10 Best Beekeeping Apps for Android and iOS

by Hashir Zuniga

Best Beekeeping Apps

Beekeeping has been around for centuries and it just gets better from time to time. Beekeepers nowadays can take advantage of beekeeping apps that allow them to maintain bee colonies and hives. However, finding the best beekeeping app may take some time.

Do you need a little help to find an ideal mobile app to support your beekeeping activities? You are lucky as you will find the top 10 beekeeping apps for Android and iOS. Check this out!

Top 10 Best Beekeeping Apps

What are beekeeping apps and what can they do? These apps are specifically designed to support beekeepers in building and maintaining bee colonies. The tools may contain but not limited to guides, tips & tricks, and tracker to record your progress. Here are the best apps to find on the market.

1. American Bee Journal

American Bee Journal Best Beekeeping Apps

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Whether you keep bees for a hobby or commercial purpose, American Bee Journal can be a great app to provide you with comprehensive information about beekeeping. This app has a vast library of articles, ideal for all level beekeepers to gain more insight about the activities. Or if you have questions related to beekeeping, the Classroom section helps answer your queries.

For commercial beekeepers, this app provides you with a feature to improve your business. Thanks to the outlook on the honey market in your area, allowing you to understand the market before throwing your honey products. In addition, this beekeeping app also has Events section that lists beekeeping-related events, such as seminar, exhibition, fair, and much more.

American Bee Journal mobile app brings the printed version into your smartphone. Once connected to the internet, you will be able to read the magazine and quench your thirst of beekeeping. To enjoy more features, you may purchase a subscription for $3.99.

2. Apiary Book

Apiary Book

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When you want to take beekeeping more seriously, you might need to record any information about bee colonies and hives, including treatments, health & maintenance, and others. Using Apiary Book can make your job easier, thanks to a bunch of features specially developed for avid beekeepers.

Coming with a boast of a user-friendly interface, this app allows you to define apiaries, add to-do-lists, harvest, record colonies movements, and much more. You can also check the Timeline containing beehive reports and other important information about beekeeping. If you need to track your previous activities, this app lets you discover any activities you have performed in previous months or years.

Apiary Book has many other features to enjoy, such as sharing on social network platforms, display apiary location, current weather and forecasts, and hive details. You can also record queen information as well as hive components and add notes/comments for the apiary. In short, Apiary Book has everything you need to be the best and organized beekeeper.

3. HiveKeepers for Beekeepers

HiveKeepers for Beekeepers

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HiveKeepers for Beekeepers is a great app to keep great records of your bee colonies and hives. It helps protect your bees by tracking the health and given the maintenance of the hives. The more information you have, the better you can treat the bees. Not to mention you can make a savvy decision to solve any problem.

With this app, you can record information about your apiaries. It is integrated with Google maps so you can locate them with ease. The app also offers a visual representation of your apiary to better track the bees. Additionally, HiveKeepers for Beekeepers lets you take comprehensive inspections at four aspects, including frame, super, hive, and apiary.

To make your beekeeping activities more fun, this app enables you to take photos of each frame. You can also share any progress or achievements with your friends or family on social media. For serious beekeepers, this mobile tool provides PDF reports of hive inspections that can be downloaded and printed. The best part of all, HiveKeepers for Beekeepers is completely free!

4. BoxyBEE


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BoxyBEE upgrades your way to managing your apiary. This app comes with innovative technology to make beekeeping more fun and a lot easier than a few decades ago. It works through three working procedures: at hive level, hive body level, and frame level.

The beekeeping tool offers graphics that represent your apiary and hives, allowing you to identify the current situation for easier decision-making. With this, beekeepers can save a lot of time and money to manage their apiaries and hives.

In addition to hive configuration, this best beekeeping app allows you to focus on health and maintenance of bees. You can record any progress, including queen bee info, diseases, treatments, and feeding. There is also a summary section that enables you to look back and review the previous record. If you are looking for a useful app to help you with beekeeping, BoxyBEE could be it.

5. Beekeeping and Hive Tracking

Beekeeping and Hive Tracking

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When you are seeking out a beekeeping app that assists you to inspect hives and bee colonies, Beekeeping and Hive Tracking is worth the thought. This app is developed for commercial beekeepers who need to increase production. With this app, you can record anything around the hives for additional consideration before making a decision.

The Hive Tracking provides you with condition graphs, giving a clear insight into colony or hive condition. There is also weather forecasts as well as general information about each hive, including hive conditions and strength, hive direction, and weight. In My Inspection section, you can write any comments about the hive and honey bee colony.

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For health and maintenance, the app lets you investigate the disease and add notes related to inspection results. Save the note so that you can review the overall condition in the next few months. In addition, it has in-app messaging functionality that enables you to share experience with other beekeepers. If you like what it offers, simply download on Google Play for free.

6. BeePlus Beekeeping Manager

BeePlus Beekeeping Manager

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BeePlus is a beekeeping app to keep your apiaries organized. This paid application allows you to collect comprehensive information about apiaries, allowing you to make decision with ease. Ranging from tracking inspection to queens info, or honey harvested or used equipment, BeePlus enables you to add details as much as you need.

With this app, you can build, save, and review hive histories. To make it more attractive, this app lets you add photos and sync data between devices. It also has a timeline that enables you to see a quick overview on your apiaries and hives, aside from log honey production to keep track of honey you have harvested. For commercial use, you can take advantage of its finance monitor.

Do you need to share the record with friends? This app enables you to export records as txt or csv for easier sharing. Overall, inspecting your bees and hives is getting better and easier with BeePlus. Whether you are a new or experienced beekeeper, this app will make your beekeeping activities more organized. You can download this app on the App Store for $4.99.

7. Bee Appy – Hive Management

Bee Appy – Hive Management

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This is another beehive manager that works well to help organize your apiaries. Recording and inspecting your hive has never been this easy, thanks to Bee Appy that offers a convenient way to record hives and honeybee colonies. If you want to attain the BBKA certificate, this app can help maintain your beekeeping record.

Bee Appy is specifically designed to record comprehensive information on hives, honey harvested, and many more. Unlike a paper system, this app comes with added features such as GPS mapping as well as photographs. In addition, you can ditch a bulk of paper as it helps store much information about your hives. In other words, you can save more trees when using this app.

The beehive manager is suitable for hobbyists or professional beekeepers. The inspection list has everything you want to track about the hives and the setup is easy, allowing you to save a lot of time on the inspection and monitoring. Bee Appy is available on the App Store. If you want to enjoy the features, simply purchase the app for $3.99.

8. Bee Hive Monitoring

Best Beekeeping Apps Bee Hive Monitoring

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Inspecting your hives is no longer overwhelming with Bee Hive Monitoring. This hive manager comes packed with a set of features to inspect and monitor your hive condition as well as anything around it. You can monitor the temperature, hive status, apiary, queen info, and many more. The good news, it works well for all types of hives.

In this app, you can record detailed information like nectar flow (with infographics), number of bees, colony strength & productivity, and many more. Be mindful as it also comes with theft alerts and robbing alerts. When harvest time comes, Bee Hive Monitoring lets you record harvested honey along with its weight.

This is one of the best beekeeping mobile apps for beekeepers at all levels. Thanks to the user-friendly interface and ease-of-use features that make it easy to operate. Even if you are a newbie, this won’t take much of your time to learn. Bee Hive Monitoring can be downloaded on the App Store and Play Store for free.

9. Apiarist


Download On The App Store

This free, no-ads tool can be a nice pick for beginners or hobbyists who need to organize their beekeeping. The app supports unlimited number of beehives, apiaries, inspections, and harvests, allowing you to get rid of a pile of paper just like the old time records. As your data are kept on your device, it is much easier to access them whenever and wherever you want.

With apiarist, you can set reminder, add photos, export & import data, as well as enjoy flexible settings. It also has dashboard and charts that make your record more informative and easy to understand. Additionally, this app comes with added accounting for expenses and revenues for commercial beekeepers.

10. Beecraft Magazine

Beecraft Magazine

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This is a must-have app for every beekeeper. This digital magazine delivers all news and information that you need to learn more about beekeeping. The app comes packed with a vast library consisting of informative articles, guides, and tips & tricks to improve your beekeeping skills. Now you can access anything about honey bees, hives, and apiaries anywhere and anytime.

Unlike other beekeeping apps mentioned previously, Beecraft Magazine does not has record feature. This tool is not specifically designed to record inspection or monitoring, instead it is designed to provide you with informative articles and news about beekeeping. Enjoy the new format of magazine and get the latest updates at your fingertips.

Beecraft Magazine is available for free on the App Store and Play Store, and yet it offers in-app purchases. If you want to enjoy more features, you can purchase the subscription app.

Whether you are a beginner, pro, hobbyist, or commercial beekeeper, these best beekeeping apps help organize your apiaries. Most apps come packed with features to record hive inspections and monitoring, so you know exactly what is happening with your hives and bee colonies. Which app is your favorite?

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