10 Best Speech to Text Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Speech to Text Apps

Typing a lengthy text is such a waste of time. Luckily, now you can find the best speech to text apps that help convert your speech to text. Whether you are in a hurry or simply too lazy to type, these useful tools will make your life easier.

Once you open Google Play or App Store, you will face abundant speech to text apps from various developers. The question now lies in which app would work best for you. If you need a little help, check out the following list for the best choices.

Best Speech to Text Apps for Android and iOS

How to identify a good app? There are many ways to know if an app is trusted, ranging from high ratings to positive reviews from users. Here, you will find the most downloaded and highest rated speech to text apps on Google Play and App Store. Enjoy it!

1. Speechnotes

Best Speech to Text Apps Speechnotes

Download On Google Play

With over 1 million downloads on Google Play, Speechnotes is one of the best voice to text apps for Android users. This app comes with a boast of non-stop and unlimited dictation that helps change your way of typing or texting through the smartphone. The app is ideal for writers, bloggers, drivers, or anyone who needs easy typing.

Don’t waste your time to type lengthy messages. Download Speechnotes and say anything you need to say and the app will convert your voice to text. This app won’t stop listening, even when you take a break or think.

Speechnotes come with a number of key features, such as accurate typing with Google’s speech recognition service. It also features auto-capitalization and spacing, keeping you from correcting the texts repeatedly. The best part of all, this app supports offline mode so you can type anywhere and at any time even without an internet connection.

2. Voice Notes

Voice Notes

Download On Google Play

This is a dictation app to make your typing simpler and easier than before. Launched by Pacific Fisher Group, this voice to text app comes in handy with a bunch of features. With a main function to convert speech to text, Voice Notes can be a great tool for anyone who needs to take memo, to-do-lists, or notes only by speaking.

How does the app work? To make it type what you are saying, launch the app then press the microphone button. Say anything and it will convert your voice to notes. Once you are done, the notes will be added to the calendar. As a bonus, the app will remind you by the time you set in Settings.

If you want to share notes with friends, Voice Notes lets you do it easily. Or if you want to save it for yourself, the app enables you to save notes to device storage or upload to cloud storage. In addition to feature, this app supports up to 120 languages with 20 user-interface languages. This app may ask your permission to access the microphone, external storage, and calendar.

3. Voice Notebook

Voice Notebook

Download On Google Play

How does it feel to have a personal assistant? Just download Voice Notebook and figure it out. This dictation app upgrades your way of typing, thanks to ease-of-use features that help convert your speech to text instantly. With the support of punctuation voice input and replaceable words, this is a nice app you can count on.

Voice Notebook offers letter capitalization control, so you don’t need to capitalize the letters manually. You don’t need to worry when making mistakes as it features undo command for the last voice input. Not to mention it supports continuous speech recognition, even when you take a breath or break for thinking.

Have you finished with the texts? Save them to your device storage or upload to cloud services for backup. You can also check the number of words and characters, thanks to the built-in counter. And amazingly, it supports bilingual voice input for your ultimate convenience. If you want to enjoy more features like power-saving mode, Bluetooth support and live word counter, upgrade to paid version.

4. Speech to Text

Speech to Text

Download On Google Play

If you are looking for a simple dictation app, Speech to Text is a tool to download. As with other apps with similar functionality, it helps you write lengthy essays or posts by converting voice to text. Whether you want to write a script, email, or SMS, all you need to do is dictate and it will transcribe your voice into writings.

Speech to Text comes with a built-in Speech Recognizer that serves as a voice to text converter. Besides, it also has a built-in TTS Engine that enables the app to speak the text out. With this, you can check and listen to what has been written by the app. No typing, no reading, just listening.

Additionally, this innovative app features sliding tab design that allows anyone to use it easily. With a simple and user-friendly interface, dictating has never been this easy. Speech to Text is available for free on Google Play. With more than 1 million downloads, this is one of trusted apps to have on your mobile device.

5. SpeechTexter


Download On Google Play

Next on the list, there is SpeechTexter that promises easy dictation on Android smartphones. This powerful speech to text app features continuous speech recognition, which means it won’t stop listening so you can create a long essay, reports, or scripts. It also supports custom dictionaries including punctuation marks and phone numbers.

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This is the best speech to text app for bloggers, writers, students, teachers or anyone coveting easier text inputs. To support its main function, this app is able to recognize more than 60 languages including English, German, Spanish, Indonesian, French, Dutch, Japanese and much more. No language barriers, just enjoy the app!

What’s more? This app supports offline mode, which means you can transcribe text without internet connection. However, this mode only supports a few languages like English, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, and a few others.

6. Speech Notes – Speech to Text

Speech Notes – Speech to Text

Download On The App Store

Don’t waste your time on typing lengthy texts. Speech Notes allows you to type faster and easier, thanks to speech recognition technology that converts your speech into text in real-time. With this app, creating journals, essays, reports, or messages will be as simple as talking to others.

How to use this app is completely easy. Run Speech Notes, press the mic button and say the words. It will convert your voice into text in real-time. You can copy the note on the clipboard, delete, or share it with friends. Or if you want to improve the text, change the font size as desired.

There are many other key features to enjoy, such as text alignment that enables you to choose a preferred text alignment, or color theme with a wide selection of color to give your app a different look. Not to mention it supports more than 60 languages and unlimited notes for your convenience. This app is available for free on the App Store. For additional content, take advantage of its in-app purchases.

7. Transcribe


Download On The App Store

This is a smart and powerful dictate app that makes you feel like having a personal assistant. With the ability to transcribe videos and voice memos to text, this app is suitable for bloggers, translators, writers, or anyone who wants to create texts without the need of typing. Thanks to artificial intelligence technologies that ensure your transcription is readable and accurate.

Transcribe has everything you need to convert voice into text. Whether you need a meeting minute, create subtitles for movies, or translate video, this app helps you do the jobs excellently. This app is equipped with a bunch of functionalities like import files from other apps or export text for editing. It also supports more than 120 languages along with the dialects.

If you like what it brings, download the free version on the App Store and find out how convenient it is. Or if you want to enjoy more features like 3 extra hours of transcription, export to various format files and sync unlimited number of files, you can upgrade to the Transcribe Pro version.

8. Dictation


Download On The App Store

With the support of advanced voice recognition technology, Dictation becomes one of the best voice to text apps for iOS users. It lets you enjoy the convenience of dictation, not to mention it helps save time up to 80 percent. No matter wherever you are or whatever you do, just speak the words and Dictation will convert your voice into text.

Besides translating your speech to text, the app features clipboard technology that allows you to configure Dictation with almost all apps that can receive and send text messages. Whether you are using email or a built-in messaging app, it automatically creates a new message containing transcribed text once you tap the Send button.

This app is available in free and pro version. The pro version enables you to dictate longer texts with unlimited usage. It also supports multiple languages, including English, Deutsch, French, Indonesia, Italian, and many more.

9. Voice Texting Pro

Voice Texting Pro

Download On The App Store

If you like a simple app to work with the dictation, Voice Texting Pro is surely for you. It comes with a simple and user-friendly interface that allows anyone to use it easily. It has a big microphone icon, so you know exactly which button to tap before speaking.

Once you speak to it, the app will convert your voice to text.  And when you are done, send the notes through email, SMS, WhatsApp, or social network platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Or, you can just copy to a compatible application.

This app boasts superior speech recognition that helps convert speech to text accurately. No settings required, all you need to do is speak. There are no language barriers as it supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Italian, Malay, and many more. Simply change the language in Settings and speak up!

10. Just Press Record

Download On The App Store

This is a full-featured dictation app that supports recording, transcription and iCloud syncing just in one tap. Or if you want to enjoy hands-free recording, Siri will help you out. There are many other things to do with Just Press Record like audio and transcription edit, recording playback, voice control, and dark mode (iOS 13).

To improve its main function as a voice to text app, it supports more than 30 languages. It also comes with punctuation command recognition that boasts more accurate transcription. One of the best parts of this app is the ability to share text to other apps, store locally on device or cloud storage. This paid app will charge you $4.99 before enjoying the features.

Are you tired of typing? These best speech to text apps will make your texting or messaging time much easier and faster. Wherever you are or whatever you do, these dictation apps help convert your voice to notes and save much time. Choose your favorite app and make your life simpler.

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