a built-in feature for it.

9. The Bump

The Bump

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The Bump is not specifically designed for baby names but it has the feature that you need. This is an excellent pregnancy tracker that is loaded with features, including baby names. Expecting parents can use this app to enjoy pregnancy and parenting.

Whenever you need to find the right baby name, simply use search tools and get inspired. It has tons of baby names for boy and girl to choose from, so you can discuss with your partner.

For easier search experience, The Bump has a useful filter with which you can sort names by origins. It also lets you discover baby names based on popularity. Whether you’re more into popular or rare names, this app is just for you.

10. Baby Names by BabyCenter

Baby Names by BabyCenter

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When choosing a baby name gets you overwhelmed, this baby name app offers a huge help. Designed for iPhone and iPad, this application provides a fun way to find a perfect name for your baby girl or baby boy.

This baby name generator contains a large collection of names from different origins. It also features edgy technologies to provide you with names that meet your preferences. Whether you prefer unique names or popular ones, this baby name creator will give you the right suggestion.

Baby Names by BabyCenter is a quick, simple, and fun way to discover a name that’s the right fit for your infant. Simply swipe right, left, or up the names and get suggestions based on your preferences.

Do you find a favorite name but can’t make a decision yet? Add it to your favorite list and let your partner know. It also lets you connect to your partner to find a match.

11. Baby Names

Baby Names

Download on the App Store

Baby Names by DexCheck is a fantastic app to browse through thousands of baby names and find the perfect one. Designed with a user-friendly interface, you can easily find detailed information about the name, including origin, pronunciation, meaning, and popularity.

If you cannot find the perfect name from the suggestion list, utilize the search feature to narrow down the list. You can filter search by popularity, origin, trends, meaning, and even part of the name.

This baby name app is loaded with features to enhance the user’s experience. Find nature names, seasonal names, or other categories that meet your preferences. More than 60,000 names for baby boy and baby girl are available in this tool.

12. English Baby Names by Kasper Andersen

English Baby Names by Kasper Andersen

Download on the App Store

This is another baby name app to get help. It comes packed with more than 50,000 different names from various categories. Whether you’re inspired by the world’s athletes or beautiful cities, this app will provide suggestions that suit your preferences.

Much like other apps with similar function, English Baby Names has a bunch of features to help you find the perfect baby names. Let’s mention search tool that promises a quick and easy search for preferred names.

There’s also favorite feature with which you can save possible names. Feel free to change the settings to make it work better for you and your partner.

Expecting parents who concern about meaningful, unique, or popular names for their babies can utilize the best baby name apps on this list. Which one is going to be your choice?

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